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Monthly Archives: January 2014

January 2014 - The Workplace Depot

Our customers – Some of the UK’s best known brands and largest enterprises

Posted under News, Product Updates on January 31, 2014

Customer listOur customers are central to everything we do – we listen to their feedback and try and understand their needs.

As well as attaining a high level of customer satisfaction, we also have such an extensive range of workplace products that we regularly supply the largest organisations and businesses in the country.

Blue Chip Companies

In the last quarter alone we have dealt with some of the UK’s biggest blue chip companies such as Glaxo … Read more

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How to Choose the Right Cable Cover for You

Posted under Product Updates on January 30, 2014

Car driving over a cable protectorWhether you need cable covers for a warehouse, office, facility, or retail store, choosing the right product for your needs can seem tricky. However, all that’s required is to take a look around your workplace, noting how it is laid out, which equipment is being used and which routes are used by employees and customers to move through it. Safety and other compliance requirements must also be taken into consideration.

Once you’ve determined your needs, … Read more

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Medical Scissors for First Aid Kits

Posted under Expert Commentary, Health and safety, Office on January 27, 2014

Premier Workplace 1st aid kit including shears or scissorsIf you look through the list of contents for the first aid kits on this site, you will notice that some of them contain scissors and some contain ‘shears’. Most people think of sheers as something you cut hedges with, so we did a bit of research into the history of scissors to try and find out more about the different types.

Scissors were invented in ancient Egypt in around 1500 BC. The oldest known … Read more

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What You Need to Build a Changing Room

Posted under Expert Commentary, Product Updates, Workplace Commentary on January 24, 2014

Leisure centre mattingChanging rooms are an essential part of facilities such as swimming pools, sports centres and stadiums, theaters, entertainment arenas, and even offices that encourage a physically active lifestyle. When building or redesigning a sports changing room, you should know who will be using it. You’ll need separate changing areas for ladies and gents, complemented with showers and toilets in numbers that commensurate to the number of people who’d be using that changing area. You need … Read more

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Working At Height – Regulations and Safety Issues

Posted under Health and safety, Warehouse on January 23, 2014

Warehouse safety stepsWorking above ground is not for everyone. Granted, it does pose a unique set of risks. Those who work at height face a number of risks to their safety, perhaps more than those workers who are positioned on the ground do. But just because you or your employees work in this way, it doesn’t mean you are any less safe than anyone else; you simply need to be aware of a few things. This article … Read more

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How Speed Ramps Play a Role in Urban Traffic Calming

Posted under Product Updates on January 21, 2014

Sleeping PolicemenBuy speed bumps here

Construction sites, heavy traffic times, and weather hazards can make roads dangerous and speed ramps are playing an important role in helping traffic to move more slowly and safely.

Known as traffic calming devices, speed ramps or speed bumps are used both in residential and commercial settings. Designed to slow the speed of vehicles to safer speeds of fewer than 20 mph, speed ramps are usually constructed of high-density rubber. These … Read more

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