Common Uses for the Kick Step Stool

Posted on January 20, 2014

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The kick step stool has been around for many years... it is used in so many different ways for such a high number of applications that you may not even have noticed the kick step the last time you visited a store or other public place.

History of the Kick Step Stool

Although there is not a single number for every type of kick step stool, one brand name was traced back to 1940, when a safe-making business was sold and then its product line expanded. The new and improved product line included step stools and rolling ladders. The safe-building company already had much experience with the bending of steel, and so the creation of these stools and ladders was not at all beyond its expertise.

The first incarnation of the kick step was called a 'ladder bell', which was simply a retractable castor sitting in a round housing. This contraption was then attached to a ladder. However, the purpose of the ladder bell was to protect the legs of the ladder as well as the castors themselves. It wouldn't be until a few years later that an engineer would have the idea to make the ladder bell 'life-sized' and into the kick step we know and love today.

Uses For The Kick Step

This stool has worked its way into virtually every environment imaginable. In the garage, the kick step provides a safe and easy way to sit and work at lower heights. And then, when finished, the durable stool can be kicked and rolled out of the way.

In the kitchen, the kick step allows homeowners to make the most out of their kitchen space by allowing high shelves to become reachable. Once reachable, these high areas can not only be cleaned, but also used for extra storage of rarely used items or for the display of accent pieces. And industrial kitchens have also made use of the kick step for the reaching of all of the storage shelves in large freezers and other food storage rooms.

Libraries have been using the kick step for many years. This valuable tool has allowed for the quick and easy removal and replacement of books at higher levels for decades. Moreover, when done, the stool can be easily stored out of view in a corner or under a desk.

Even grocery stores use the kick step to reach items on shelves that may be inaccessible otherwise. This type of stool also helps stores avoid overkill with large and cumbersome warehouse ladders. The kick step is large enough to assist stock employees with reaching high areas, but small enough so as not to interfere with the browsing of other shoppers as employee work is being done.

Of course, although the kick step is an extremely versatile tool, there are still ways in which it can be used improperly. One of the most common is stepping on the stool without the wearing of proper footwear and clothing. Heels and clothing that can catch underneath the heel can compromise the safety of anyone using a kick step. However, taking the proper precautions can eliminate this risk.


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