Rubber Sleeping Policeman

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Bold Stripes, Silent Nights

  • Revolutionary Road Safety: The Rubber Sleeping Policeman, a breakthrough in traffic calming, enhances safety in car parks, construction zones, and residential areas.
  • Safe Speed Reduction: Expertly designed to reduce traffic speed to 10-15 mph, this ramp is essential for preventing accidents and ensuring pedestrian safety.
  • Noise Reduction: Featuring quieter operation than concrete ramps, it's the perfect solution for maintaining peace in residential neighbourhoods and noise-sensitive areas.
  • Vibrant Color Design: Its striking yellow and black pattern offers superior visibility, ensuring drivers spot it easily day and night for enhanced safety.
  • High Weight Capacity: Robust enough to support up to 20,000kg, this speed bump is ideal for heavy vehicles, including HGVs, ensuring versatile application.
  • Eco-Friendly Build: Made from durable, recycled rubber, this speed ramp is not only tough and long-lasting but also a responsible environmental choice.
  • Simple Installation: This ramp includes concrete and tarmac fixing bolts, making installation quick and hassle-free, perfect for busy areas needing fast solutions.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Each kit contains two middle pieces and four end pieces, allowing for the creation of two separate speed bumps, adaptable to various settings.
  • Optimal Dimensions: Measuring 1295 mm in width, 300mm in depth, and 45mm in height, each ramp is perfectly sized for effective speed control in diverse locations.
Rubber Sleeping Policeman

Safe Streets, Quiet Nights

Meet the Rubber Sleeping Policeman, a revolutionary speed control solution designed to make your streets safer and your nights quieter. This innovative speed ramp, made from durable, recycled rubber, not only ensures a drastic reduction in vehicular speed to a safe 10-15 mph but also demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability. It's the perfect blend of safety, responsibility, and durability, catering to both residential areas and high-traffic zones.

What sets the Rubber Sleeping Policeman apart is its exceptional blend of features designed for modern-day challenges. Its noise reduction capability makes it a neighbourhood-friendly choice, significantly minimising the disruption often associated with traditional concrete speed bumps. Moreover, its striking yellow and black design ensures high visibility under all lighting conditions, enhancing safety around the clock. 

Harness Speed, Enhance Safety

Experience unmatched road safety with the Rubber Sleeping Policeman's Safe Speed Reduction feature. Engineered to proficiently slow down traffic to a manageable 10-15 mph, this innovative speed bump is a game-changer in accident prevention and pedestrian safety. Its strategic design works effectively in various settings - from bustling car parks to serene residential streets, ensuring a safer environment for everyone.

This feature is not just about controlling speed; it's about creating a culture of safety and mindfulness on the roads. By compelling drivers to reduce their speed, the Rubber Sleeping Policeman significantly lowers the risk of accidents, especially in zones frequented by children, elderly pedestrians, or construction workers. Its presence serves as a constant reminder for drivers to be cautious, making it an essential tool in the pursuit of safer communities and peace of mind for all.

Rubber Sleeping Policeman
Rubber Sleeping Policeman

Silent Guardian

Step into a world where road safety and tranquillity coexist, thanks to the Rubber Sleeping Policeman's groundbreaking Noise Reduction feature. Unlike traditional concrete speed bumps, this innovative ramp is designed to minimise noise, making it a perfect fit for residential areas. Its unique construction from recycled rubber not only slows down vehicles effectively but does so with significantly less noise. This feature ensures that while safety is enhanced, the peace of the neighbourhood is preserved.

The significance of this quieter operation extends beyond mere comfort; it represents a new standard in community-friendly traffic control. In areas where noise pollution is a concern, such as near schools, hospitals, or residential complexes, the Rubber Sleeping Policeman proves to be an invaluable asset. By reducing noise, it contributes to a more serene environment, enhancing the quality of life for residents and fostering a more harmonious relationship between roadways and community spaces.

Rubber Sleeping Policeman

Overall Dimensions


Strength to Support

The Rubber Sleeping Policeman is not just about controlling speed; it's a robust solution capable of withstanding the demands of heavy traffic. With an impressive weight capacity of up to 20,000kg, this speed bump is engineered to handle the load of heavy vehicles like HGVs without compromise. This strength is a testament to its superior design and construction, ensuring that it maintains its form and function even under the weight of the heaviest vehicles. 

