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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Four reasons why you should invest in workplace health and safety training

Posted under Expert Commentary, Health and safety on November 27, 2013

healthandsafetyEven today, in a time when health and safety red tape supposedly streams across workplaces up and down the UK, there are a shocking 200 deaths as a result of accidents in the workplace, and over a million injuries every single year.

The health and safety naysayers might be right to criticise needless bureaucracy and over the top health and safety regulations, but in the 21st century, when there are still deaths occurring in Read more

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Disastrous Examples of Bad Garage Storage

Posted under Cycle Storage on November 22, 2013

garage-messWe use the garage to store anything for which we can’t find a place for in the house. Old furniture, old appliances, shoes, clothes, toys, car and garden tools, old books, old carpets, bicycles, tyres, car-care chemicals, and many other items gradually find their way into the garage, turning it into a cramped, cluttered place. The space inside your garage is not unlimited, and you realize this the day you run out of room for … Read more

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Traffic cones and statues: A tale of unrequited love

Posted under Amusing, News on November 13, 2013

_71086421_9142674_b0e8f747fa_zBrowsing through the news today, we came across an article written by the BBC titled “Why do people put traffic cones on statues?” Well, firstly it is a valid question. What is the fascination with defacing statues with cones? Providing the addition of a traffic cone accessory to any statues in city centres or towns has become quite commonplace. It is normally the act of drunken pranksters, on the way home after a night on … Read more

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The Kick Step Workout!

Posted under Amusing on November 7, 2013

Office-WorkoutIf you have a busy working lifestyle it can often be difficult to find time to keep fit and healthy. After a day of working 9 to 5, you may not feel like slogging it out at the gym. The prices of gym memberships are also high and unaffordable for many people. Well, the team here at The Workplace Depot have come up with an easy and cheap way to work out in the workplace … Read more

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Safety measures to take in the snow

Posted under Health and safety on November 7, 2013

snow-trafficNow that the clocks have gone back, and the evenings have become darker it is clear to us all that the days of summer are long gone and that winter is fast approaching. The early morning commute to work is harder as you can see your breath in the air, and your wonder whether it’s time to put on your hat and gloves. This week saw snow fall in County Durham, an unusually early recording … Read more

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Tips for staying safe on Bonfire Night

Posted under Health and safety on November 5, 2013

fireworksRemember, remember the 5th of November. On this night in 1605, Guy Fawkes was arrested after planting explosives underneath the English parliament in an attempt to blow up the Protestant King. This was, and still is, famously known as “the gunpowder plot”. After the capture of the people involved in the gunpowder plot, bonfires were lit to celebrate the survival of King James and a national day of observance was to take place on the … Read more

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Too early for Christmas?

Posted under Amusing, Office on November 1, 2013

christmas-partyLast week in the office, everybody was shocked, and actually a little bit horrified, to find our very first Christmas card of the year waiting for us on the door mat. Our first Christmas card arrived in October – late October, but it was October nonetheless!

Christmas is a time for festivity and good will, but when you are reminded by a Christmas card that the big day is only 53 days away (yes really!), … Read more

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