Softrock Matting
Soft Rock Matting
Soft Rock Mats
Softrock Matting
Soft Rock Matting
Soft Rock Mats

Softrock Matting

  • Softrock matting is ideal for laboratories, hotels and shops
  • Modern looking and adaptable
  • Easy to clean sponge feel mat
  • Slightly textured for a slip resistant surface
  • Anti-microbial
  • Bevelled edge to help prevent tripping
  • 13mm thickness
  • Available colours: sandstone, bluestone, travertine, slate, granite, coal
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2-3 working days


2-3 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: 423.12x2x3CL Colour: Coal Size (mm): 610 x 910 Price: £46.00 £45.08
Code: 423.12x2x3BL Colour: Bluestone Size (mm): 610 x 910 Price: £51.00 £49.98
Code: 423.12x2x3GT Colour: Granite Size (mm): 610 x 910 Price: £51.00 £49.98
Code: 423.12x2x3SA Colour: Sandstone Size (mm): 610 x 910 Price: £51.00 £49.98
Code: 423.12x2x3SL Colour: Slate Size (mm): 610 x 910 Price: £51.00 £49.98
Code: 423.12x2x3TR Colour: Travertine Size (mm): 610 x 910 Price: £51.00 £49.98
Code: 423.12x3x5CL Colour: Coal Size (mm): 910 x 1520 Price: £107.00 £104.86
Code: 423.12x3x5BL Colour: Bluestone Size (mm): 910 x 1520 Price: £118.00 £115.64
Code: 423.12x3x5GT Colour: Granite Size (mm): 910 x 1520 Price: £118.00 £115.64
Code: 423.12x3x5SA Colour: Sandstone Size (mm): 910 x 1520 Price: £118.00 £115.64
Code: 423.12x3x5SL Colour: Slate Size (mm): 910 x 1520 Price: £118.00 £115.64
Code: 423.12x3x5TR Colour: Travertine Size (mm): 910 x 1520 Price: £118.00 £115.64

Softrock Matting

What is the purpose of the Softrock Matting?

With its slip-resistant surface and anti-microbial treatment, you can use Softrock Matting to help you retain your footing and keep things sanitary while you’re cooking or even conducting experiments. It has a cushiony feel that adds a level of comfort to areas of high-foot traffic. This makes a great floor covering for places where liquids are being handled and spills are common, because the mats are easy to clean and do not retain any of the contaminates that may come from various fluids.

Where can this product be used?

Laboratories and restaurant kitchens would make great use of these mats as would pubs and hotels. The handling of certain complex liquids and chemicals is delicate business, and laying Softrock Matting down helps mitigate the risk involved when fluids like that can spill. Science departments and classrooms in schools would be wise in using the mats on their floor in order to alleviate any risk of slipping and falling as well as providing great ground protection.

Who might use this product?

While not normally thought of at the same time, both scientists and bartenders would be right at home with the Softrock Matting, because of how comfortable the flooring feels beneath your feet and how well it handles spills of all kinds. Restaurant workers and hotel maids would see this as a win in their day-to-day, because as well as being slide-resistant, it is also easy to clean up.

Softrock Matting Specifications

This comes in 6 different colours in a design that feels on trend and easy to incorporate into any setting. The surface of the Softrock Matting is textured to make it more anti-slip as well as being bevelled at the edges to prevent tripping. It comes in 2 sizes and is 13mm thick, giving a nice feel under foot when walking. It is delivered within 2-3 days after order and delivery is free. There is also a 1-year warranty and if you are not completely satisfied with your selection, you can return or exchange your mat quickly and easily.

Additional Benefits

The durable and rather stylish mats are an excellent way to alleviate leg fatigue on the job. The mats are built to help you feel comfortable while having to be on your feet for long periods of time and you will discover that it is an excellent choice for any area that requires lots of standing and walking.

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