Outdoor Cable Protector

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Robust, Reliable, Ready

  • Ultimate Cable Protection: The Outdoor Cable Protector ensures safety and organisation in high-traffic areas, ideal for construction, road works, and heavy-duty applications.
  • Robust Construction: Crafted from ultra-durable rubber, this protector stands up to significant weight and wear, ensuring long-lasting performance in demanding environments.
  • Easy Installation: This user-friendly design allows for quick setup; simply lay the ramp and position cables under the convenient hinged lid for immediate use.
  • Large Channels: Equipped with three spacious channels, each measuring 52(H) x 60(W) mm, it comfortably houses multiple cables, aiding in efficient cable management.
  • High-Visibility Design: Sporting a bright yellow and black colour scheme, this protector is easily noticeable, significantly enhancing safety by reducing tripping hazards.
  • Jigsaw-Style Connectors: The protector features versatile connectors, enabling you to link multiple ramps together for extensive coverage in varied project scopes.
  • Sloped, Non-Trip Design: Its cleverly designed sloped sides effectively minimise tripping risks, making it a safer choice for busy environments.
  • Huge Load Capacity: Boasting an impressive maximum weight capacity of 6,000kg, this cable protector is perfectly suited for handling heavy goods vehicles and equipment.
  • Comprehensive Dimensions: Measuring 900(W) x 600(D) x 75(H) mm, the unit is compact yet spacious enough to cover a wide range of cable management needs.
Outdoor Cable Protector

Safeguard Your Site 

Discover the ultimate solution in cable protection and safety with the Outdoor Cable Protector. Designed for high-traffic environments, this robust cable protector is not just a mere accessory; it’s an essential tool for maintaining order and safety in demanding areas like construction sites, road works, and heavy traffic zones. Its unparalleled durability and thoughtful design mark a new standard in cable management and site safety.

This protector isn't just tough; it's smart. With its easy installation, large channel capacity, and high-visibility design, the Outdoor Cable Protector addresses common workplace challenges head-on. Its sloped, non-trip edges and massive load capacity demonstrate a commitment to both safety and functionality. Whether it’s managing heavy goods traffic or organising multiple cables, this protector ensures a seamless and secure operational environment, making it an indispensable asset for any rigorous setting.

Unyielding Strength in Every Inch

Experience unmatched durability with the Outdoor Cable Protector, a testament to strength and endurance. Its robust construction, crafted from extremely durable rubber, is specifically designed to withstand significant weight and wear. This feature ensures that the protector remains a steadfast guardian for your cables, regardless of the rigours of industrial use or the relentless tread of heavy vehicles.

The significance of this robust construction extends beyond mere durability. It translates to a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and offering an economical solution over time. The protector’s ability to endure heavy weights means it can be reliably used in high-traffic areas, from bustling construction sites to active road works, without compromising its integrity or performance. 

Outdoor Cable Protector
Outdoor Cable Protector

Effortless Setup, Endless Convenience

Embrace simplicity with the Outdoor Cable Protector, where easy installation meets practicality. Designed for swift and hassle-free setup, this protector eliminates the complexities often associated with cable management solutions. Just lay the ramp down and run your cables under the hinged lid – it’s that simple. This feature is a boon for time-sensitive projects and dynamic work environments, where every minute counts. 

The significance of this easy installation process extends to its broader implications for efficiency and user-friendliness. Not only does it save time during the initial setup, but it also makes subsequent adjustments and maintenance a breeze. Whether it's for a temporary setup at an event or a permanent installation on a construction site, the user-friendly design of the Outdoor Cable Protector means it can be deployed by anyone, with no need for special tools or expertise. 

Outdoor Cable Protector

Overall Dimensions


Spacious and Secure

Maximise your cable management with the Outdoor Cable Protector, featuring three generously sized channels, each measuring 52(H) x 60(W) mm. This design is not just about accommodating multiple cables; it’s about providing ample space for each one, ensuring they are neatly organised and protected. The large channels are perfect for a variety of cable types and sizes, making this protector a versatile choice for diverse needs. 

