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Category Archives: Expert Commentary

Expert Commentary Archives - The Workplace Depot

Read our Parking Post post!

Posted under Expert Commentary, Security on September 11, 2018

It’s the time of year where the morning commute takes a little longer, the traffic is a little slower, and car parking spaces can be hard to come by. There can be nothing more annoying to start the morning than finding someone in your own parking space, leaving you circling the car park and wasting important minutes of the day. It’s these little inconveniences that The Workplace Depot like’s to try and solve.

Parking Posts. … Read more

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Increase the Fun at UK Gigs in 2016

Posted under Expert Commentary, Health and safety, In the Community on February 2, 2016

UK gigsWhen fun time arrives, there’s lots to do in the UK. There is something to interest everyone, from flower shows to music festivals. In the UK, we love to celebrate everything from the outrageous to the dignified. We have cat shows, dog shows, pageants, and trooping of the colours.

Fun, fun, fun. UK gigs

There is lots of fun to be had at music festivals, and there are many interesting things to celebrate, including historic Read more

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Fog’s Ferocious Beauty

Posted under Expert Commentary on November 10, 2015

London FogWhile American poet Carl Sandburg wrote that fog came in on little cat feet, the fog in London and the rest of the UK tromps in like an oversized panther and does a belly flop over the whole area, obscuring everything. With visibility at 100 to 150 meters, airplanes remain grounded, ferries stay docked, and drivers have trouble seeing the vehicles in front of them. Yet for all the trouble London fog causes every November, Read more

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5 Quick Tips to Increase Employee Productivity

Posted under Expert Commentary, Office, Workplace Commentary on August 10, 2015

5 Quick Tips to Increase Employee ProductivityRegardless of the business size, it is important for every company to ensure the productivity of its employees as it has a direct impact on the overall business success. Here the company culture plays an important role; a solid company culture can seriously improve productivity whereas an in existent or even worse, a poor company culture can ruin your employee’s motivation and productivity.

Here are the few ideas that companies can use to put in … Read more

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Choosing your shelving units & racking systems

Posted under Expert Commentary, Product Updates, Warehouse on August 3, 2015

Choosing the perfect shelving units is not an easy job, regardless of the industry you’re in. Shops, warShelving Unitsehouses, garages, schools and even hospitals all have different storage requirements. Choosing the ideal racking system can be a real challenge so we’ve put together a couple of factors that need considering before making an informed decision.

#1 Available Space

The first step to take when trying to maximize storage space is to measure. Measure the space … Read more

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Five Ways to Make your Job Easier as a Manager

Posted under Expert Commentary, Office, Workplace Commentary on July 16, 2015

Every company ultimately wants to make thWays to Make Your Job Easiereir employees happy, and that’s because managers and leaders are aware that happy employees are more productive. Shawn Achor– a Harvard psychology researcher finds that happiness makes your brain work better.

Making Your Work Days Easier

The best way to make your work easier and your employees happier is to make their work-days better. A better work-day gives them room for creativity and for opportunities to challenge … Read more

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