Pedestrian Cable Cover

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Tread Lightly, Secure Tightly

  • Safeguard in Style: Pedestrian Cable Cover - Your go-to solution for protecting cables in high foot-traffic areas, suitable for events, construction sites, and public spaces.
  • Robust Cable Protection: This cover shields your cables effectively from the wear and tear of pedestrian traffic, ensuring cable safety and integrity.
  • Built to Endure: Featuring a heavy-duty rubber base and a robust plastic lid, it's designed to withstand the rigours of daily use in busy environments.
  • Accessibility Redefined: Equipped with a yellow, easy-to-use hinged lid, this cover allows for quick and convenient access to cables whenever needed.
  • Dual Channel Design: Offers two separate channels, each measuring 32(H) x 32(W) mm, providing ample space for a variety of cable types and sizes.
  • Innovative Sloped Design: Its unique non-trip sloped design significantly reduces the risk of trips and falls, enhancing safety in high-traffic areas.
  • Unparalleled Visibility: The bright yellow design ensures the cover is easily noticeable, improving safety and reducing the likelihood of accidents.
  • Seamless Integration: Jigsaw connectors enable easy chaining of multiple covers, allowing for versatile configurations and extended cable protection.
  • Compact and Practical: With dimensions of 45(H) x 990(L) x 245(D) mm, it's the ideal size for effective cable protection without being obtrusive.
Pedestrian Cable Cover

Step Safely 

In a world where safety and efficiency are paramount, the Pedestrian Cable Cover emerges as a groundbreaking solution. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this cover not only protects cables from pedestrian-induced wear and tear but also significantly elevates safety standards in high-footfall areas. Its innovative design is a testament to a commitment towards providing a seamless blend of durability, visibility, and practicality.

The Pedestrian Cable Cover is more than just a functional item; it's an essential asset for any location bustling with activity. Its robust construction and high-visibility design ensure that both cables and pedestrians are safeguarded against potential hazards. Whether it's a busy construction site, a vibrant outdoor event, or a public space prone to heavy foot traffic, this cover stands as a beacon of reliability and safety, proving indispensable in a multitude of environments.

Built to Last

Experience unmatched durability with the Pedestrian Cable Cover, a testament to robust construction designed to stand the test of time. At its core lies a heavy-duty rubber base, meticulously engineered to absorb the rigours of constant pedestrian traffic. This resilient foundation not only provides unparalleled protection for underlying cables but also ensures the cover remains steadfast in its position, regardless of the hustle and bustle above.

Capping this rugged base is a robust plastic lid, a critical component in the cover's design. This lid is crafted from high-grade materials, chosen for their ability to resist wear and tear, and maintain structural integrity even in challenging environments. Together, the heavy-duty rubber and sturdy plastic form a formidable barrier against external elements, safeguarding your cables while promising long-term performance and reliability. 

Pedestrian Cable Cover
Pedestrian Cable Cover

Hassle-Free Access

Unlock the ease of cable management with the Pedestrian Cable Cover's innovative hinged lid design. This feature is the epitome of convenience, offering effortless access to cables whenever necessary. The lid, crafted in a striking yellow plastic, is not just visually appealing but functionally superior. It ensures that adding, removing, or adjusting cables is a breeze, saving time and reducing the hassle typically associated with cable protection solutions.

The significance of this easy-to-use lid extends beyond mere accessibility. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of your cable setup, allowing for quick inspections and adjustments without the need to dismantle the entire setup. This design consideration is particularly beneficial in dynamic environments like construction sites or event venues, where time is of the essence, and efficiency is paramount. 