The significance of these large channels goes beyond mere size. They represent a thoughtful approach to cable management, where each cable has its dedicated space, reducing tangling and friction. This organisation is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the cables over time, especially in settings where they are frequently adjusted or moved. The large channels also make it easier to identify and access individual cables, which is invaluable during troubleshooting or when changes are needed. 

Outdoor Cable Protector
Outdoor Cable Protector

Stand Out for Safety

Ensure safety is seen with the Outdoor Cable Protector's striking high-visibility design. The vibrant yellow and black colour scheme isn't just about aesthetics; it's a critical safety feature. This eye-catching combination ensures that the protector stands out in any environment, from the bustling chaos of a construction site to the organised chaos of a music festival. The high-visibility design significantly reduces the risk of tripping accidents, making it an essential feature for areas with heavy foot or vehicle traffic.

The importance of this high-visibility design extends to its role in creating a safer work environment. By clearly demarcating cable-laden areas, it alerts pedestrians and drivers alike to potential hazards, prompting them to proceed with caution. This feature is particularly beneficial in low-light conditions or in settings where attention may be divided. The bold yellow and black pattern ensures that the protector is immediately noticeable, serving as a constant reminder to maintain safety. 

Seamless Integration

Unlock limitless possibilities with the Outdoor Cable Protector's innovative jigsaw-style connectors. These connectors are ingeniously designed to link several ramps together, providing extended coverage as needed. This feature is particularly advantageous for adapting to various project sizes and spaces, offering a flexible solution that scales with your needs. 

The significance of these jigsaw-style connectors goes beyond mere extendability. They represent a commitment to versatile and adaptable cable management solutions. With these connectors, setting up a protective run for your cables becomes a customizable and modular task, tailored to the specific demands of your environment. This adaptability not only ensures a neat and tidy cable run but also enhances the overall safety of the area by eliminating gaps and discontinuities in protection.

Outdoor Cable Protector
Outdoor Cable Protector

Step Safely

Navigate with confidence thanks to the Outdoor Cable Protector's sloped, non-trip design. This innovative feature is meticulously crafted to minimise the risk of trips and falls, a common concern in busy areas with cables and equipment. The sloped sides of the protector ensure a smoother transition for both pedestrians and vehicles, seamlessly integrating into any environment. 

The importance of this sloped design extends beyond its immediate safety benefits. It reflects a deep understanding of everyday practicalities in diverse settings. Whether it's in a high-traffic commercial area, a bustling construction site, or a temporary outdoor event, the non-trip feature significantly reduces the likelihood of accidents. This thoughtful design not only promotes a safer environment but also enhances the overall functionality of the space. 

Powerhouse Protection

Embrace unparalleled strength with the Outdoor Cable Protector, boasting a massive load capacity of 6,000kg. This feature is a game-changer for environments where heavy machinery, vehicles, and equipment are in constant motion. The ability to withstand such substantial weight ensures that the protector remains intact and functional under the most demanding conditions, offering consistent protection to the cables it houses. 

This impressive load-bearing capability is crucial for industrial, construction, and event settings. It guarantees that regardless of the weight and frequency of the traffic over the protector, your cables are securely shielded. This capacity not only extends the life of the protector but also significantly reduces the risk of cable damage due to compression or heavy impact. The result is a safer, more efficient operational environment, where the focus can remain on the task at hand, not on the integrity of your cable protection system.

Outdoor Cable Protector

Item Information

  • Robust rubber construction, withstands heavy wear and significant weight.
  • Quick, easy installation; just lay ramp, place cables under hinged lid.
  • Features three large channels, each 52(H) x 60(W) mm.
  • High-visibility design in yellow and black for enhanced safety.
  • Equipped with jigsaw-style connectors for extended, customizable coverage.
  • Sloped, anti-trip design minimises risk of trips and falls.
  • Exceptional load capacity, supports up to 6,000kg.
  • Overall dimensions: 900(W) x 600(D) x 75(H) mm.
  • Unit weighs 24kg, ensuring stability without extra fixings.
  • Speed limit advised around protector is 5-10 mph.
  • Suitable for heavy traffic areas, construction sites, road works.
  • Includes fixing holes for optional permanent installation.
Outdoor Cable Protector

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Outdoor Cable Protector

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Outdoor Cable Protector
Outdoor Cable Protector

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