Plastic Round Pedal Bin
Round Pedal Bin
Cheap pedal bin
Plastic Round Pedal Bin
Round Pedal Bin
Cheap pedal bin

Round Pedal Bin

  • Polypropylene plastic
  • Inner plastic bucket with handle
  • Robust and easy to clean
  • White
10-15 working days


10-15 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: 91160 Dimensions (mm): 210(H) x 180(dia) Volume (L): 5 Price: £10.00 £9.50
Code: 91161 Dimensions (mm): 260(H) x 230(dia) Volume (L): 10 Price: £12.00 £11.40
Code: 91162 Dimensions (mm): 340(H) x 270(dia) Volume (L): 18 Price: £18.00 £17.10
Code: 91163 Dimensions (mm): 415(H) x 310(dia) Volume (L): 35 Price: £22.00 £20.90

Round Pedal Bin

Round Pedal Bin

Mick Jagger's Favorite bin and my favorite bin to sing about at a Karoke night ( To the tune of "Brown Sugar.") "Round,” “round pedal, how come you trash so good?” “Round,” “round pedal, just like a trash bin should."

Who might use this bin

People who typically generate small amounts of refuse would use the smaller sizes, which hold 3 litres. People with larger amounts of daily refuse generation would obviously use the larger sizes, depending on space considerations, staffing levels, and whether the trash can is by the smoking area, in which case you will have no shortage of volunteers to go smoke a fag while they take out the rubbish. Hands free operation due to “step to open” lid/pedal combination.


Polypropylene plastic. Inner Bucket with handle. Sizes range from 3-40 Litres. Larger sizes- 91976- holds 6 litres of waste

Anything else interesting about this item?

This item is about as interesting as a round white plastic trash bin can be and they are thinking seriously about filming a movie about the excitement that comes along with the official designation of temporary sanitational storage receptacle. Tom Hanks is rumored to be the voice of the trashcan.

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What is the purpose of a Round Pedal Bin?

Keeping your retail, commercial or professional area clean is important, and the round pedal bin makes it easy to dispose of items while ensuring that any odors and germs are contained inside the bin. The convenient foot operated lid lets you use both hands to dispose of an item and stops contamination on the lid and on the person using the round pedal bin. The round design of these types of bins gives maximum flexibility allowing the bin to be placed in convenient areas without any corners that can become a tripping hazard.

Where can a Round Pedal Bin be used?

The round pedal bin is ideal for use in many areas including coffee shops, break rooms, mail rooms, waiting areas doctors’ offices and much more. The different sizes available ensure there is a bin that will fit the needs of every situation. These smaller bins a great under a personal desk, washrooms, small offices or other areas where there is a need for simple waste management. Larger bins are more suitable for higher traffic areas such as lunch rooms or main walkways. These handy bins can often been found in classrooms, at banks or even in professional workspaces that require sanitary yet stylish décor.  

This item can be used by anyone who needs the ability to dispose of trash and wants the safety of a lid that protects the contents from the hands of the user while also containing any waste odors. The operations is simple and requires no special training making it a perfect waste management system for children, assistants, janitors, professional or any other staff member. In the office, it keeps the area clean and minimizes hazards to staff or cleaning agents that need to empty the bin. People that use high-risk items that need disposal such as needles and contaminated articles like doctors and other medical personnel also see great benefit from the use of our foot operated waste disposal unit.

More about the Round Pedal Bin

The round pedal bin comes in 3, 6, 12, 20 and 40 liter sizes. The diameter varies from 180mm to 380mm and the height from 210mm to 530mm. The bins are white in color and made from polypropylene plastic that is strong and easily sanitized. The design includes an inner bucket with a handle to make disposal simple. The round design reduces tripping hazards and lets this bin be placed in tight areas with better foot pedal alignment than square or rectangular style bins.

The invention of pedal operated bins is credited to Mrs Lillian Gilbreth. She invented the waste disposal system in the 1920’s in an effort to contain the spread of germs in her locality. She also was one of the few women that had a Ph.D at the time. She is also featured in the notable fiction literary title “Cheaper by the Dozen” which was later turned into a feature length film.

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