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Monthly Archives: July 2013

July 2013 - The Workplace Depot

How to defend or save yourself against sharks using workplace products

Posted under Amusing on July 31, 2013


When reading the news online, I saw three different stories that involved the predatory animal of the sevens seas – sharks! Between 1580 and 2012 there have been 2,569 unprovoked shark attacks, 484 of which have be fatal. (Last updated February 2013).

After discussing with the team (and getting some funny looks) here are some products that you may need to defend yourself if you happen to be swimming in shark infested waters.


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9 Office Stress-Busting Tips

Posted under Expert Commentary on July 31, 2013

officeIt’s a common scenario in the modern working world, particularly in offices up and down the country. Your fingers are typing furiously and you’re attacking each task with the devilish intensity of a man against the clock.

Every email hurls more work your way, every Skype another task for the To-Do list. The work is piling up with frightening alacrity and, other than bringing in the sleeping bag for the foreseeable future, the chances of … Read more

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Feeling safe and secure in the workplace

Posted under Security on July 30, 2013

security-manThe most common way that a building has been accessed was either through a wooden, glass, (36% of incidents) metal, roller or shutter door (17% of incidents).

A survey was taken by a number of businesses and were asked in their current premises had experienced any crime in the last 12 months prior to the survey. 46% of the premises covered in the survey has experienced at least one of the main crime types.

It … Read more

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Safety in the workplace

Posted under Health and safety, Office, Warehouse on July 29, 2013

hard-hats-safetyThere are many health & safety rules and regulations that every workplace has to follow, but every workplace will need some tools to help them enforce these laws. Whether it’s to prevent an accident from happening or just following the health and safety regulations, this equipment will help you in your quest to make your workplace, a safer workplace.

Slips and trips

After the cleaner has been and mopped all the floors, or a member … Read more

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A man with a plan and a van

Posted under News, Warehouse on July 26, 2013

The top news story on the BBC today is about a Californian park being closed after a squirrel was found to be infected with the plague. Obviously important news, but if the BBC are struggling to find stories then there is some ‘Big news from Bingham’. Dave, our delivery driver, has a new van – oh no, sorry, he has new magnetic signs for his van.

Unfortunately Dave wouldn’t be pictured with the van but … Read more

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What is work related stress?

Posted under News, Office on July 26, 2013

stress-ballWork related stress

Organised, managed and well-designed work is always good for us as it keeps up motivated and helps us to improve, but when insufficient attention has been paid to the design, organisation and management of a job, it can result in work related stress.

Work related stress develops because an individual is unable to cope with the demands they are given. Stress can be a significant cause of illness and can be linked … Read more

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