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Category Archives: Expert Commentary

Five Ways to Make your Job Easier as a Manager

Posted under Expert Commentary, Office, Workplace Commentary on July 16, 2015

Every company ultimately wants to make thWays to Make Your Job Easiereir employees happy, and that’s because managers and leaders are aware that happy employees are more productive. Shawn Achor– a Harvard psychology researcher finds that happiness makes your brain work better.

Making Your Work Days Easier

The best way to make your work easier and your employees happier is to make their work-days better. A better work-day gives them room for creativity and for opportunities to challenge … Read more

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The Advantages of Kerb Ramps

Posted under Expert Commentary on October 3, 2014

Kerb RampOne of our more popular products here at The Workplace Depot are our kerb ramps. Admittedly, this product has more than one name associated with it as it is suitable for a number of different uses; although the main reason is to manoeuvre a wheeled vehicle or object up a kerb smoothly and securely.

What can they be used for?                        

We have come to realise that not only are kerb ramps useful for loading … Read more

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Motor Vehicle First Aid Kits – New British Standards

Posted under Expert Commentary on May 6, 2014

vehicle first aid kitsUntil last month, no official standard or specifications existed for motor vehicle first aid kits in Britain. People would buy any good looking, portable first aid kit for vehicular use, or store some basic first aid items in a container that could be anything from a lunchbox to a toolbox or even shaving pouch. The British Standards Institution (BSI) has filled this gap in vehicular safety by introducing BS 85599-2, the new standard for motor … Read more

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Security Mirrors – Simple Surveillance Solutions for Warehouses, Shops and Offices

Posted under Expert Commentary on April 17, 2014

Dome security mirrorsSecurity convex mirrors have universal applications when you’re trying to create a safe and secure movement area or monitored space. Security mirrors work like security cameras, but they are much cheaper and need no maintenance or power supply. Moreover, they provide utility where cameras may be too complicated to use, such as blind curves and corners. Security mirrors come in all shapes and sizes for shops, warehouses, driveways, security checkpoints, and other places where you … Read more

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Setting Up a Mail Room

Posted under Expert Commentary on March 18, 2014

Mail room suppliesDespite the phenomenal rise of email, the good old snail mail still remains a part of the everyday reality for many offices. All sorts of documents are dispatched and received via regular mail – contracts, notices, bills, greeting cards, parcels; and only the mailman can tell what else.

Government offices usually have a mailroom to deal with the public mail that they receive by the truckloads, and to dispatch notices and bills, which they also … Read more

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Health and Safety at Musical Concerts

Posted under Expert Commentary on March 5, 2014

Rock concert safetyFill a venue with thousands of charged-up fans, bring in their favorite band, pump up the volume, add some alcohol and crack-heads, and watch how things explode. Musical concerts are notorious for causing bizarre accidents, which sometimes lead to loss of lives and serious injuries.

Take the 2010 Pearl Jam performance at the Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark, for instance, where some 50,000 spectators showed up. The rear rows could not hear their idols grunge, … Read more

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How to start up a business

Posted under Expert Commentary on February 25, 2014

Maybe you’re tired of your current job. Perhaps you are bored of the 9 – 5 routine. Or you could just be yearning for the freedom and flexibility that comes with running your own business.

Whatever the reason, there’s a tide of workers turning their backs on traditional employment and opting to set up their own business.

As many as 500,000 people opt to set up their own business in the UK every year, and … Read more

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Health and Safety Essentials for Outdoor Events and Festivals

Posted under Expert Commentary on February 19, 2014

Organising festivalsEvents and festivals come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from weddings to fetes, from farmer’s markets to horse shows, and from charity run to game fairs. Regardless of their nature and purpose, outdoor events always pose significant risks to life and property. The temporary nature of the activity, lack of proper planning, shortage of time, exposure to elements, open cables and electrical connections, weak structures, inadequate experience, and the crowd itself are just some … Read more

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Medical Scissors for First Aid Kits

Posted under Expert Commentary, Health and safety, Office on January 27, 2014

Premier Workplace 1st aid kit including shears or scissorsIf you look through the list of contents for the first aid kits on this site, you will notice that some of them contain scissors and some contain ‘shears’. Most people think of sheers as something you cut hedges with, so we did a bit of research into the history of scissors to try and find out more about the different types.

