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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Workplace First Aid Kit – What Should It Contain?

Posted under Health and safety, Office on May 29, 2014

bs-first-aid-kitAs an employer it is your responsibility to maintain the safety of all employees within the workplace. Ensuing you provide a first aid box which meets British Standards is essential, however the decision on what your first aid box contains depends entirely on what you assess your needs to be.

As a guide where the working environment is ranked as low risk (e.g. an office), HSE recommend a minimum stock should be:

– a general … Read more

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The Need for Cable Protectors at Events

Posted under Health and safety, In the Community, Office on May 27, 2014

No matter what the event; indoors or outdoors, big or small, village fete or music festival, regardless of the nature and purpose of the event all loose leads and cables pose their own risk to property and life.  Carrying out advanced planning and risk assessing, ensuring cable protection is thoroughly thought threw is vital.

If you are thinking about setting up your own event, you need to make sure that you understand that you as … Read more

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Plastic Posts and Chains for Workplaces – Little Things, Great Value!

Posted under Health and safety, News, Office on May 23, 2014

plastic-chain-s-hookPlastic chains and posts are one of those inconspicuous products that none of us feel a glaring need for, unless dealing with crowd management. Workplaces like banks, theatres, cinemas, airports and public offices know the utility of these practical products can restore order to a bustling workplace without much effort. Just mark the line that you don’t want the people to cross, and watch them obey the rules. Posts and chains deliver a stern warning … Read more

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Office First Aid – What First-Aiders and Employers Ought to Know

Posted under Health and safety, Office on May 22, 2014

Office First Aid KitLisa Driver, the 47-year-old mother of two has no recollections of the fall that made her an epileptic. Her friend Elaine Bristow remembers they were not drunk, although Mrs. Driver had consumed five Vodka and Cokes. When they were waiting for a taxi, Lisa went into the private car park of the Roman Painted House in Dover, looking for “somewhere to wee”. She tripped and fell over a 2-feet high wall and fractured her skull. … Read more

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Hosepipe Protectors and Ramps – Your Problems Solved

Posted under Health and safety, News, Office on May 21, 2014

External Cable Protector

I passed by a construction site the other day and they had a hosepipe running across the road. In an effort to make the hose secure, somebody (probably by the orders of the site manager or safety officer) had passed it through a steel pipe. The improvisation would have been inspiring, but the pipe was creating a rude bump for the vehicles driving on the road, apart from being a tripping hazard for pedestrians, especially … Read more

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Setting Up a Car Park – A Lucrative Business Proposal

Posted under News, Workplace Commentary on May 19, 2014

Traffic coneMonday Morning Inspiration

In October last year, Epping residents made a peaceful demonstration to protest the parking problem in their neighbourhood. Commuters travelling via the nearby underground station would leave their cars parked along the streets from 8am through to the evening every day, creating problems for the residents. Parking woes are not new to London or other British cities, and finding a place to park your car can be a big problem, especially in … Read more

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Inspiring Creativity in a Dull Job – 3 Lifesaving Ideas

Posted under Workplace Commentary on May 16, 2014

StressedThe world is full of rubbish jobs that could eat away at you if you don’t inject some creativity into them. According to surveys by SalaryExplorer, pet care, telecommunications and information media, cleaning and waste management, banking, and courier are among the top 5 dullest industries. People working in these industries can sometimes be identified by the frown on their faces and the worry in their eyes. Some of them get through life thinking

Read more

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Workplace Trends – Lockers are In, Clutter is Out

Posted under Storage on May 13, 2014

Blue workplace safety lockersWhen was the last time that you walked in to your workplace feeling like you’re in college again? While lockers are generally considered to be the hallmarks of schools and gyms, more recently, they are increasingly being used for drafting office plans.

Whenever we picture an office, images of congested cubicles and over-crowded private desks flash before us. For a long period of time, the typical illustration of a workplace had been chaotic, but this … Read more

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Hazard Storage Cupboards

Posted under Health and safety on May 12, 2014

hazard cupboards and cabinets from the workplace depotSeveral people were treated at a hospital in Danville, Virginia after inhaling acidic vapours created by accidental mixing of chemicals at a local water treatment plant. Such incidents are reminders of the importance to be cautious when dealing with chemicals at the workplace. Hazardous substances are not limited to TNT or Uranium.  Things as harmless as motor oil or even soap can cause serious accidents when not handled properly. Imagine someone accidentally ingesting a cleaning … Read more

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Setting Up Your Secure Office Car Park – Things You Need

Posted under Workplace Commentary on May 9, 2014

Car park posts and barriersAccording to a parking report issued by the RAC Foundation, 800 cars are parked every second in Britain. Rapid commercialisation has rendered the cities into underachieving replicas of the future cities depicted in old movies such as The Fifth Element, except for the flying cars. The sad absence of flyable cars is made worse by a more than tenfold increase in the number of road cars, from 2 million in the 1950s to over 28 … Read more

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Motor Vehicle First Aid Kits – New British Standards

Posted under Expert Commentary on May 6, 2014

vehicle first aid kitsUntil last month, no official standard or specifications existed for motor vehicle first aid kits in Britain. People would buy any good looking, portable first aid kit for vehicular use, or store some basic first aid items in a container that could be anything from a lunchbox to a toolbox or even shaving pouch. The British Standards Institution (BSI) has filled this gap in vehicular safety by introducing BS 85599-2, the new standard for motor … Read more

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