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Secure It: How to Choose the Perfect Strapping

Posted on December 19, 2013

If you want to make sure that an item that you are sending to someone is securely held in place or you need to make sure that items are properly protected then you need to consider using the right strapping. Here is a guide on what to look for so that you can choose the perfect strapping for the job in hand. Regular Steel There are mainly seven different types of strapping that can be used and each one has different qualities depending on the application that you have in mind. Regular steel is used when you have a heavy shipment to send that needs a high level of protection and needs to be...

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The Best Storage Ideas

Posted on December 12, 2013

Good storage is a very important part of your home and also your workplace. Storage can make a room look a lot bigger as it can seriously reduce the amount of clutter on show. This results in a more welcoming and relaxing living environment that people enjoy spending time in. Storage can come in a large variety of colours, shapes and sizes and can fit into whatever design or style of room you are looking for. Whether you want a modern, simplistic design, an older fashioned look, or a bright and colourful style, you can find something that will fit perfectly into your home. Below is a short guide to some of the best storage ideas that could benefit your home. Wall Storage Wall storage is one of the...

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Four Reasons Why You Should Invest in Workplace Health and Safety Training

Posted on November 27, 2013

Even today, in a time when health and safety red tape supposedly streams across workplaces up and down the UK, there are a shocking 200 deaths as a result of accidents in the workplace, and over a million injuries every single year. The health and safety naysayers might be right to criticise needless bureaucracy and over the top health and safety regulations, but in the 21st century, when there are still deaths occurring in the workplace, it is plain for all to see that something has to be done....

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The Importance of a Health & Safety Audit

Posted on October 08, 2013

The health and safety needs of a small or large business can change over time and it is important that audits are carried out on a regular basis. This will ensure the continued welfare, health and safety of employees within an organisation, via the systematic appraisal of on-site procedures and processes. An audit will find specific areas in which improvements need to be made for the benefit of a business and its employees, and help companies to comply with legal duties and promote wellbeing. What is a health and safety audit? An audit is a methodical, independent and documented assessment of a business’ system and processes, in which it is measured against regulated criteria to make sure health and safety standards are being upheld. Organisations should have a management system in place to ensure safety processes continue to be maintained. What are the aims of an audit? Though businesses differ in size and the industries in which they operate – for...

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Warehouse Organization Tips

Posted on September 19, 2013

Regardless of what type of business you operate, chances are you already have a warehouse or storage area where products are being housed, organized and prepared for their trip to buyers and clients. If you want to make the process more streamlined and effective, you should focus on every aspect of it for maximum efficiency and control. This means you must go through a number of possible solutions that boost your productivity toward that goal. The following tips are aimed toward giving you that edge: Upkeep You should check on your warehouse on a regular basis so you can review its operations. If you have kept it well-organized in the beginning, this may not always be the case with the changing standards that...

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How Would You Spend a £10 Million Marketing Budget?

Posted on September 18, 2013

For most companies £1 million would be a dream marketing budget, so what would you do with £10 million at your disposal? Would you plump for all-out media saturation and leave no promotional stone unturned or would you blow it all on hiring Peter Jackson to direct one outrageously elaborate advert? The mind boggles. Here are just some of our ideas! Hire the Big Kahunas It’s amazing what a famous face can do for sales and with a budget of £10 million, you could afford to hire an entire ensemble. Back in 2006, Marks and Spencer’s went for a whole host of famous faces including the incredible vocal talents of Dame Shirley Bassey for their Christmas campaign. Lavish and sexy, the advert could have leaped right...

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Are You a Motivating Employer?

Posted on August 20, 2013

The best method of motivation to ensure a person achieves their potential and works hard is, quite simply, reward! While threatening words and punishment might see that the job is completed, words of encouragement and the promise of a well-deserved treat at the finish line will result in a job that has been fulfilled through use of passionate dedication and therefore has been done well. So what kind of employer are you? The type to keep you after hours and make you work through your lunch break to simply get the job done? Or the type to reward you with a Christmas hamper full of treats at the end of...

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Time Management - How to Organise Your Time Effectively

Posted on August 01, 2013

If you feel like you never have enough hours in the day and you are not getting event the simplest of tasks done, you need to start organising your time better to regain control over the hours. Good and organised time management doesn’t mean doing more work, it means that you will focus more on the important tasks or those that matter and will make a difference. Whether this applies to home life or work, learning how to organise/manage your time effectively will make you feel more relaxed, focused and in control. Work out your goals Emma Donaldson-Feilder, a chartered occupational psychologist, said “The aim of good time management is to achieve the lifestyle balance you want”. The first step...

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Pal-Disc Pallet Turntable

Posted on July 22, 2013

The Pal-Disc Pallet Turntable is a free-rotating turntable for loads of up to 2,000kg, and has a ramped edge for easy pallet truck loading. The turntable has a wide range of industrial uses including the automotive & engineering industries, animal feeds, grain silos, aggregates and general warehousing. Virtually Maintenance Free One of the most impressive aspects of the turntable is the fact that it is virtually maintenance free. It is suitable for use in 'harsh' environments where there might be high levels of dust and grime – such as the aggregates and animal feed industries. It has a brush strip on the inner age which can prevent some of the worse aspects of a dirty environment. Although the Pal-Disc Pallet Turntable is not s...

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Six Top Tips to Personalise Your Desk

Posted on July 22, 2013

When you consider the fact that approximately twenty-five per cent of the working population are employed in what is generally categorised as office work, you’ll understand how important it is for staff to make their workstations an amenable combination of private, pleasant and personal. If you’re going to spend the best part of eight hours a days, five days a week on the same spot of carpet within the same few square feet sat at the same desk, it makes sense to make your workstation as comfy as possible. Studies have shown that transforming your desk into a personalised workspace can have a marked physical and psychological benefit – it makes our feel better (you want that) and improves productivity (your employer definitely wants...

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How To Choose The Best Art For Your Office

Posted on July 05, 2013

With the majority of modern workers busying themselves in an office environment, it's important to choose the right art work to evoke the best atmosphere and mood.  Morale will be boosted, work will be done, and time will fly - as long as you have the best art work to decorate your office. Choosing the right artwork for the workplace is essential. A well placed piece of art can help to create a great first impression. Get it right and you can make a visual statement that compliments the office and inspires the workforce. If you get it wrong, you’ll get grimaces and even the odd headache complaint! Follow these office-based, art-selecting handy hints and you can’t go wrong. Think Of Others When deciding what to hang on the walls, it’s a good...

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Why You Should Have Plants in Your Office

Posted on June 25, 2013

Ever wondered why the office feels so stuffy after someone’s been churning out reams on the photocopier all day or why more people take sick leave during winter? It’s because the pollutants from office equipment produce the kind of low humidity levels usually only found in winter. Now, you could get together and insist your boss spend a fortune on humidity creating equipment. Problem is—these new-fangled machines harbour bacteria and can be noisy. No, you’d be much better off petitioning your boss to introduce a few plants. If he refuses, try pointing out that improving office air quality is proven to reduce sick leave and the introduction of plants has the added benefit...

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