Rubber Matting Roll

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Step Into Safety

  • Ultimate Flooring Solution: Rubber Matting Roll, a versatile and practical choice for diverse environments, ensuring comfort and safety in your workspace.
  • Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Design: Specially crafted to reduce discomfort and increase focus while standing, perfect for long work hours.
  • Reliable Anti-Slip Surface: Expertly designed to ensure your safety, providing a secure footing on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • Robust Durable Construction: Made from 3mm thick, hard-wearing rubber, this matting guarantees long-term durability and resilience.
  • Enhanced Partial Insulation: Offering protection against electric shocks, it's an ideal choice for electrical workspaces and safety-critical areas.
  • Oil and Grease Resistance: Engineered to withstand tough conditions, it provides a secure grip and minimises slip hazards in oily environments.
  • Supreme Comfort Padding: This matting offers insulation from cold floors and a cushioned feel, enhancing comfort during prolonged standing.
  • Unmatched Versatility: Perfectly adaptable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a practical solution for various settings.
  • Flexible Dimensions: Available in 1m x 1m Mats or 10m x 1m Rolls, it fits a range of space requirements and is customizable to your needs.
Rubber Matting Roll

Transform Your Workspace

Discover the Rubber Matting Roll, a game-changer in workspace flooring solutions. Designed to meet the dynamic needs of both indoor and outdoor environments, this matting roll offers a perfect blend of safety, comfort, and durability. It's an ideal choice for professionals who spend long hours on their feet, providing a level of comfort and safety that transforms any workspace into a more productive and secure area.

Beyond its practicality, the Rubber Matting Roll is a testament to innovative design and material excellence. Its unique features, including the anti-fatigue design and anti-slip surface, cater to the crucial aspects of workplace safety and employee wellbeing. Whether it's in a busy factory, a modern workshop, or a home garage, the Rubber Matting Roll is not just a flooring option; it's an investment in creating a safer, more comfortable, and efficient working environment.

Stand Strong with Comfort

Experience a new level of comfort while standing with the Rubber Matting Roll's innovative Anti-Fatigue Design. This feature is specifically engineered to reduce the discomfort and fatigue associated with prolonged standing. It's not just a mat; it's a support system for your feet, back, and overall posture, ensuring that you stay comfortable and focused, no matter how long you're on your feet. 

The significance of the Anti-Fatigue Design goes beyond mere comfort. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and efficiency of workers. By providing a cushioned and supportive surface, it helps to minimise stress on the legs and lower back, reducing the risk of long-term health issues. This design aspect not only uplifts the working environment but also contributes significantly to the overall job satisfaction and performance levels of employees.

Rubber Matting Roll
Rubber Matting Roll

Safety Underfoot

Step into a safer workplace with the Rubber Matting Roll's advanced Anti-Slip Surface. This crucial feature is engineered to provide unwavering stability and grip on both wet and dry surfaces, ensuring maximum safety in various work environments. Whether it's a spill in a factory, a damp floor in a workshop, or a slick surface in a commercial kitchen, the Rubber Matting Roll offers the assurance of secure footing, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

The importance of this Anti-Slip Surface extends beyond immediate safety. It fosters a secure working environment, where employees can move confidently without the fear of accidents. This not only minimises potential workplace injuries but also enhances overall productivity. Workers are more focused and efficient when they're not preoccupied with unstable flooring. 

Rubber Matting Roll

Overall Dimensions


Built to Last

Embrace the strength and resilience of the Rubber Matting Roll, defined by its Durable Construction. Made from 3mm thick, hard-wearing rubber, this matting roll stands as a testament to endurance and quality. It's designed to withstand the rigours of daily use in high-traffic areas, resisting wear and tear that often compromises lesser materials. This durability ensures that your investment remains effective and presentable over time, offering consistent performance and reliability.

The significance of this robust construction cannot be overstated. It translates to a long-term solution for your flooring needs, reducing the frequency and costs of replacements. This durability is particularly crucial in industrial settings, workshops, and commercial spaces where flooring is subjected to heavy foot traffic, equipment, and potential impacts. 

