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Monthly Archives: July 2013

How to defend or save yourself against sharks using workplace products

Posted under Amusing on July 31, 2013


When reading the news online, I saw three different stories that involved the predatory animal of the sevens seas – sharks! Between 1580 and 2012 there have been 2,569 unprovoked shark attacks, 484 of which have be fatal. (Last updated February 2013).

After discussing with the team (and getting some funny looks) here are some products that you may need to defend yourself if you happen to be swimming in shark infested waters.


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Feeling safe and secure in the workplace

Posted under Security on July 30, 2013

security-manThe most common way that a building has been accessed was either through a wooden, glass, (36% of incidents) metal, roller or shutter door (17% of incidents).

A survey was taken by a number of businesses and were asked in their current premises had experienced any crime in the last 12 months prior to the survey. 46% of the premises covered in the survey has experienced at least one of the main crime types.

It … Read more

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Safety in the workplace

Posted under Health and safety, Office, Warehouse on July 29, 2013

hard-hats-safetyThere are many health & safety rules and regulations that every workplace has to follow, but every workplace will need some tools to help them enforce these laws. Whether it’s to prevent an accident from happening or just following the health and safety regulations, this equipment will help you in your quest to make your workplace, a safer workplace.

Slips and trips

After the cleaner has been and mopped all the floors, or a member … Read more

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Good Food Hygiene in business

Posted under Health and safety, News on July 25, 2013

Good food hygiene is essential if you intend to make, process or sell food. It is vital that you and your employees understand what good, safe food hygiene is.

chill-clean-cc-cookWhat is ‘Good food hygiene’?

Good food hygiene is about how you control harmful bacteria, which can easily cause serious illness.

There are four things to remember when it comes to hygiene:

– Cross-contamination

– Cleaning

– Chilling

– Cooking

These are known as the 4 … Read more

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Pal-Disc Pallet Turntable

Posted under Expert Commentary, News, Product Updates on July 22, 2013

Pal-Disc Pallet Turntable

The Pal-Disc Pallet Turntable is a free-rotating turntable for loads of up to 2,000kg, and has a ramped edge for easy pallet truck loading. The turntable has a wide range of industrial uses including the automotive & engineering industries, animal feeds, grain silos, aggregates and general warehousing.

Virtually Maintenance Free

One of the most impressive aspects of the turntable is the fact that it is virtually maintenance free. It is suitable for use in ‘harsh’ … Read more

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Six Top Tips to Personalise Your Desk

Posted under Expert Commentary, Office on July 22, 2013

Image by: Phillie Casablanca. you consider the fact that approximately twenty-five per cent of the working population are employed in what is generally categorised as office work, you’ll understand how important it is for staff to make their workstations an amenable combination of private, pleasant and personal.

If you’re going to spend the best part of eight hours a days, five days a week on the same spot of carpet within the same few square feet sat at … Read more

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Top 10 worst health and safety myths

Posted under Health and safety, News on July 22, 2013

myth1 - Courtesy of HSE

We all know that health and safety can be a bit OTT at times and there is no doubt of many silly decisions. Over the past few years, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has dealt some incredible myths about what health and safety bans or laws people follow.

Most of the baffling myths have one thing in common – they are not required by health and safety law. As part of HSE’s Myth Busters … Read more

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The risks of construction dust

Posted under Health and safety on July 19, 2013

Construction Dust

construction-dustConstruction dust can cause serious damage to your health and some types of dust can eventually kill you. Regularly breathing in these harmful dusts over a long period of time can cause a life threatening disease on your lungs. The dangers of asbestos dust is well documented elsewhere (see Asbestos health and safety on the HSE website) so we are focusing here on other types of dust which have harmful side-effects.

What is

Read more

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Inside the workplace of… Part Two

Posted under Amusing on July 18, 2013

Inside the workplace of… Part Two

rb-tennisRed Bull

Ping-pong, ping-pong, is not a sound you would normally hear in a meeting room. But in the Red Bull headquarters in London, table tennis is part of the furniture, quite literally.

Jump Studios have designed a dynamic, interactive and adrenaline filled, 3 floor building for the employees of Red Bull. Each floor is filled with activities and features for all the employees to use and experience.

Red … Read more

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British made Security Cages – Ideal for Gas Cylinders and more

Posted under News, Product Updates on July 17, 2013

Mesh wire security cagesOur security cages are a little reminiscent of what you might find at the ‘Guantanamo Bay’ detention camp although they are not designed to have quite such a high level of security! The most popular use of our cages is for the safe housing of cylinders and chemicals. Gas cylinders containing inflammable gas are legally required to be kept in well-ventilated areas, preferably outdoors, and on a flat, dry surface. They also have to be … Read more

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Gas Cylinder Trolleys – Moving and Storing them Safely

Posted under News, Product Updates on July 17, 2013

Steel bottle trolleys

See our range of Gas Cylinder Trolleys here

This article is aimed at anyone who owns or uses gas cylinders – whether you are self employed or an employer, there is a legal duty to have a safe workplace and to use work equipment safely. This article targets businesses or organisations which use a lot of gas cylinders including hospitals, manufacturing plants (especially welding and engineering), laboratories and caravan parks.

In July 2013 three south … Read more

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The Age of the DIY Festival

Posted under Health and safety, News, Security on July 11, 2013

Festival organisationThe last few years has witnessed the rise and rise of big music festivals and an explosion of ‘DIY’ festivals. As well as specialist and local music events there has also been growth in festivals for food, wine, beer, comedy, films, books, theatre, religion… the list goes on. Nearly every town these days has a ‘festival’ of some sort plus there are festivals for subjects as diverse as balloons, ‘fire’, ice carving, water, peanuts, ribs … Read more

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How To Choose The Best Art For Your Office

Posted under Expert Commentary, News on July 5, 2013

Image - Wilda ThomasWith the majority of modern workers busying themselves in an office environment, it’s important to choose the right art work to evoke the best atmosphere and mood.  Morale will be boosted, work will be done, and time will fly – as long as you have the best art work to decorate your office.

Choosing the right artwork for the workplace is essential. A well placed piece of art can help to create a great first … Read more

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