Universal Column Protector

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Item Information

  • Plastic column protector
  • Suitable for square and rectangular shaped columns 200 - 700mm
  • Air cushioned to reduce vehicle damage
  • Supplied in 4 sections with plastic cross members that can be cut to fit on site
  • Weight 16kgs


What is the purpose of a Universal Column Protector?

A universal column protector is a tool used to wrap around columns, pillars or racking in warehouses and other industrial areas. In an area where there are a number of columns present, it is necessary to provide protection around them. Using column protection reduces the damage caused to the pillar if a vehicle, such as a forklift truck, collides or scrapes part of the structure. Similarly, the column protector will keep the driver of the moving vehicle safe from harm if accidental contact is made with the racking whilst moving around the space. The air cushion adds to the protection given and prevents serious injury. By having a universal column protector around a pillar or post then the building and structure is kept safe and secure, which is essential for any building complying with basic health and safety guidelines.

Where can a Universal Column Protector be used?

A universal column protector can be used anywhere where there are columns and racking present. Also, they are ideally suited for spaces which see moving vehicles or objects passing through them frequently. Car parks are examples of this, where cars need to manoeuvre around posts to find spaces or to leave the area safely without damage. This would be made easier and the drivers and their vehicles would face less risk of harm if column protectors are in place. They are predominantly an industrial item and so they are commonly used in a warehouse or other industrial workplace. Warehouses are often where forklift trucks operate and where trucks and trolleys are moved around to transport stock. With the regular movement of vehicles it is important to protect the structural features of the building, such as pillars or columns. The universal column protector is suitable for square and rectangular shaped columns due to its shape.

Product Specification:

The universal column protector is supplied in four sections which can fit around square and rectangular columns. The sections have two thick outer edges with three slimmer bands running across the centre and between the two larger edges. The plastic cross members mentioned can be cut to size on site so that they fit in any space. The size of column which these column guards can protect is between 200mm and 700mm. The product weighs 16 kilograms. The dimensions of the universal column protector are the following: 1000mm high x 200-700mm wide. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one year guarantee on all parts and labour.


  Warranty: 1 year parts / labour

Features Protection
Height (mm) 1000
Material Plastic
Weight (kg) 16
Delivery Time 5 working days
Warranty 1 year parts / labour


1 year parts / labour

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