The high weight capacity of this speed bump signifies its suitability for a broad range of applications. Whether it's a busy logistics hub or a bustling retail park, the Rubber Sleeping Policeman ensures safety without the worry of wear and tear from heavy vehicle traffic. This durability not only guarantees long-term performance but also provides peace of mind to facility managers and urban planners. It's a resilient, reliable, and necessary tool for areas where both safety and heavy-duty traffic management are top priorities.

Rubber Sleeping Policeman
Rubber Sleeping Policeman

Control Traffic

In the realm of road safety, visibility is paramount, and the Rubber Sleeping Policeman's colour design epitomises this principle. The ramp's striking yellow and black pattern is not just a style choice; it's a vital safety feature. This high-contrast design ensures that the speed bump is easily noticeable at any time of day or under any weather conditions. Especially at night, when visibility is critical, this vibrant pattern stands out, alerting drivers well in advance.

The importance of this feature extends to all areas where the speed bump is deployed. Whether it's a busy parking lot, a school zone, or a residential street, the distinct color design significantly reduces the risk of accidents by catching the attention of drivers promptly. It's a simple yet effective way to enhance road safety, making the Rubber Sleeping Policeman an essential addition to any area where people and vehicles coexist. 

Eco-Friendly Durability

In a world where sustainability is increasingly crucial, the Rubber Sleeping Policeman sets a new standard with its recycled rubber construction. This isn't just about using eco-friendly materials; it's about combining environmental responsibility with exceptional durability. The recycled rubber material is not only tough and long-lasting but also contributes to waste reduction. By choosing this product, users are not only opting for a high-quality speed bump but also making a positive impact on the environment.

The significance of this recycled rubber construction goes beyond its green credentials. It translates into a product that's resilient against wear and tear, weather-resistant, and capable of delivering consistent performance over time. This durability is especially important in areas with high traffic volume, ensuring that the speed bump remains effective without frequent replacements or maintenance. 

Rubber Sleeping Policeman
Rubber Sleeping Policeman

Simplicity Meets Efficiency

The Rubber Sleeping Policeman revolutionises traffic management solutions with its incredibly easy installation process. This speed bump comes equipped with all necessary hardware, including concrete and tarmac fixing bolts, ensuring a hassle-free setup. The quick installation feature is a significant boon, particularly for busy areas where time is of the essence. It means that enhancing safety on your roads doesn't have to be a time-consuming or complex task.

The ease of installation of this speed bump extends its appeal beyond traditional settings. It's an ideal choice for temporary setups, like construction sites or event venues, where quick deployment and removal are vital. Moreover, this feature minimises the need for professional installation services, reducing overall costs and allowing for more flexibility in terms of placement and adjustment. 

Flexible Design, Tailored Safety

The Rubber Sleeping Policeman is more than just a speed bump; it's a versatile traffic calming solution tailored to meet diverse needs. The kit's composition, including two middle pieces and four end pieces, allows for the creation of two separate speed bumps. This modular design offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling users to customise the length and configuration to suit specific road widths and traffic conditions. 

The significance of this adaptable kit composition cannot be overstated. It empowers users to implement traffic calming measures in a variety of environments, from residential neighbourhoods to commercial complexes. The ability to create two separate speed bumps from one kit also offers cost-effectiveness and convenience, reducing the need for multiple purchases. 

Rubber Sleeping Policeman

Item Information

  • Speed reduction to 10-15 mph for enhanced road safety.

  • Quieter operation than concrete, ideal for residential areas.

  • Highly visible yellow and black pattern for day/night spotting.

  • Supports heavy vehicles, with a 20,000kg weight capacity.

  • Made from durable, recycled rubber for sustainability.

  • Easy installation with included concrete and tarmac bolts.

  • Kit includes two middle pieces, four end pieces.

  • Dimensions: 1295(W) x 300(D) x 45(H) mm per ramp.

  • Designed for clear visibility in all lighting conditions.

  • Suitable for car parks, construction zones, heavy traffic areas.

  • Modular design allows flexible placement and configuration.

  • Meets UK government standards for safety and compliance.

Rubber Sleeping Policeman

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Rubber Sleeping Policeman

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Rubber Sleeping Policeman
Rubber Sleeping Policeman

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