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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Happy Halloween

Posted under Health and safety, In the Community on October 31, 2014

The Workplace DepotNot only is today Friday, it’s also Halloween; the one night of the year when we can dress up as ghouls and ghosts and scare the living daylights out of each other!

The tradition of dressing in costumes for Halloween actually stems from quite an interesting story from hundreds of years ago, when winter was an uncertain and worrying time. As food supplies ran low and the dark nights approached, on Halloween when it was … Read more

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Brace Yourself for The Winter

Posted under Health and safety, News on October 30, 2014

Earlier this month we mentioned the glorious English weatherSnow; black clouds, wind and rain, reminding everybody to keep themselves and their property sheltered and safe.  However we now think that we are in a position to get everybody prepared, we know we are a little bit early, but it is definitely better to be ready and prepared for the winter weather arriving.

In the 2012/2013 winter, according to the Hospital Episode Statistics from England, … Read more

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Employee Motivation Day 2014

Posted under In the Community, News on October 29, 2014

Employee motivationToday is National Employee Motivation Day – the first ever to be recognised in the UK. This is due to the results of a recent nationwide study, commissioned by Argos for Business, revealing that over a half of British workers are not motivated at work.

With this in mind, this awareness day has been commissioned in order to boost morale and productivity in the workplace that will last for much longer than just one day.… Read more

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Everything Indoors!

Posted under Health and safety, Office on October 27, 2014

Cable covers and protectorsAs you must be aware by now, The Workplace Depot sells everything you could possibly need for your workplace. However, as we have more recently been discussing how to prepare for the winter weather and which products you will need to stock up on if you are working outdoors, don’t forget that we also supply for: offices, factories, warehouses, schools, leisure centres and many more indoor areas that we have just as many products for!… Read more

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Goodbye Nokia – Technology continues to grow

Posted under News on October 25, 2014

NokiaAs we seem to have been mentioning quite often in our recent blog posts, technology is constantly changing and those of us who work with it are having to learn to adapt to new features on a daily basis.

Some of our recent articles in relation to this subject include the introduction and evolution of Google in the workplace, along with the importance of promoting your brand via YouTube.

With this in mind, today … Read more

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New Words in Our Lives

Posted under News on October 24, 2014

DictionaryThis week has seen the latest printed edition of the Collins English dictionary appear, which contains 50,000 newly added words, including some brilliant slang and abbreviations that have been used for a while now, but are now “official”!

Here are some of our favourites, including words we can relate to in one way or another:

adorkable – a mix of adorable and dork, somebody that is socially incompetent but in an adorable manner.  Possibly my … Read more

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Improving Communication in the Workplace with Google

Posted under Workplace Commentary on October 23, 2014

GoogleThere are a number of factors that could potentially contribute to a breakdown in communication in the workplace. Most recently, these have been associated with how people would rather email or interact in other ways over the Internet with their fellow colleagues, rather than have a face to face conversation that in turn leads to miscommunication. However, following the extended use of social media, mobile phones and tablets, these methods and further applications such as … Read more

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Get The Most Out of Your Kick Step Stool

Posted under News on October 22, 2014

kick-stepThe kick along stool, the step stool, the step, the kick step, the safety stool, so many names for such a practical piece of kit.  Such a simple product; high enough to allow you to reach a particular height, not too high that you struggle to step on it.

But What Exactly is a Step Stool?

A kick a long step is a platform that can be stood on to get to those hard to … Read more

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Halloween – Prepare Yourself

Posted under News on October 20, 2014

PumpkinHere at The Workplace Depot, our main target is to provide you with “everything for the workplace”, however when it comes to parties, events or anything else that requires essentials when celebrating, we try our best to supply you with what you need.  Recently speaking about Bonfire night, which is fast approaching, I thought we had better mention Halloween too.

Firstly I have to apologise; we don’t supply the essential fake cobwebs or plastic spiders, … Read more

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Warm Weather This Weekend!

Posted under News on October 18, 2014

Warm WeatherSometimes, living in the UK can surprise you. Although we are probably most famous for our continual cold weather and rain, occasionally Great Britain will see a heatwave in October.

That is exactly what is predicted for us lucky Brits this weekend, with temperatures expected to reach 21 degrees Celsius, hotter than Bondi beach in Australia (18 degrees Celsius) and many Spanish resorts, in the middle of the month that is associated with all things … Read more

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Great English Weather

Posted under News on October 15, 2014

RainIt looks like we have gone back to our good old fashioned English weather; dark clouds, wind and rain and it seems like it is only going to get worse as we head towards Christmas.  It’s getting to the point where we need to consider planning for the winter weather; get your grit bins and snow shovels ready before it’s too late!  Before we get too far ahead of ourselves though, we need to consider … Read more

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Festival Frenzy – Find Your Feet For 2015!

Posted under Health and safety, In the Community, News on October 7, 2014

Rock concert safetyTickets for Glastonbury festival 2015 sold out in a record time of less than 30 minutes.

After 15,000 pre-sale tickets were sold a few days ago, the remaining 120,000 then went in just 26 minutes, smashing the 87 minutes that it took for them to sell out in 2013.

This is an astonishing number considering the line-up has not yet been confirmed for the Somerset festival, taking place in June of next year.

This however … Read more

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Personal Touches to Your Workspace

Posted under Office, Storage on October 4, 2014

Office SuppliesLast year, we published a blog post titled: ‘How to choose the best art for your office’. With this in mind, considering the new canvases we have just had delivered to the office, I thought it would be amusing to compare the factors of what makes the best office art along with what we now have hanging on our walls!

The above article states that first impressions and company considerations are important for … Read more

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The Advantages of Kerb Ramps

Posted under Expert Commentary on October 3, 2014

Kerb RampOne of our more popular products here at The Workplace Depot are our kerb ramps. Admittedly, this product has more than one name associated with it as it is suitable for a number of different uses; although the main reason is to manoeuvre a wheeled vehicle or object up a kerb smoothly and securely.

What can they be used for?                        

We have come to realise that not only are kerb ramps useful for loading … Read more

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National Home Security Month

Posted under News on October 1, 2014

SafeAs the darker nights come in, the burglars come out. According to the National Home Security Month (NHSM) website there is a 20% increase in home burglaries when it’s darker outside. After taking this in to consideration, NHSM was born to create awareness around home security and the importance of this, especially within these darker months.

October is the month to become more aware of your personal security; not only does securing your home give … Read more

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