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Posted on October 30, 2013

SLIMLINEKEYCAB_1_2How many times have you wandered around in an aimless attempt to search for a lost pair of car keys? You are sure you left them on the kitchen counter… Or were they in your bag? It’s something which is a commonplace situation in households up and down the UK; the mystery of missing keys. One must admit they are an easy item to misplace. One minute they are in your hand when you are locking your car or when you lock the front door of your house and then, before you know it, you have put them down somewhere or in something, but you can bet your bottom dollar that you won’t be able to remember where on earth they are.

Have you ever been in the irritating situation where you have left the house in the morning and you have unknowingly picked up the wrong set of keys? Perhaps you’ve grabbed the keys for the garden shed instead of those for the front door – which proves to be a huge problem when you try to let yourself in later that day.

Wouldn’t it be useful if there was a place where you could put all of your keys? Somewhere they would all be safe and secure and you would know exactly where they all were. Well, a key cabinet is the perfect place to store all your keys to keep them organised and categorised neatly. They also reduce the potential risk of the keys being lost or misplaced around the house or office. By investing in a trusty key cabinet, you will never face the prospect of being locked out of your own home or not being able to find the correct set of keys again.

kitchen-utensilsNot only can you use these handy key safes for keeping your keys “under lock and key”, but they are multifunctional. Instead of having your kitchen cluttered with utensils and cutlery, why not keep the tidy and hung up in a multipurpose key cabinet? Potato mashers, ladles, whisks… they are all kitchen utensils that are probably a little too big for the cutlery draw, but too small to have a cupboard of their own. By hooking them onto the key pegs in a cabinet, it lets them be stored out of the way of other kitchen equipment and appliances, giving you a tidy and neat storage system for those difficult to categorise pieces of cutlery.

Another hassle of everyday life (well, of a women’s everyday life) is when necklaces tangle themselves up. It’s a fact of life that no matter how neat and straight you lay out your jewellery it will always somehow mysteriously become tangled and knotted. Some blame it on magic, but I’ll let you decide for yourselves on that one. You can avoid this unnecessary stress by hanging all your jewellery in a key box. This way the chains of necklaces can hang loosely without becoming twisted up with one another and as a result they are less likely to break or become damaged. What a site it would be, your very own homemade chain jewellery hanging up smartly on key hooks for all to see.

Tangled-MessWhy stop at jewellery and kitchen utensils? Headphone wires are notorious for becoming knotted up, so why not hang your wires, headphones and phone charger cables on these hooks to prevent them from tangling too. Clothing accessories can also be put on these hangers to keep them ordered and stored neatly. Scarves and hats can be draped over the pegs inside the locker to store them out of the way and making them easy to find when needed.

A key safe is a household and workplace must have for people and companies with multiple sets of keys. It is designed to keep your keys locked up and safe from theft and loss. However, the inconveniences of everyday life are becoming more and more common, and a humble key cabinet could be the solution to some of these small annoyances.

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