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Monthly Archives: November 2013

November 2013 - The Workplace Depot

Setting up a Startup Business – a Checklist

Posted under Expert Commentary, News, Workplace Commentary on November 27, 2013

New businessesSetting up a startup business is hardly a walk in the park. Most of the people think about starting their own business at some stage of their life, very few dare to take the plunge, and less than half of those who do survive the first couple of years. The fact why majority of startup businesses fail is not coincidental. Reasons such as lack of capital, inadequate knowhow, and a poorly conceived product or service … Read more

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Four reasons why you should invest in workplace health and safety training

Posted under Expert Commentary, Health and safety on November 27, 2013

healthandsafetyEven today, in a time when health and safety red tape supposedly streams across workplaces up and down the UK, there are a shocking 200 deaths as a result of accidents in the workplace, and over a million injuries every single year.

The health and safety naysayers might be right to criticise needless bureaucracy and over the top health and safety regulations, but in the 21st century, when there are still deaths occurring in Read more

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Disastrous Examples of Bad Garage Storage

Posted under Cycle Storage on November 22, 2013

garage-messWe use the garage to store anything for which we can’t find a place for in the house. Old furniture, old appliances, shoes, clothes, toys, car and garden tools, old books, old carpets, bicycles, tyres, car-care chemicals, and many other items gradually find their way into the garage, turning it into a cramped, cluttered place. The space inside your garage is not unlimited, and you realize this the day you run out of room for … Read more

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How to make you office a healthier place

Posted under Health and safety, Office on November 20, 2013

Sick officeBritish workers take twice as many sick days off as their American counterparts, costing the economy in the vicinity of £15 billion a year (CBI Survey). If you are a British business, a small chunk of this huge amount is going from your pocket, but that’s only the financial part. A sick worker means missed work and deadlines, so you can slip back on your delivery dates and lose reputation. If you are … Read more

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Garage and Shed storage for a healthy back

Posted under Health and safety on November 18, 2013

garage benchBack injuries mostly catch us by surprise. You stroll out into the garden after the Sunday breakfast, musing to work on those rose beds. You enter the shed and bend down to get the tools from the wooden box that you have stashed under the bottom shelf. While you are pulling out the box, an excruciating pain shoots through your lower back. You try to straighten up but can’t move to a fully upright posture. … Read more

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Women mean business!

Posted under News, Office on November 14, 2013

business-womanIt was announced yesterday on the BBC sport website that former Lincoln City Ladies and England women’s footballer Casey Stoney is to become the first women to be on the PFA committee. As sponsors of our local women’s football team Nottingham Forest Ladies, we were very pleased to read this news. The first woman being a member of the PFA, the Professional Footballers’ Association, is a huge step forward for women, and especially women … Read more

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