Pedestrian Cable Cover

Overall Dimensions

LengthLength990 mm
HeightHeight45 mm
WidthDepth245 mm
WidthLid Depth82 mm
DepthFixing Depth25 mm
WidthFixing Width16 mm
Width / HeightChannel Aperture32 x 32 mm
WeightWeight6.4 kg

Step Safely

Elevate safety standards with the Pedestrian Cable Cover, ingeniously designed with a non-trip sloped design to minimise hazards in high-traffic areas. This thoughtful feature is a game-changer, addressing one of the most common issues in cable management – the risk of tripping. The sloped edges of the cover smoothly blend with the ground, creating a gentle incline that significantly reduces the likelihood of accidents, making it a vital addition to any public space or work environment.

The significance of this design goes beyond mere functionality; it reflects a deep understanding of everyday challenges in busy settings. By integrating a sloped profile, the cable cover ensures a seamless transition for pedestrians, wheelchairs, and carts over the cables, thereby maintaining the flow of traffic without compromising safety. This feature is especially crucial in places like event venues, offices, and construction sites, where the prevention of trip hazards is paramount. 

Pedestrian Cable Cover
Pedestrian Cable Cover

Dual-Channel Flexibility

Embrace versatility with the Pedestrian Cable Covers multiple channels, a feature designed to meet the diverse needs of modern cable management. Each cover is equipped with two channels, each measuring 32mm in height and width, providing ample space for different types and sizes of cables. This dual-channel design not only offers greater capacity but also allows for organised separation of cables, ensuring that each one is neatly and securely housed.

The strategic dimension of these channels plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall functionality of the cable cover. They are optimally sized to accommodate a variety of cables, from power cords and data cables to hoses and small tubes. This versatility makes the cover an ideal solution for a wide range of settings, from bustling construction sites to intricate setups at outdoor events. 

See the Difference

Make safety unmistakable with the Pedestrian Cable Cover, brilliantly designed in a high-visibility bright yellow. This standout feature is not just about aesthetics; it's a critical safety measure. The vibrant yellow hue ensures that the cable cover is easily spotted, reducing the risk of trips and falls, especially in bustling environments. This high-visibility aspect is particularly vital in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic or in conditions with reduced visibility, like dimly lit corridors or during evening outdoor events.

The importance of this high-visibility design extends to its role in signalling caution in work zones and public areas. It serves as an intuitive alert to pedestrians, guiding their steps safely around or over the cable cover. This feature is especially beneficial in maintaining a safe environment in construction sites, public events, and office spaces. 

Pedestrian Cable Cover
Pedestrian Cable Cover

Connect with Ease

Transform your cable management with the Pedestrian Cable Cover's innovative jigsaw connectors, a feature designed for effortless scalability and adaptability. These connectors allow you to seamlessly chain multiple covers together, creating a continuous line of protection that can be as long as needed. This interlocking system is not only intuitive but also ensures a stable and secure connection between each unit, providing a unified and reliable cable protection solution.

The practicality of these jigsaw connectors cannot be overstated. They are pivotal in accommodating varying lengths and configurations, making the cover highly versatile for different settings and requirements. Whether it's winding around corners, stretching across lengthy corridors, or spanning large open areas, these connectors ensure that your cable cover arrangement is customised to your specific needs. 

Item Information

  • Cable Protector designed for pedestrian traffic areas, not for vehicles.
  • Features two cable channels, each measuring 32mm in height and width.
  • Heavy-duty rubber base combined with a sturdy, robust plastic lid.
  • Easy-to-use, bright yellow hinged lid for simple cable access.
  • Non-trip, sloped edges minimise tripping hazards in high-traffic areas.
  • High visibility yellow colour for easy spotting and enhanced safety.
  • Jigsaw connectors enable chaining multiple covers for extended coverage.
  • Unit dimensions: 45mm height, 990mm length, 245mm depth.
  • Weighs 6.4kg, stable without needing ground fixings.
  • Constructed from durable heavy-duty rubber and plastic materials.
  • Not suitable for vehicular traffic, exclusively designed for footpaths.
  • Jigsaw connectivity allows for versatile and adaptable cable protection arrangements.
Pedestrian Cable Cover

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Pedestrian Cable Cover

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Pedestrian Cable Cover
Pedestrian Cable Cover

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