Scissors were invented in ancient Egypt in around 1500 BC. The oldest known … Read more

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Awesome Office Organisation Ideas

Posted under Expert Commentary, Office on January 15, 2014

Office re-organisationThe environment where you work has a huge impact on your work productivity. Spending all day every day in the office can make you lose concentration, especially if the place is not arranged in a way to make you feel comfortable. Therefore, it’s important to keep your office organised in order to be able to focus on the important things and actually get things done. There are several things you can do to make your … Read more

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Hazards in the Office

Posted under Expert Commentary, Office on January 7, 2014

Cable covers and protectorsYou don’t have to be rock climbing, skiing or playing rugby to have a injury serious enough to be hospitalized. There are plenty of hazards around the office that could cause health problems ranging from minor respiratory problems to serious traumas and chronic, terminal illnesses. The following hazards might force you to take a second look at your office from a new, safer angle.


The stale office air that we breathe can give rise … Read more

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Common Skiing Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Posted under Expert Commentary, Health and safety on January 2, 2014

ski safetyWith thousands of people heading off to winter resorts, combined with the shocking news about Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident, we thought it was appropriate for our resident writer (and Doctor) to outline a few basic precautions for those of you about to take to the slopes. Whether you are a beginner, intermediary or even an advanced skiier who’s been lucky to avoid a skiing injury so far, then read on to learn about three … Read more

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Secure It: How to Choose the Perfect Strapping

Posted under Expert Commentary on December 19, 2013

Industrial strappingIf you want to make sure that an item that you are sending to someone is securely held in place or you need to make sure that items are properly protected then you need to consider using the right strapping.

Here is a guide on what to look for so that you can choose the perfect strapping for the job in hand.

Regular Steel

There are mainly seven different types of strapping that can be … Read more

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The Best Storage Ideas

Posted under Expert Commentary, Storage on December 12, 2013

Warehouse storageGood storage is a very important part of your home and also your workplace. Storage can make a room look a lot bigger as it can seriously reduce the amount of clutter on show. This results in a more welcoming and relaxing living environment that people enjoy spending time in.

Storage can come in a large variety of colours, shapes and sizes and can fit into whatever design or style of room you are looking … Read more

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Four reasons why you should invest in workplace health and safety training

Posted under Expert Commentary, Health and safety on November 27, 2013

healthandsafetyEven today, in a time when health and safety red tape supposedly streams across workplaces up and down the UK, there are a shocking 200 deaths as a result of accidents in the workplace, and over a million injuries every single year.

The health and safety naysayers might be right to criticise needless bureaucracy and over the top health and safety regulations, but in the 21st century, when there are still deaths occurring in Read more

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The importance of a health & safety audit

Posted under Expert Commentary, Health and safety on October 8, 2013

The health and safety needs of a small or large business can change over time and it is important that audits are carried out on a regular basis. This will ensure the continued welfare, health and safety of employees within an organisation, via the systematic appraisal of on-site procedures and processes. An audit will find specific areas in which improvements need to be made for the benefit of a business and its employees, and help … Read more

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Warehouse Organization Tips

Posted under Expert Commentary on September 19, 2013

Warehouse safteyRegardless of what type of business you operate, chances are you already have a warehouse or storage area where products are being housed, organized and prepared for their trip to buyers and clients. If you want to make the process more streamlined and effective, you should focus on every aspect of it for maximum efficiency and control. This means you must go through a number of possible solutions that boost your productivity toward that goal. … Read more

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How would you spend a £10 million marketing budget?

Posted under Expert Commentary, News on September 18, 2013

Money treeFor most companies £1 million would be a dream marketing budget, so what would you do with £10 million at your disposal? Would you plump for all-out media saturation and leave no promotional stone unturned or would you blow it all on hiring Peter Jackson to direct one outrageously elaborate advert? The mind boggles. Here are just some of our ideas!

Hire the Big Kahunas

It’s amazing what a famous face can do for sales … Read more

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Are you a motivating employer?

Posted under Expert Commentary, News on August 20, 2013

motivated employeesThe best method of motivation to ensure a person achieves their potential and works hard is, quite simply, reward! While threatening words and punishment might see that the job is completed, words of encouragement and the promise of a well-deserved treat at the finish line will result in a job that has been fulfilled through use of passionate dedication and therefore has been done well. So what kind of employer are you? The type to … Read more

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Time Management – how to organise your time effectively

Posted under Expert Commentary on August 1, 2013

Clock from The Workplace DepotIf you feel like you never have enough hours in the day and you are not getting event the simplest of tasks done, you need to start organising your time better to regain control over the hours.

Good and organised time management doesn’t mean doing more work, it means that you will focus more on the important tasks or those that matter and will make a difference. Whether this applies to home life or work, … Read more

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