Fold/Extend Trolley
Folded up Trolley
Suitable for 150kg capacity
Fold/Extend Trolley
Folded up Trolley
Suitable for 150kg capacity

Fold/Extend Trolley

  • Super lightweight aluminium folding trolley
  • With extending platform and handle
  • 560Lx420Wmm when folded
  • Platform 710Lx420Wmm when extended
  • 100mm rubber castors
  • 100kg capacity
  • Platform (mm) 630 x 420
  • Product weight 8 kg
  • Wheel diameter 100 mm
5-7 working days


5-7 working days


1 year parts / labour

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Fold/Extend Trolley

What we have here is the perfect marriage of folding and wheeled technologies. Folding down to an almost invisible 500 x 400, but capable of carrying 150kg, you are probably asking someone to pinch you now because this solves just about every problem that you have in your work environment at this point in time. This fold/extend Trolley fits easily into your boot or under a desk or just out of the way so you can get the work you need done in places where space is at a premium. Sure, someday you are going to move to a larger workspace, but with rents only going one direction, the truly visionary business owner seeks compactness where ever compactness is cost effective and not counter- productive. This cart is super lightweight at 8kg and is super maneuverable with four swiveling castors.

Extending platform and handle 500 x 420 when folded, 630 x420 extended 100 mm rubber castors, 150kg capacity, Platform measures 630 x 420 weight 8 kg.

What is the purpose of a Fold/Extend Trolley?

Our premium fold/extend trolleys ensure the safe and convenient transportation of items such as luggage, boxes, good or anything else that needs to be quickly moved from one area to the other. As the name suggest, these trolleys can be folded and extended with ultimate ease. It’s not just the handle; you can also extend the platform of our fold/extend trolleys which makes them a great choice for convertible use transportation. It’s is made with space saving in mind to allow portability as well as function.

Where can a Fold/Extend Trolley be used?

The trolley is made for use in a variety of situations. These collapsible devices can be used at airports, medical facilities, warehouse locations, and bulk retail outlets, on delivery vans, educational institutions and even in domestic settings. Any location that has a regular need for users to transfer heavy or numerous items with minimal effort will benefit from the addition of a fold & extend trolley. The structure allows the handle to collapse down and the platform slides to allow the length of the trolley to decrease by half while its rotational wheels allow for maximum mobility.

Who might use a Fold/Extend Trolley?

Our fold / extend trolley can handle various sized loads while using a minimal amount of space. It’s easy adjustability makes it a versatile addition for office locations, warehouses, delivery vans, clinics, schools, libraries, and small workshops. In addition to its commercial use our compact and convertible trolley can be used domestically by any member of the family to transport luggage, groceries and other heavy items in the home. There are no complex directions to follow, so anyone can make use of the trolley by extending the handle, loading their items and directing the trolley to its destination.

Fold/Extend Trolley product specifications- warranties, materials, legislation, etc

Our fold / extend trolley is made from super lightweight aluminum and has an extending platform and handle. It’s 500Lx420Wmm when folded and the platform is 630Lx420Wmm when extended. With 100mm rubber castors and Platform (mm) 630 x 420 it can carry up to 150kg in evenly distributed weight. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one year warranty on all parts and labor. Our trolley fully complies with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff. Our fold & extend trolleys are made from suitable yet durable material in order to ensure quality and are manufactured to ensure long life of our products so you can buy and use products complete confidence.

Interesting facts about Fold/Extend Trolley

Our fold and extend trolley is an upgraded version of the original cart created by fames inventor Sylvan Goldman who has been credited with the invention of the shopping cart. It’s uses has been widely adopted by companies who seek to reduce their carbon footprint by using smaller vehicles for transport. The compact size allows the trolley to fit in the boot of a car, truck or van without utilizing much space.

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