Making the Most of Quality Hose Protectors

Posted on April 28, 2016

hose-protectorsQuality cable or hose protectors are handy products that home and business owners could use to prevent tripping accidents while also protecting wires, hoses and cables from any kind of impacts. When shopping for hose and cable protectors, it is imperative to select the best items in this category with your specific needs and goals in mind. You should ask yourself the following questions before making a purchase: Do I need a semi-permanent or temporary cable protection? What type and size (diameter and length) of hose do I use? Are the hoses that I am trying to protect located in an area frequented by trucks, cars and/or pedestrians?

Choosing the Right Type of Cable and Hose Protectors

Based on your answers to these questions, you could choose the most suitable type of hose protectors tailored to your actual needs. For instance, lightweight protectors are a good match for indoor areas with moderate pedestrian traffic. This option can also be employed in office spaces, on a permanent or temporary basis. On the other hand, areas with intense HGV traffic require heavy-duty solutions, such as sturdy hose ramps that can enclose multiple hoses and be rapidly deployed.

Hose Protection Solutions Can Help Prevent Accidents in Any Environment

As hazard prevention tools, quality hose protectors can help their owners ensure a higher level of protection for important hoses, cables and wires. At the same time, these products also enable users to create a safer environment for pedestrians and motorists who may otherwise be exposed to tripping hazards. Given their versatility, cost-efficiency and ease of use, hose protectors can extend the lifespan of any type of cables and prevent damages caused by a potential impact. Cable protection solutions safeguard hoses and cables from a great variety of risk factors even in the harshest environments. At the same time, they keep hoses and wires under control, allowing users to prevent accidental disconnections and tripping in their working environment.

The Workplace Depot brings you the finest, most affordable and effective hose protectors for any application that you may have in mind. Our 300mm width models have two open channels and reflective stripes, and can be used to reduce traffic speed in any area (with a maximum recommended speed of up to 5mph). In order to cover a hose with a 33 m length, home and business owners would need to buy and install 10 pieces. Fortunately, all the pieces are easy to assemble, and can be used to build a hose protection solution that is flexible and would also be suitable for areas with heavy goods vehicle (HGV) traffic. Durable, inexpensive and easy to install and use, these hazard prevention solutions can be used on a semi-permanent or temporary basis, and can boost the life expectancy of cables, hoses and wires deployed in high-traffic areas.

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