5L Pedal Bin

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Item Information

  • Crafted from high-quality Stainless Steel 430, ensuring a durable, rust-proof and easy-to-clean finish
  • Featuring a foot pedal operation, ensuring a sanitary waste disposal experience every time
  • The soft-closing lid mechanism guarantees a silent, smooth operation, eliminating jarring noises
  • An inner bag ring and removable bucket combine seamlessly, offering quick, fuss-free cleaning
  • Boasting a slim profile, it's perfectly sized for tight spaces, blending functionality with compactness
  • Equipped with a skid-resistant base, the bin remains rooted in place, enhancing stability
  • Odour-proof and hygienic, the tight-sealing lid ensures scents and bacteria stay trapped inside
  • A no-bend, foot-pedal design paired with a sleek, anti-fingerprint finish
  • Despite its petite 5L size, it promises the robustness and feature-richness of larger bins
  • The bin's minimalist design offers seamless integration into kitchens, bathrooms, and workspaces alike
  • 5L volume, standing 300mm tall with a 250mm diameter, compactly designed


Elevate Your Disposal

Introducing a blend of impeccable design and unmatched functionality: the 5L Pedal Bin. Crafted from premium Stainless Steel 430, this waste bin promises durability, elegance, and an effortless waste management experience in one compact package. Its rust-resistant finish ensures it remains a stylish addition to any room, year after year.

With its hands-free operation and odour-locking capabilities, this bin champions hygiene without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Its soft-closing lid and space-efficient design make it a versatile choice for tight spaces, ensuring you never have to compromise on quality, no matter the size of your room. Experience the perfect fusion of form and function with the 5L Pedal Bin.

Rust-Proof Perfection

Meet the pinnacle of durability with our 5L Pedal Bin, masterfully crafted from the finest Stainless Steel 430. This rust-proof marvel ensures that the pristine sheen of the bin remains untarnished over time, creating not just a functional piece but an everlasting addition to your décor. Its robust construction promises a lifespan that's leagues ahead of conventional bins, making it a worthy investment for any home or office.

Moreover, the rust-proof material isn't just about longevity; it's about effortless maintenance. The stainless steel finish repels water and moisture, making the bin easy to wipe down and maintain. This ensures that it remains clean and hygienic, adding a touch of class while simplifying your cleaning routine. With the 5L Pedal Bin, you get a combination of enduring beauty and low-maintenance elegance.

Hands-Free Brilliance

Unlock a world of effortless waste disposal with the foot pedal operation of the 5L Pedal Bin. Engineered with precision, the foot pedal provides an intuitive mechanism, allowing for a seamless, hands-free bin access. This feature not only prioritises convenience but also redefines the meaning of an uncomplicated disposal experience, eliminating the need for manual lid lifting or bending.

The significance of a hands-free operation transcends convenience; it's a beacon of hygiene. By reducing direct hand contact with the bin, the spread of germs and bacteria is significantly curtailed, making your waste disposal process as sanitary as possible. This feature is especially vital in areas like kitchens or bathrooms, where hygiene is paramount. Embrace a cleaner, more refined disposal method with the foot pedal operation of the 5L Pedal Bin.

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For us, every transaction is a promise—a promise of unmatched speed, service, and satisfaction. Residents of mainland Great Britain, rejoice in the luxury of instant gratification. With our swift next-day delivery, transform your spaces with the 5L Pedal Bin sooner than you'd expect. Make your purchase, and let us handle the clockwork precision of delivering delight.

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  Warranty: 1 year parts / labour

Print Datasheet BIN-11
Height (mm) 300
Width (mm) 250
Length (mm) 250
Diameter (mm) 250
Weight (kg) 1.4
Capacity (kg) 5
Colour Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Delivery Time Next Day
Warranty 1 year parts / labour


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