Walkway Barriers

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Stand Strong, Shine Bright

  • Safety Redefined: Walkway Barriers, designed for diverse environments, enhance pedestrian safety in high-traffic and vehicle-operated areas.
  • Versatile Protection: Our barriers safeguard pedestrians from potential hazards, ensuring safety in various settings, from warehouses to busy walkways.
  • Robust and Reliable: Crafted from 1.5mm mild steel tubing with a 40mm diameter, these barriers are built to withstand the rigours of daily use.
  • Collision-Resistant: Engineered to endure heavy use and collisions, providing a dependable shield in bustling environments.
  • Weatherproof Strength: Featuring rust-proof and impact-resistant construction, complete with a protective powder coating for all-weather resilience.
  • Strikingly Visible: Finished in a highly visible yellow powder, these barriers stand out, ensuring clear visibility for enhanced safety.
  • Unwavering Stability: A heavy-duty unit weighing 6.9kg, designed to maintain stability in a variety of settings, ensuring consistent protection.
  • Installation Made Simple: Includes a flanged footplate and compatible fixing bolts, facilitating hassle-free surface mounting.
  • Optimal Dimensions: Measuring 1020(H) x 1105(W) x 150(D) mm, these barriers offer the perfect balance of size and functionality for diverse safety needs.
Walkway Barriers

The Ultimate Guard in Pedestrian Safety

In the bustling corridors of modern workplaces, where the harmony of pedestrian and vehicular movement is crucial, Walkway Barriers emerge as a beacon of safety and reliability. Melding robust design with high functionality, these barriers are not just equipment; they're a commitment to safeguarding lives in diverse environments. From factories to commercial spaces, Walkway Barriers are synonymous with trusted protection.

Each aspect of the Walkway Barriers is tailored for resilience and visibility. Constructed from durable mild steel and coated in vibrant yellow, they are a visible reminder of safety, effectively minimising risks in busy areas. They embody a perfect fusion of strength, stability, and simplicity, ensuring they not only withstand the rigours of daily use but also enhance the safety and aesthetic of any workspace. With Walkway Barriers, users experience an unmatched sense of security and peace of mind.

Versatile Use

In an era where the safety of pedestrians intersects with a myriad of environments, the Walkway Barriers stand out as a versatile solution. Designed to cater to a range of settings, from bustling warehouses to busy public walkways, these barriers are the embodiment of adaptability. Their primary purpose is clear and consistent: to offer unwavering protection against a variety of hazards that pedestrians face in their daily environments.

What sets these barriers apart is their ability to blend seamlessly into different landscapes while upholding the highest safety standards. Whether it's delineating safe walkways in industrial areas or managing foot traffic in commercial spaces, they serve as a reliable guardian. This versatility not only enhances the safety of the areas they are used in but also ensures that they are a practical and essential addition to any space prioritising pedestrian well-being. 

Walkway Barriers
Walkway Barriers

Robust Construction

At the heart of Walkway Barriers lies their robust construction, a testament to their commitment to long-lasting safety. Made from 1.5mm mild steel tubing with a substantial 40mm diameter, these barriers are engineered to endure. This robust build is not just about strength; it's about providing a dependable line of defence in areas where the safety of pedestrians is paramount.

This meticulous construction ensures that the barriers can withstand not only the test of time but also the daily challenges they face in high-traffic areas. Whether it’s the constant exposure to the elements or the occasional impact from vehicles and equipment, these barriers maintain their integrity and function. This kind of resilience is crucial in creating a safe environment, where the focus is on preventing accidents and ensuring uninterrupted workflow. 

Walkway Barriers

Overall Dimensions


Impact Resilience

In the dynamic environments where Walkway Barriers are deployed, their ability to withstand the unforeseen is not just a feature, it's a necessity. Crafted with impact resilience at their core, these barriers are more than capable of absorbing the brunt of collisions and the wear of heavy use. This resilience is a key factor in their design, ensuring that they remain steadfast and effective, even in the most challenging conditions.

The significance of this feature cannot be overstated. In areas where the interaction between pedestrians and vehicles is a constant, the risk of accidental impacts looms large. Walkway Barriers serve as a robust shield, mitigating the effects of such incidents and maintaining their structural integrity over time. This enduring resilience not only provides continuous protection but also translates to reduced maintenance and replacement costs, making them a wise, long-term investment in safety. .

