Workplace First Aid Kit - What Should It Contain?

Posted on May 29, 2014

bs-first-aid-kitAs an employer it is your responsibility to maintain the safety of all employees within the workplace. Ensuing you provide a first aid box which meets British Standards is essential, however the decision on what your first aid box contains depends entirely on what you assess your needs to be.

As a guide where the working environment is ranked as low risk (e.g. an office), HSE recommend a minimum stock should be:

- a general guidance leaflet

- 20 sterile plasters (of assorted sizes)

- two sterile eye pads

- four sterile triangular bandages

- six safety pins

- two large sterile wound dressings

- six medium-sized sterile wound dressings

- three pairs of disposable gloves

It is highly recommended that you DO NOT keep medicines and tablets within a workplace first aid kit.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) only provide this as a minimum recommendation, employers may wish to refer to British Standard 8599 which provides more information on the contents of first aid kits within the workplace.  To see more information visit the HSE website.

St John Ambulance has a guide allowing you to work out and put together a recommended minimum requirement first aid kit for your specific workplace needs.  This guide takes in to account; the number of employees, the risk level of your working environment as well as precise needs that may need to be taken into account within your organisation.  Click here to see the St John Ambulances’ guide.

The Workplace Depot supply a range of first aid kits that comply with British Standards.  To see a full range of these kits as well as burns kits, refills and much more, click here.

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