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Monthly Archives: July 2015

July 2015 - The Workplace Depot

Top 5 Workplace Films

Posted under Amusing, Office, Workplace Commentary on July 30, 2015

WBest Workplace Songse may love to watch movies because they help us escape real life for a few moments. Yet, the popularity of workplace films takes us right back to our desks and keeps us grounded in reality.

How Workplace Films Inspire and Motivate Us to Love Our Work

Work is always hard. Even if you have your dream job, there are always ups and downs in every office, in every post, in every country across … Read more

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Designing a Solid Office Business Culture Is Vital for Your Company

Posted under Office, Workplace Commentary on July 28, 2015

How to create an office business culture that works for youOffice Business Culture – or how to learn from Google!

In order to lift your startup off the ground, you need to create a healthy business environment that can support your ascension. This is one of the most important unspoken rules that entrepreneurs should consider before embarking on a journey towards their unique dreams and goals. The people who support your growth are the key components that reshape your business from within. This is precisely … Read more

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Reasons You Should be Drinking Coffee at Work

Posted under Amusing, Office, Workplace Commentary on July 23, 2015

Very few office workers can go a few hours, let alone days without their regular caffeine fix. A cup of coffee, be it anTeam having a coffee break Americano, a latte, or an espresso, have often been chalked down as saviours during long working hours, night shifts or getting through sleep-deprived days. But that cuppa mocha latte (my personal favourite) is not only waking you up every morning, it’s doing more wonders than you realize.

We have some very … Read more

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Fundraising for The Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance- Sponsor us!

Posted under In the Community, News on July 21, 2015

Summer is for fundraising, here at The Workplace Depot!The Workplace Depot is fundraising

We love getting involved in the community and if you have been keeping up with us, you might have read in previous blog posts that we are continuously building relationships with charities across the UK. Throughout the years we have not only supported charities, but also sponsored sport clubs, promoted businesses and offered apprenticeships and internships. Summer is for fundraising!

This summer 8 members of our … Read more

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All women in Bingham have fat bottoms, says Mayor

Posted under In the Community, News on July 17, 2015

rsz_francis_purdueFrancis Purdue-Horan the mayor of Bingham managed to upset all the women in town by dedicating them Fat Bottomed Girls by The Killer Queens at a music festival.  When welcoming the band to the stage he said they’ll perform Fat Bottom Girls “for all the girls of Bingham”. We should all be thankful that All about that Bass wasn’t played or things could have got a lot worse.

The Workplace Depot has been based in … Read more

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Five Ways to Make your Job Easier as a Manager

Posted under Expert Commentary, Office, Workplace Commentary on July 16, 2015

Every company ultimately wants to make thWays to Make Your Job Easiereir employees happy, and that’s because managers and leaders are aware that happy employees are more productive. Shawn Achor– a Harvard psychology researcher finds that happiness makes your brain work better.

Making Your Work Days Easier

The best way to make your work easier and your employees happier is to make their work-days better. A better work-day gives them room for creativity and for opportunities to challenge … Read more

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