Step Grip Tape
Grip Tape
Step Safety Tape
Step Grip Tape
Grip Tape
Step Safety Tape

Gripfoot Tape

  • Abrasive surface with self adhesive backing
  • Hardwearing and easy to install
  • Gives additional grip to smooth surfaces
  • Suitable for ladder/stair treads, ramps, walkways, loading docks, boats & vehicles
  • Available in rolls
5-7 working days


5-7 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: GF25B Colour: Black Dimensions (mm): 18300 (W) x 25 (D) Price: £19.00 £18.62
Code: GF50B Colour: Black Dimensions (mm): 18300 (W) x 50 (D) Price: £32.00 £31.36
Code: GF50H/KY Colour: Dimensions (mm): 18300 (W) x 50 (D) Price: £38.00 £37.24
Code: GF50H/RY Colour: Dimensions (mm): 18300 (W) x 50 (D) Price: £38.00 £37.24
Code: GF102B Colour: Black Dimensions (mm): 18300 (W) x 102 (D) Price: £57.00 £55.86
Code: GF152B Colour: Black Dimensions (mm): 18300 (W) x 152 (D) Price: £84.00 £82.32

Gripfoot Tape

What Is The Purpose Of The Gripfoot Tape?

This all-purpose adhesive works as a safeguard against all those unforeseen accidents that can occur around the workplace, at home, or even at play. The Gripfoot tape suits whatever location you have in mind to make safer. Think of all the areas that require a safe place to walk such as warehouse floors, sidewalks, ramps, boat docks, store fronts, loading zones and anywhere else with a flat surface prone to slippage. Imagine the damage that could occur if you or your worker slipped on a walkway that became slick. Not only would there be an injury but there would also legal ramifications that could be easily avoided.

The Gripfoot tape has an abrasive surface on one side that makes a perfect way to get a little more traction on those slippery zones. The other side is a powerful adhesive that adheres to just about any clean and dry surface. This means you don’t need a large surface to apply it; it can just as easily work across large floors and ladder rungs.

Where Can The Gripfoot Tape Be Used?

You’ll find that this tape goes beyond what an industrial usage might be. You use this tape at the docks, on boats, on vehicle side-steps, in the loading zones, down storefront ramps, in cafes, and behind cashiers. This tape sticks so easily to any surface that you’ll be looking for places to make safer, just because you can.

Who Might Use The Gripfoot Tape?

Especially useful for store owners looking to improve their safety, Gripfoot tape is a ubiquitous product.  It can be used by anybody at all, whether you own the store, you work in it, or you simply sometimes walk by.

Gripfoot Tape Specifications

  • Peeled backing with strong adhesive and durable grit on the top side.

  • Easy to install anywhere you need.

  • Various widths from 25-152 mm.

  • Rolls come in 18.3m lengths.

  • 1 year warranty associated with this product for your security.

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