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Safety Cone Kit And Accessories

Cone and belt barriers - Accessories Available

Cone and belt barriers - Accessories Available

Safety Cone Available Sign


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Item Information

  • This product has a high visibility with the bright yellow hazard protection system
  • Effective communication with the multilingual warning messages
  • Cone and belt barriers are designed for easy handling with the moulded-in slots
  • Weight rings for stability are included
  • Cones are 914mm high
  • Belt measures 2.2m

Complete Kit Includes: 2 x Cones, 2 x Ring, 1 x Barrier Belt

Extension Kit Includes: 1 x Cone, 1 x Ring, 1 x Barrier Belt



  Warranty: 1 year parts / labour

Made in USAMade in: USA

Width (mm)2200
Height (mm)914
Lead Time2-3 working days
Height (mm)914
Lead Time2-3 working days

Safety Cone Kit And Accessories

The Safety Cone Kit And Accessories is safeguarding against slip-and-fall accidents when in and around places with high traffic for example shopping centers, supermarkets and other public buildings.

What is the purpose of Safety Cone Kit and Accessories?

Safety cone kits come in a bright yellow color for easy visibility, with a number of multilingual cautionary messages printed on them to warn people where there are areas that need one to take extra care when passing through. Lock in sign accessories are also available, placed on top of the cones to warn people to take care so as not to slip and fall injuring themselves. They can be used to warn of slippery floors when they are being cleaned or after they have been highly shined, particularly marble floors. The kits also come with brightly colored belt cassette barriers to block people from passing through a wet section.

Where can Cone and belt barriers be used?

The safety cone kits and accessories are used in high traffic public areas such as shopping malls, supermarkets, school corridors, hotel corridors and lobbies, hospital corridors and waiting rooms, office buildings, washrooms and any other areas that need constant washing to keep them clean due to the high number of people using the areas or passing through. The cones come with weight rings to give them stability and avoid being knocked down by people or if placed outdoors, blown over by strong gusts of wind. The cones can also be used in areas where spillage accidents have occurred to allow for the mess to be cleaned up. Pool sides are also commonly wet areas that need a safety cone for constant caution against slipping and falling whenever the pool has many users. They can also be used at the bottom or top of wet stairs.

Who might use this product?

The cones accessories are easy to assemble on the cones and they can be utilized by janitors or anyone charged with cleaning responsibility in any building and high traffic public areas when cleaning buildings, washrooms, offices, corridors etc. where high traffic is common. All establishments need to have these cones to display to mitigate in litigation from people who slip and fall accidentally on their premises.

Product specifications etc

The safety cone complete kit comes with 2 cones, 2 weight rings and 2 belt cassettes. The extension kit comes with one each of the above. One can also purchase a Slippery Trip Hazard caution sign that can be placed on top of a cone. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one year warranty on all parts and labor. Our safety cone kit and accessories fully comply with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

Interesting facts about Safety Cone Kit and Accessories

The Workplace Depot offers a 100% guaranteed price match on the safety cone kit and accessories where a customer finds that they can get the product cheaper at another store. All they need to do is to prove that the competitor store stocks them at a cheaper price and the customers will buy the safety cones the same price.

What is the purpose of a weight ring?

Safety cones used indoors don’t usually need to be weighted down to be stable. However, these same cones used outside in windy weather could make them fall right over. To prevent this from happening, weight rings are available as an accessory. They keep the safety cones from tipping over easily by lowering their centre of gravity. The number of weight rings that are required will depend on how hard you expect the wind to blow.

Where can a weight ring be used?

This accessory can be used wherever the safety cone kit is deployed. Typically used to warn passers-by about wet floors, these are uses in commercial settings where tiled flooring is regularly cleaned during business hours. High-traffic areas such as shopping centres, airport lounges, bus and train terminals, etc., always require regular cleaning throughout the day, and these weight rings are perfect not just for windy weather, but where there is a risk of them being accidentally kicked over.

Who might use this product?

Facilities maintenance crews typically use this product to stabilise their safety cones while they work. With these rings on, they don’t have to worry about people knocking the cones over by mistake when walking by, and the janitorial staff can concentrate on the cleaning job at hand. They are often used by cleaning crews that are externally engaged to maintain public premises such as exhibition halls, museums, banks and other public places that have tiled flooring.

Weight Rings Specs

These weight rings are included in the complete and extension safety cone kits, and can also be purchased separately if additional weights are required. They are manufactured in the United States to the highest applicable standards of quality, safety and durability. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one-year warranty on all parts and labour. Our weight rings fully comply with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

Interesting facts about how weight rings work

Weight rings essentially work to stabilise safety cones by bringing the overall centre of gravity closer to the ground. The lower the centre of gravity, the more stable an object is. In fact, it is this principle that gives the safety cone its inherent stability in the first place. This is the ideal shape and positioning for an object that needs to be kept stable; conversely, the worst possible shape for stability is also the cone, but the reduced stability comes when you turn it over and have the pointed end at the bottom. This puts the centre of gravity at the top, and is the reason why an inverted cone is such an unstable structure.

What is the purpose of a belt cassette?

Safety cones are often used as standalone warning systems to demarcate restricted or unsafe areas such as construction or maintenance sites. However, more often than not, these can be converted into effective and visible barriers by using tape or a belt-like device. This product is a belt cassette that contains 2.2 metres of belt material in highly visible black and yellow stripes. It comes standard with our safety cone and extension kits, and is an extremely useful way to create instant barriers.

Where can a belt cassette be used?

This product is attached to the top of the safety cone, and a retractable belt can be pulled out to the length required to reach the next cone, thereby forming an instant barrier that can be seen clearly as a warning that this space is restricted to access or unsafe to trespass into. It is ideal to mark slippery surfaces when cleaning is underway, or when any kind of maintenance work is being carried out.

Who might use this product?

Nearly every office with hard-surface floors requires regular cleaning with water and some sort of soapy solution that makes the floor slippery for a time. This belt cassette, used on top of our safety cones, can help prevent accidents by forming a barrier that is hard to miss. Maintenance, cleaning or janitorial staff will be the greatest beneficiaries of this product, as will passers-by who will be adequately warned of the danger of wet floors, etc.

Belt Cassette specifications

This product comes standard with the full safety cone kit, and contains a 2.2-metre yellow and black striped safety belt that can be extended and attached to the next cone. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one year warranty on all parts and labor. Our belt cassettes fully comply with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

Interesting facts about retractable belts

The most common use of retraction systems is in seat harnesses for cars and other vehicles. These spring-loaded devices are also used in tape measures and many other applications. The idea of having retractable seat belts dates from 1946, and was the brainchild of Dr. C. Hunter Shelden, who was not an engineer, but a neurologist! The number of head injuries related to road accidents got him thinking about the ineffectiveness of existing seat belts of the time, and led him to put forth a number of ideas for safety devices, including roll bars, door locks, roof reinforcements, recessed steering wheels and air bags!

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