Why Choose Safety Steps?

Posted on April 08, 2013

Here at The Workplace Depot we have a range of mobile safety steps to suit any height and any type of access you need. Whether you work in an office, a warehouse or a supermarket storage facility, these steps will prevent any accidents and injuries to workers if they want to reach a high shelf.

But why would you use safety steps rather than a ladder?

One of the most common cause of injury when using a ladder is when the user carries out excessive overhead reaching which can lead to sprains and strains. Other injuries include, slipping off a ladder, the ladder wobbles and falls from under the user and the ladder breaking whilst in use. All of these can be prevented with a few safety checks listed in this table below, courtesy of HSE.


Why not remove the risk of these injuries and use a safety step. Most safety steps have four legs with wheels on that can be secured so they do not move. The Foot Lock Safety Steps, have a mechanism which locks the front feet to immobilise the steps, and can be operated with your foot.

Ladders are considered an inefficient way of reaching goods at a reasonably high level. You have to have the ladder facing the point i.e. wall you are wanting to reach, you can't reach either side of you without a risk of you falling off and ladders have a high risk of collapsing or breaking if not set up correctly.

Safety steps have a large platform and barriers around the area which the user stands on. Unlike the ladder, the area where the feet are placed, is large and stable so when retrieving or storing goods, the user does not have to worry about keeping a steady balance to stop the ladder from falling over. The barriers also fully support the user when trying to reach for something on a shelving unit, if they do happen to loose their footing or overreach, the barrier in front of them prevents them from falling off the safety step.

Some steps on your general ladder are flat or rounded and have no grip. If they become dirty and wet or if your footwear is the same, this can become a hazard to the users. Our safety steps have non-slip punched metal or rubber treds and platform which prevent any slips and falls when climbing up and down the steps. When you retrieve or store goods, the hand rails are there to help the user up and down the steps - which you can walk forwards down these steps as well!

Safety steps provide your workforce with the right equipment to help run a safe, productive and efficient business. The safety steps are easy to clean, suitable for narrow aisles and constructed of fully steel welded framework.

To view our range of safety steps click here or you can call us on our freephone number 0800 012 6777 for any queries you may have.

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