The Age of the DIY Festival

Posted on July 11, 2013

Festival organisationThe last few years has witnessed the rise and rise of big music festivals and an explosion of 'DIY' festivals. As well as specialist and local music events there has also been growth in festivals for food, wine, beer, comedy, films, books, theatre, religion... the list goes on. Nearly every town these days has a 'festival' of some sort plus there are festivals for subjects as diverse as balloons, 'fire', ice carving, water, peanuts, ribs and oysters - over 20 Oyster festivals in the USA alone! Small, niche festivals are popping up everywhere.

There are plenty of great resources about how to organise a festival, some of which are listed at the end of this article; we wanted here to outline many of the no nonsense products that the Workplace Depot can supply the busy festival organiser.

Festival Discount Code

If you are a festival organiser you can receive a 10% discount on any item by using the FEST discount code in the shopping cart.


  • Metal Crowd Control Barrier – We stock three different types, attached or fixed leg metal crowd control barriers and Police crush control barriers
  • Plastic Chains and Posts – For directing people to certain areas - you can use plastic ground mounting posts that can simply be inserted into grass or you can use stand alone posts which either have a concrete or rubber base or are filled with water. Used with plastic chain they are quick and cost effective way to form a barrier. We are one of the UK's premier suppliers of plastic chains and post and have supplied many UK airports, hotels, golf clubs and festivals. See our guide to using plastic chain here. If you need something a bit more classy for the festival stars, we also sell VIP and delux ropes and posts.

Road access and car parks

  • Venues often have private road or tracks leading to them and you will need to use traffic calming measures. We have a range of speed bumps and speed tables and as well as a cable protector that can also be used as a temporary speed ramp as it doesn't need to be fixed to the ground.
  • Traffic barriers including cones, retractable tape barriers and barrier blanks
  • Road signs – speed restrictions, 'Stop' 'Give way' etc.

Safety and Security

  • You don't want people or vehicles damaging cables so you will need to use external cable protectors - some cable protectors can also be used to protect pipes.
  • First Aid and Medical equipment: First aid kits, blankets, Millennia back board, Wizloc neck support, fold stretchers
  • Fire Safety: Foam, Water and CO2 Fire Extinguishers, fire trolleys, fire buckets, fire blankets
  • Workwear -  Hi Viz jackets, ear protection , hard hats, gloves
  • Mirrors - These include convex mirrors (anti vandal), inspection mirrors and several types of traffic mirrors
  • Matting - Various types of PVC, slip-resistant, PVC matting

Festival sunsetTrucks and Trolleys

The Workplace Depot has one of the most extensive ranges of trucks and trolleys of any UK-based supplier. The types of moving equipment that would be the most useful at a festival include the flat bed or platform truck, 'garden' trolleys, standard sack trucks and cage carts. Depending on the size or type of festival, you may also require drum and gas cylinder trucks.


  • Litter Bins - standard external litter bins, wheelie bins, mobile skips and dump trucks
  • Litter pickers, bag hoops and brooms

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