Walkway Barriers
Walkway Barriers

Striking Visibility

In the realm of safety, visibility is paramount, and this is where the Walkway Barriers truly shine. Coated in a highly visible yellow powder, these barriers are designed to stand out, ensuring they are noticed in even the busiest of environments. This vibrant visibility is not just about catching the eye; it’s a proactive safety measure, alerting pedestrians and vehicle operators to the presence of a safe boundary.

The significance of this high-visibility feature is twofold. Firstly, it acts as an immediate visual cue, promoting awareness and caution in areas prone to high traffic or potential hazards. Secondly, in low light or challenging weather conditions, the bright yellow hue of these barriers remains distinctly noticeable, providing consistent safety assurance. This level of visibility is crucial in preventing accidents and ensuring a safer environment for everyone.

Anchored in Safety

In the world of safety barriers, stability is not just a feature; it's a fundamental requirement. The Walkway Barriers are a testament to this principle, with a heavy-duty design that weighs a substantial 6.9kg. This weight is not merely about robustness; it's a deliberate choice to ensure that the barriers remain steadfast, providing unwavering protection in a variety of environments. Whether in a bustling warehouse or a windy outdoor setting, these barriers stand their ground, offering reliable safety without compromise.

The significance of this stable design goes beyond just staying upright. It ensures that the barriers can withstand not only the physical demands of high-traffic areas but also the unexpected nudges and impacts that come with such territories. The weight and build of these barriers offer a peace of mind that is invaluable in safety-critical areas. They don’t just mark boundaries; they define a zone of safety, reassuring those within its confines.

Walkway Barriers
Walkway Barriers

Weather Resistant

In the ever-changing climates of outdoor and industrial environments, the Walkway Barriers stand resilient, thanks to their exceptional weather resistance. Coated with a protective layer that is both rust-proof and impact-resistant, these barriers are designed to face the elements with unwavering strength. This protective powder coating not only shields them from corrosion but also ensures that their structural integrity remains uncompromised over time.

The significance of this weather resistance extends beyond mere durability. It ensures that the barriers retain their high visibility and functional effectiveness regardless of the weather conditions they are exposed to. Be it rain, snow, or the scorching sun, the barriers continue to provide a reliable safety solution, maintaining their aesthetic appeal and protective qualities. This feature is particularly crucial for outdoor applications, where consistent performance is key to ensuring ongoing pedestrian safety. 

Effortless Setup

The ease of installation is a crucial aspect of any safety equipment, and the Walkway Barriers excel in this regard. Each barrier comes equipped with a flanged footplate and compatible fixing bolts, specifically designed for hassle-free surface mounting. This feature is not just about making the installation process simpler; it's about ensuring that safety is quickly and efficiently established in any required area.

The significance of easy installation extends to maintenance and flexibility as well. Facility managers and safety officers can confidently rearrange or add barriers as needed without the need for specialised tools or extensive labour. This adaptability is key in responding to evolving safety needs, allowing for the reconfiguration of spaces while maintaining consistent safety standards. The Walkway Barriers, with their user-friendly installation, are more than just safety equipment; they are a dynamic safety solution.

Walkway Barriers

Item Information

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for pedestrian safety in varied environments.
  • Robust Construction: Made from 1.5mm mild steel tubing, 40mm diameter.
  • Impact Resilience: Designed for heavy use and collision resistance.
  • Weather Resistant: Rust-proof, impact-resistant with protective powder coating.
  • Stable Design: Heavy-duty, weighs 6.9kg for assured stability.
  • Easy Installation: Flanged footplate and bolts included for surface mounting.
  • Dimensions: Measures 1020(H) x 1105(W) x 150(D) mm.
  • Material: Durable 1.5mm Mild Steel Tubing construction.
  • Weight: Total unit weight of 6.9kg for robust stability.
  • Colour: High visibility yellow for enhanced safety awareness.
  • Finish: High-quality powder coating for longevity and protection.
  • Footplate: 150mm x 150mm x 5mm flanged for easy install.
Walkway Barriers

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Walkway Barriers

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Walkway Barriers
Walkway Barriers

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