Sleeping Policeman

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Item Information

  • You can reduce vehicle speed and protect your cabling with these highly versatile sleeping policeman
  • Effective solution to reduce vehicle speed, they lower traffic speed to approximately 10-15mph
  • Highly visible yellow and black striped design ensures the ramp is always easy to see
  • Simply lay it on the ground for an instant temporary speed reduction measure
  • Product can be used with or without supplied fixing bolts
  • For a permanent solution, you can bolt down with supplied tarmac and concrete compatible fixings
  • Comes in to it's own when you need to run cables across a road or path used by vehicles
  • Ramp has two channels underneath which cables can run through
  • 35(W) x 25(H) mm channels protect cables that otherwise would be open to damage from vehicles
  • Ramp has a huge maximum weight capacity of 20,000kg
  • You can easily lay several ramps together to make longer runs
  • The ramp is 55m high at the highest point and 300mm deep
  • Item is ready for free, next day shipping to postcodes in mainland Great Britain


Our sleeping policeman is a complete solution for both cable and speed management. Lay it on the ground for an instant temporary control measure. For permanent installation, bolt it to the ground with our concrete and tarmac compatible fixing bolts. We supply this product as a 6ft unit.

There are two cable channels on the underside of this product to protect external cables. This makes it a popular choice for warehouses, construction and industrial sites. It's also useful for festivals and concerts, car parks. It is also a favourite of hire companies as at the end of a contract, the unit can moved to the next venue.

What is the Purpose of Sleeping Policeman?

At venues, warehouses and work sites there are often cables running around the floor. Some cables may have to run across roads or paths meant for vehicles. It's recommended that these cables should have protection. The protection should also stop vehicles running over the cables at high speeds. This product is a one-stop solution for both these needs. The sleeping policeman's shape handles the speed control aspect. Underneath, the cable channels protect cables that may be otherwise open to damage.

Where Might You Use a Sleeping Policeman?

This product is great for places where cables run across roads or paths used by vehicles. Temporary set-ups such as open-air concerts, industrial areas and construction sites. Permanent installations are often in car parks and warehouses. The 6-foot piece can lay across the road over the running cables as is, or can fix to concrete or tarmac surfaces. The sleeping policeman is ideal where cable damage from vehicles is likely.

Who Might Use This Product?

Construction crews find this an effective way to slow down vehicles on site. It will also protect cables running across roads to a site. Concert and festival organisers will also find them handy to protect expensive cables. Vehicles have to slow down for safety reasons. After an event, they get picked up and transported for use elsewhere. Parking areas or warehouses will find sleeping policeman useful as they can fix to concrete and tarmac.

Product Specifications

Made from heavy-duty moulded rubber this product weighs 22kg per 6-foot (1830mm) section. The ramp is 45mm high at the middle point, and 300mm wide. You can use this product with or without fixing bolts. It's finished in bold yellow and black stripes for a high level of visibility. The underside contains two cable channels through which cables can run. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one-year warranty on all parts and labour. Our sleeping policeman complies with all local council and government regulative requirements. This product will ensure the safety of your visitors, customers and staff.

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  Warranty: 1 year parts / labour

Capacity (kg) 20000
Colour Black/Yellow
Commodity Code 4016999790
Depth (mm) 300
Height (mm) 45
Lowered Height (mm) 22
Material Rubber
Weight (kg) 22
Width (mm) 1830
Delivery Time Next Day
Warranty 1 year parts / labour


1 year parts / labour

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