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Category Archives: Security

How to Avoid Summer Festival Risks

Posted under Health and safety, Security on June 11, 2015

summer_festivalSummer is the season of fun and merry-making—a time when people love to go out of their homes, bask in the sun and make the best of the good weather, and enjoy time with friends and family. What makes this time of the year even more spectacular is the summer festivals: Glastonbury, T in the Park, High Definition Festival, you name it. They say “summer” so emphatically that every year people look forward to the … Read more

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The “key” solution to your problems…

Posted under Amusing, Product Updates, Security, Storage on October 30, 2013

SLIMLINEKEYCAB_1_2How many times have you wandered around in an aimless attempt to search for a lost pair of car keys? You are sure you left them on the kitchen counter… Or were they in your bag? It’s something which is a commonplace situation in households up and down the UK; the mystery of missing keys. One must admit they are an easy item to misplace. One minute they are in your hand when you are … Read more

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Daylight robbery – would you call 999 on these bike thieves?

Posted under Cycle Storage, News, Security on October 9, 2013

bikesWith more and more statistics being released about the number of bike thefts in the UK and the awareness of bike thieves operating around the country growing, you would think by now that people know how important it is, when using a bike, to lock it up safely and securely. Well, that may not be the case as the number of bikes being stolen in the UK is still high, with 7800 bikes reported stolen … Read more

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When a mirror isn’t just a mirror

Posted under Amusing, Security on September 24, 2013

bloody-maryAs well as using mirrors for practical and safety reasons, for example in shops as security to help deter shop lifters and on roads to help drivers check their blind spots, there are a variety of fun things you can do with just a humble mirror.

1. You can summon up evil spirits. There is a well-known children’s “game” of summoning the evil spirit of a woman called Mary by staring into the bathroom mirror … Read more

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How to keep your bike safe

Posted under Cycle Storage, Security on September 16, 2013

bikesThe population is becoming more environmentally friendly, and as a consequence, more and more people are now pedalling their way to work, school or about town. Many of our team members here at The Workplace Depot chose to cycle to work and the introduction of the endearingly dubbed “Boris Bikes” in London has brought to light how easy and practical cycling in the capital can be, and now 1/4 of all London traffic is made … Read more

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Feeling safe and secure in the workplace

Posted under Security on July 30, 2013

security-manThe most common way that a building has been accessed was either through a wooden, glass, (36% of incidents) metal, roller or shutter door (17% of incidents).

A survey was taken by a number of businesses and were asked in their current premises had experienced any crime in the last 12 months prior to the survey. 46% of the premises covered in the survey has experienced at least one of the main crime types.

It … Read more

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The Age of the DIY Festival

Posted under Health and safety, News, Security on July 11, 2013

Festival organisationThe last few years has witnessed the rise and rise of big music festivals and an explosion of ‘DIY’ festivals. As well as specialist and local music events there has also been growth in festivals for food, wine, beer, comedy, films, books, theatre, religion… the list goes on. Nearly every town these days has a ‘festival’ of some sort plus there are festivals for subjects as diverse as balloons, ‘fire’, ice carving, water, peanuts, ribs … Read more

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Door Locks

Posted under News, Security on March 11, 2013

Fed up with worrying whether you have your keys, or are you forever losing them? We have a simple answer to that problem, Digital Door Locks! We have listed the Pro’s and Con’s to having a digital door lock – but what is a digital door lock we hear you ask, well it can be also known as a combination door lock and it allows you to enter and exit a building without the need … Read more

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10 Workplace Security Tips

Posted under News, Office, Security on March 4, 2013

10 Workplace Security Tips

Every company needs to have a security policy in place to keep employees, equipment and goods secure and safe. Having the right security measures can help prevent and deter burglars or people who intend to enter the property without permission. Security is something to always be concerned about, so take the time to carry out some security checks.

1. Check that all windows and doors are securely locked before leaving and … Read more

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Wheel clamping on private land now illegal

Posted under News, Security on October 9, 2012

Parking bollards and removeable postsUnder the Protection of Freedoms Act, it is now illegal to clamp, tow or immobilise cars parked on private land without lawful authority – anyone found breaking the law can potentially face an unlimited fine. This effectively means that clamping and towing will be restricted to the police, local authorities, the DVLA and other authorities acting in accordance with by-laws like airports and railways stations.

Other changes that have also come in from 1 October … Read more

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