Heavy Duty Rack End Protector
Heavy Duty Rack End Protector
Heavy Duty Rack End Protector
Heavy Duty Rack End Protector
Heavy Duty Rack End Protector
Heavy Duty Rack End Protector

Heavy Duty Rack End Protector

  • Protects pallet racking from collision damage 
  • Supports 5mm steel, drop in beam 3mm 
  • Steel painted RAL1004 finish 
  • Use M12 100mm fixing bolts (4 per plate) 
5-10 working days


5-10 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: PA-REP-0900 Length (mm): 900 Price: £103.00 £100.94
Code: PA-REP-1100 Length (mm): 1100 Price: £111.00 £108.78
Code: PA-REP-2000 Length (mm): 2000 Price: £146.00 £143.08
Code: PA-REP-2400 Length (mm): 2400 Price: £155.00 £151.90

Heavy Duty Rack End Protector

What Is the Purpose of the Heavy Duty Rack End Protector?

How devastating it would be to have your warehouse show up on one of those home video shows where an entire racking system collapses like a stack of dominoes? Imagine the loss of stock and the cost of replacement if that occurred from one bump from a truck or forklift. That can be prevented by taking some precautionary steps. One of the first steps is to protect your racking with this heavy duty rack end protector. One of the most vulnerable parts of the rack is the end where forklifts turn and manoeuvre around. This heavy duty rack end protector acts as a floor-mounted shield that provides an effective defence against accidents.

The 5mm support corners provide room for a 3mm beam that sits there, ready to absorb the impact from any errant vehicle. It’s set far enough from the rack that no impact is transferred to the racking, while it also sits close enough to the rack to not take up room from your floor. You can choose the length required to suit your racking system with lengths available from 900mm to 2400mm.

Where Can This Product Be Used?

This works in any warehouse setting where racking shelves hold stock and products. If you need to protect your inventory, these rack end protectors give you security against the impact on those racks. It can be used in warehouses, shipping centres, fulfilment centres and anywhere else that shelves are at risk. It suits indoor and outdoor use and mounts to any flooring system.

Who Might Use This Product?

Forklift drivers know that they aren’t always perfect, so they will use the rack end protector to give them a boost of security. Any manager or owner looking to invest in protection of stock should install this protector as well.

Heavy Duty Rack End Protector Specifications

  • Lengths available to suit any type of rack end from 900mm, 1100mm, 2000mmm and 2400mm.

  • 5mm steel frame supports drop-in plate of 3mm thick steel plate.

  • Mounted to the floor with sturdy M12 100mm fixing bolts or lag bolts.

  • Powder coated paint finish to look clean and protect the metal from decay.

  • Best used on conjunction with upright protectors and corner guards

  • 1 year warranty is provided with every sale for all the parts and labour.

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