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Easter Bank Holiday – What to do around Nottingham

Posted under News on March 24, 2016

easter bank holidayToday is the beginning of the Easter Bank Holiday, what plans have you got? There are quite a few activities you could part take around Nottingham this weekend, from the traditional Easter Egg Hunt to a foam party at the National Ice Centre. Here’s a list of our favourite activities

Easter Bank Holiday activities ideal for some family fun

Eggciting Easter Extravaganza will be taking place at Green’s Windmill in Sneiton on Good … Read more

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3 Fun and Delicious Ways to Use Easter Eggs This Holiday

Posted under News on March 22, 2016

3 Fun and Delicious Ways to Use Easter Eggs This HolidayAs the cold of winter finally begins to ebb, the Easter holiday approaches and promises images of a happy spring season. We’re all on the hunt for chocolate Easter eggs, wreaths of tulips, and every colour under the sun for dying and decorating with children of all ages. Let’s discuss a few ways you can enjoy every delicious part of the holiday and use the hard-boiled dyed eggs loved by everyone to make recipes that Read more

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St. Patrick’s Day – Let’s Celebrate the Irish

Posted under News on March 17, 2016

st patrick's dayLet’s Celebrate the Irish

Grab your corned beef and cabbage and your shamrocks as it is time to celebrate St. Paddy’s day, or St. Patrick’s Day as it is more formally known. Even if you don’t have a little of the Irish in you (and most of us do have a wee bit), you can still celebrate the meaning of St. Paddy’s Day on March 17th.

The true meaning of St. Patrick’s Day

Read more

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Sign Up for Disabled Access Day

Posted under Health and safety on March 15, 2016

disabled access dayEvery day while you and I are walking around, living our lives to the fullest, there are thousands of people who struggle to complete the ordinary tasks we take for granted. They meet the challenges of overcoming their disabilities in all of their encounter and interactions with others.

They are looked at and treated differently from others by both friends and strangers as they struggle to surmount difficulties that would dishearten most of us if Read more

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Keeping Trouble Contained: The Chemical Absorbent Sock

Posted under News on March 8, 2016

chemical absorbent sockChemical spills present a serious threat to anyone—and anything—in their environment. If not contained, corrosive materials can spread farther, doing damage to nearby materials and creating a hazard to any living being nearby. For situations like this, it’s a good idea to keep chemical absorbents handy, That’s why the Chemical Absorbent Sock is such an important tool.

Get The Right Tool For The Job – The Chemical Absorbent Sock

Spills happen. They’re an unfortunate but Read more

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Mother’s Day around the World

Posted under News on March 3, 2016

Mother's DayEverything has a beginning, and Mother’s Day is no exception. The celebration of motherhood had its inception with the ancient Romans and Greeks, who honoured the mother goddesses, Rhea and Cybele.

Rhea, Titan wife of Kronos and Queen of heaven, was thought to be the mother of the gods. As a goddess, she embodied female fertility and motherhood. Cybele (or Kybele) was thought to be the Phrygian version of Rhea. She was a primordial Read more

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