Small Steps to Improving Your Office Appearance

Posted on September 08, 2014

Office AppearanceUnless you are a lucky employee at one of the Top 5 Seriously Cool Places to Work discussed in one of our previous blog posts, you might find that your surroundings are that of an average looking office.

Of course, not all establishments have the funds or space available to set up nap pods and tree-houses in their work environments, or dish out unlimited free food in the company canteen, but there is certainly other equipment available for more simple steps to making your office feel friendlier for both staff and visitors.

Here at The Workplace Depot, we meet with clients in our boardroom, which contains a fridge filled with refreshments and a large TV focused in the centre of the table in order to project presentations easily and effectively. Although these are small features, we like to think they add a bit of a personal touch to this part of our office, and we might get remembered for this.

Considering the fridge filled with goodies is not necessarily the most practical of products, you can select more professional choices to decorate your office.

Office Products

Entrance Matting - not only does this imply to your visitor or employee, ‘please wipe your feet before you come in’, entrance matting is somewhat inviting when you first enter a building, so that you aren’t greeted by an empty space.

Office Bins - whether you prefer general waste paper bins or have the space to encourage recycling in the office with our bins for different materials, it’s better to have a bin in eyesight rather than bin liners full of rubbish around the office.

Office Chairs and Reception Seating - for extra comfort and a more leisurely feel to the office, why not invest in some leather arm chairs for your staff to swivel back and forth in. The feeling of sitting comfortably is surely going to correlate with increasing productivity. What’s more, attractive reception seating is always a bonus for clients to see and sit comfortably in whilst they wait.

Office, Computer and Reception Desks and Office Screens - having the right desk can encourage employees to keep their surroundings tidy. Whether that’s with a desk and draw combination or draws that slide under their desk, these are important for keeping belongings in and not only does it keep work surfaces tidy, it adds a personal touch for staff that they have their own space. To add, if the desks in your office need separating in relation to the nature of work that is being carried out, for example, contacting clients over the phone, office screens would be a great solution for allowing your staff to carry out their jobs without being disturbed. What’s more, reception desks are equally important for greeting visitors and will help to create a professional image being the first thing that is seen.

White Boards and Planners – although we live in the 21st century now and all people want to do is email, whiteboards and noticeboards are always nice to have in office environments. If they are simply used to display pictures of achievements or staff team building days, or you are partial to using your whiteboards in meetings, there is something about using these products that might help your staff to understand things better, rather than being shown on a computer!

Although you might already have the majority of these products, take a look around and consider whether you need anything re-vamping; even though they are simple items, fresh products can improve the appearance of your office immediately!

If there’s something we might have missed, for our full range of office furniture to improve your office space, click here.

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