Rejuvenating Your Workforce in 2015!

Posted on January 09, 2015

WorkforceIt’s easy for us to say we are going to do things differently in the New Year, whether that’s in our personal lives or at work – if we actually make these changes or not is a whole other story however!

Having said this, we thought we would try our best to offer you some valuable advice, from one business to another, about how to revamp your organisation for 2015 with some steps that we are currently trying out ourselves.

There are a number of things you can take into consideration when searching for innovation in the workplace, such as motivating and encouraging employees to have more of a say in their departments; make sure your staff are aware that they are actually paid to think! We are going to cover a few things from ensuring you have a motivated workforce, to having a fresh and friendly working environment for your staff this year.

Encouraging Employees

Inspiring ideas from your employees through implementing systems that make it easier to communicate is something else that could become an effective tool for your organisation. For example, hand out small white boards in meetings and question staff for one word answers when discussing upcoming ideas.

Similarly, you could also introduce ‘what if’ scenarios for your staff to write solutions to on their boards, in order for their ideas to potentially be counted in any new strategies.

Introduce ‘idea’ challenges, employee of the month, rewards and incentives to keep your employees motivated. If your staff know they have contributed to the success and development of your business, there’s only a matter of time before expectations rise – so implementing an annual bonus or monthly prize draw will help to keep your employees wanting to contribute their ideas.

Creating job swap days is another idea that will help your staff become aware of the tasks each other carries out on a daily basis; whether this leaves some employees more understanding of other’s job roles, or helps them to realise the importance of communication to a certain department, this exercise couldn’t harm anyone.

There are other simple factors you can consider in order to grow and develop your business in 2015, such as: creating an accessible management system, through demonstrating high levels of trust, creating bold but realistic targets, accepting change, open and honest communication, forming a fun and inspiring working environment.

With this in mind, it is important that you avoid blocking creativity and generating an unwillingness from your employees, such as: a lack of communication, an absence of trust, a confusing vision, and teams working in isolation.

We have touched on the subject of creativity in the workplace before, mainly focused on suggested ways in which employees could bond with one another in order to generate success in the workplace. You can read more about our proposed methods of team building here.

Taking these suggestions in to account, an article on Forbes has discussed ’37 ways to keep your employees motivated’, which ultimately list ideas on how to keep your staff happy and therefore productivity and success at a high!

The steps to success are simple really; as long as you have a motivated workforce and innovative ways of creating new ideas, you should see positive results in no time.

Revamp Your Workforce and Workplace

If you are hoping to revitalise your workplace in more ways than just by giving your employees the motivation to make 2015 a successful year – you might also be wanting to revamp your working environment with fresh furniture.

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Whatever your workplace environment, giving it a fresh look is certain to boost productivity. If you are unable to give your business a complete new look, why not indulge in some of these top rated gadgets that will give your employees something to get excited about. Our Top 10 list is full of somewhat simple but creative products that can liven up a dull desk or just simply put a smile on a staff member’s face.

If you are taking a simpler approach to giving your workplace a better feeling, why not just ensure that your office or staff room has enough natural light coming in and also that the temperature is comfortable. According to a study, researchers found that when a company moved their workers to a building with personal thermal controls, productivity increased by 2.8%.

There are also factors of facilities that could not only increase productivity from your staff but also add a new look to your workplace. You could ensure that you have a sufficient kitchen area and staff room – so that staff feel comfortable enough to stay in during their lunch hour. You could also implement a gym so that employees can use it either before work, during their break, or after work. This is very likely to boost morale and improve moods in the workplace through allowing people to feel good about themselves.

Finally, one of my favourite ideas for a rejuvenated workplace in 2015 is by taking matters into your own hands. Instead of going round your employees and standing above them asking how they are doing with their latest project, why not invest in one of these mobile desks - innovation at its finest; you are free to pull up a chair whilst on your laptop and ultimately increasing productivity by not having to hold as many meetings!

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