Rubber Matting Roll
Rubber Matting Roll

Electrical Safety Assured

Elevate your workspace's safety with the Rubber Matting Roll, featuring innovative Partial Insulation. This crucial aspect of the matting roll is specifically designed to protect against electric shocks, making it an indispensable asset in electrical environments. Whether you're working near live circuits, in power plants, or in any setting where electrical hazards are a concern, this matting ensures an added layer of safety, guarding against the unexpected and keeping you secure.

The partial insulation feature of the Rubber Matting Roll is more than just a safety measure; it's a commitment to creating a secure working environment. It allows electricians, engineers, and technicians to focus on their tasks without the worry of electrical hazards underfoot. This feature is particularly beneficial in areas prone to electrical spills or where static electricity is a concern. 

Slip-Free Assurance

Step into a safer, slip-free work environment with the Rubber Matting Roll's Oil and Grease Resistance feature. Engineered to combat the common workplace hazard of slippery surfaces, this matting roll provides a secure grip, even in areas prone to oil and grease spills. This feature is essential for maintaining safety in industrial kitchens, automotive workshops, and any workspace where oil and grease are part of the daily routine. 

The significance of this oil and grease resistance goes beyond just preventing slips. It enhances the overall safety and efficiency of a workspace. Employees can move with confidence, knowing that their footing is secure. This assurance of stability not only improves safety but also boosts productivity and focus. Workers are less distracted by the potential hazards of a slippery floor and more concentrated on their tasks.

Rubber Matting Roll
Rubber Matting Roll

Adaptable Excellence

Unleash the power of versatility with the Rubber Matting Roll, a flooring solution designed to thrive in both indoor and outdoor settings. This feature sets the Rubber Matting Roll apart, offering unmatched adaptability to suit a variety of environments. From the rugged conditions of an outdoor workshop to the controlled climate of an indoor office, this matting roll maintains its integrity and performance. 

The significance of this versatility cannot be overstated. It means that investing in the Rubber Matting Roll is not just about choosing a floor covering, but about choosing a solution that adapts to your changing needs. This adaptability makes it perfect for spaces that transition from indoor to outdoor use, such as garages, patios, or event spaces. 

Comfort in Every Step

Experience unparalleled comfort underfoot with the Rubber Matting Roll, thoughtfully padded for your comfort. This feature is a game-changer for environments with hard, cold floors, providing a warm, cushioned surface that eases the strain of standing for extended periods. The mat's padding offers not just physical comfort but also insulation from the chill of concrete or tile floors, making it ideal for colder workspaces or garages. 

The importance of this padded design goes beyond mere comfort; it's about creating a more humane and considerate workspace. A comfortable standing surface can significantly improve focus and productivity, as it reduces the physical distractions of discomfort. This aspect of the matting is especially beneficial in settings like retail counters, laboratories, or assembly lines, where employees stand for most of their shift. 

Rubber Matting Roll

Item Information

  • Anti-Fatigue Design: Reduces discomfort, enhances focus.
  • Anti-Slip Surface: Ensures safety on wet and dry surfaces alike.
  • Durable Construction: 3mm thick, hard-wearing rubber for long-lasting use.
  • Partial Insulation: Offers protection against electric shocks in electrical settings.
  • Oil and Grease Resistant: Provides secure grip, minimises slip hazards.
  • Comfort Padding: Insulates against cold floors, offers cushioned standing experience.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Material Quality: Made from high-grade, resilient raw materials.
  • Standard Thickness: Features a traditional 3mm thick, standard grade.
  • Available Sizes: Options include 1m x 1m Mats and 10m x 1m Rolls.
  • Color: Classic black finish, suitable for various settings.
  • Insulation Feature: Partial insulation against electric shocks for safety.
Rubber Matting Roll

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Rubber Matting Roll

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Rubber Matting Roll
Rubber Matting Roll

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