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Monthly Archives: January 2016

January 2016 - The Workplace Depot

The Soundless Clarion Calls You See Every Day

Posted under News on January 28, 2016

white notice boardsThey are silent, but they speak volumes. They are leaders but they are stationary. They point the way without judgement. They inform, route traffic, advertise, preach, teach, and share. What are they?

They Are Notice Boards

Notice boards come in a wide variety of sizes and materials. One of the most versatile types of notice boards is the Internal and External Notice Board. Its fashionable contemporary design has a top-hinged, one-door lockable showcase for Read more

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A Day in the Life of… an eCommerce Executive

Posted under Workplace Commentary on January 26, 2016

ecommerce executiveThis week is Steven’s turn on our A Day in the Life of Series. If you are keen to jump into digital marketing or eCommerce, or simply looking for a new challenge in this area, Steven‘s Day in the Life of… can perhaps inspire you.


@8.45am…. I start my day, only living 10 minutes away I have no excuse being late. Once I arrive, I put my lunch away, grab some much needed Read more

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Business Lessons from Star Wars: Types of Fire Protection Systems

Posted under Amusing on January 21, 2016

Business Lessons from Star WarsFire protection systems refer to residential or commercial systems that have been put in place to reduce the negative effects of fire. One of the most important business lessons from Star Wars trilogy is that when a fire is burning in a building, the most logical course of action after evacuating people from the building is to suppress or extinguish the fire. Fire protection systems help to minimize the impact of fires on buildings, surrounding Read more

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Did you have a Blue Monday?

Posted under Amusing, Office on January 19, 2016

Blue MondayChasing Away Blue Monday Symptoms

If it exists, and there is doubt that it does, Blue Monday has been dubbed the absolute no-holds-barred most depressing day of the entire calendar year. Coming around every third Monday in January (or the second or the fourth), it sneaks up on us every year.

How Blue Monday Came to Be

In 2005 a travel company called Sky Travel distributed press releases proclaiming Blue Monday in January. January 24, Read more

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Before Corporate Blogging existed

Posted under Office, Workplace Commentary on January 14, 2016

Corporate BloggingCorporate blogging hasn’t always been one of the main ways to promote a business, given that blogging itself only was launched in early years of 2000. The rush of technology is still fairly new and many companies haven’t acclimated. On the other hand, many companies grew quite fond of their blog throughout the years, using it mainly for branding and content marketing purposes. The Workplace Depot’s Blog has been launched in 2012 and ever since, Read more

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A day in the life of… a Warehouse Manager

Posted under News on January 12, 2016

a day in the life of a warehouse managerIn case you though we’ve forgotten all about our A Day in the Life of Series, you would be relieved to know we haven’t! After last week’s A day in the life of… a Finance Manager, today Ben has granted us access into his daily work routine.



First through the door, our warehouse team opens up the premises so that the company can open for business! My first priority is to designate Read more

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