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Monthly Archives: August 2013

10 most unusual jobs that do exist

Posted under Amusing on August 30, 2013

pet-foodHave you ever thought if those strange jobs actually do exist? Such as a Lego sculptor or a pet detective – or have you considered a career change to something a bit more exciting than working in an office? Here are 10 jobs you could apply for – and yes they do exist!

Pet Food Tester

Senior Food Technologist may sound an ideal job, especially if you love your food. However, before you click apply, … Read more

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Are you a motivating employer?

Posted under Expert Commentary, News on August 20, 2013

motivated employeesThe best method of motivation to ensure a person achieves their potential and works hard is, quite simply, reward! While threatening words and punishment might see that the job is completed, words of encouragement and the promise of a well-deserved treat at the finish line will result in a job that has been fulfilled through use of passionate dedication and therefore has been done well. So what kind of employer are you? The type to … Read more

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Dangerous Substances – fire and explosion

Posted under Health and safety, News on August 20, 2013

dangerous-substancesExplosive atmospheres can be caused by flammable gases, mists, vapours or combustible dusts. If there is enough of a substance that is mixed with the air, then all it needs is a source of ignition to cause an explosion.

Each year, hundreds of people are injured at work by flammable substances accidentally catching fire or exploding. Companies and businesses who are involved with using or creating chemicals, vapours, liquids, gases, solids or dusts that can … Read more

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How to Create A Better Office Environment

Posted under Health and safety, Office on August 19, 2013

Create a better office environmentCreating a better office environment doesn’t necessarily mean that you should have an in-house gym or a designer interior. Ordering lunch or snacks for your employees and taking them on fun-trips is fine, as long as you are doing the basics right. How a person perceives the environment depends to a large extent upon his or her mental state. On the other hand, it is also a fact that improvements in surroundings do help people’s … Read more

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CE Marking – Road Traffic Signs

Posted under News on August 18, 2013

UntitledUnder the Construction Products Regulations (CPR), from 1st July 2013 it is a legal requirement for any permanent fixed road traffic sign that is going to be sold to have the CE mark.

This regulation has been in place for many years in other parts of Europe, but in the UK, a manufacturer has been able to self-certify. However, now they are legally obliged to comply with the requirements.

Who will be affected?

This will … Read more

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10 Essential Office Stationery Supplies

Posted under News, Office on August 14, 2013

Stationery suppliesEver since the evolution and introduction of technology into the office working environment, bosses and businesses have practically shouted from their corporate rooftops to espouse their ‘paperless office’ credentials. The reality is, of course, rather different.

Anyone who works in an office knows it’s impossible to function without some kind of daily interaction without note pads, Post-Its and diaries. And even though your beloved Microsoft Office, Word and Outlook can perform a multitude of functions … Read more

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Manual Handling – 6 FAQs

Posted under Health and safety, Office, Warehouse on August 14, 2013

manual-handlingManual handling relates to the moving of items either by lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling. Pulling something may not be the case when it comes to the injuries, you can cause an injury by lifting, carrying or pushing an item.

These injuries can be a result of, the amount of times you lift or carry an item, the distance you are carrying it, the height you are picking the item up from or putting it … Read more

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Office pool bike – putting it to the test

Posted under News on August 13, 2013

IMG-20130813-WA0009After winning a competition as a team in the workplace, we received our prize, a folding bike. The bike that we won was a Dahon Vybe City Bike/Urban Concept Bike. Since we are a ‘green’ company, we were pleased that we had won a pool bike for the office.

No one in the office has ridden or used a folding bike before so we decided to put it to the test and see what was … Read more

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Using chemicals at work – control measures

Posted under Health and safety, News on August 1, 2013


You can find chemicals in most workplaces and are used in different ways. Factories, shops, laboratories, offices and farms are just some of the places you would find chemicals in some form. The chemicals we use in our workplace may include products you buy to use in your core business, maintaining equipment or in general cleaning equipment.

The term chemical could also refer to hazardous substances you create as part of your work processes for … Read more

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Time Management – how to organise your time effectively

Posted under Expert Commentary on August 1, 2013

Clock from The Workplace DepotIf you feel like you never have enough hours in the day and you are not getting event the simplest of tasks done, you need to start organising your time better to regain control over the hours.

Good and organised time management doesn’t mean doing more work, it means that you will focus more on the important tasks or those that matter and will make a difference. Whether this applies to home life or work, … Read more

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