Top 10 Cool Office Gadgets

Posted on September 06, 2014

Digital Smartpen

After crawling the internet I wanted to write something that all office workers would enjoy reading – something the majority of us envy every time we see something similar.  In this case I have picked out 10 of my favourite office gadgets that would make life at your desk a little bit better and would never fail to put a smile on your face.

USB Cup Warmer / Cooler

This is one of my favourite gadgets I have ever seen.  The ability to keep your drinks cold or warm, depending on what it is, whilst you’re sat at your desk – Brilliant!

Cup Cooler / Warmer Image Credited - Designyourway










Clip-on Cup Holder

I know a few people that haven’t got much room left on their desk, so this would be perfect to ensure they are always able to keep a drink close by.

Clip-on Cup Holder Image Credited - Zdnet










Cable Drop

Some of my colleagues actually have these.  These simple accessories make sure your cables don’t fall on the floor.  Very simple, but very useful – saves bending and picking them back up all of the time.

Cable Drop Image Credited - Designyourway







Solar USB Charger

Maybe not the best product to own in the UK, but definitely worth having when the sun is out!

Solar Battery Phone Recharger Image Credited - Zdnet










Silent Mouse

Occasionally you have that individual who clicks their mouse really hard, annoying everybody around them.  This strange but perfect accessory solves this annoyance.

Silent Mouse Image Credited - Zdnet










Digital Smartpen

Absolutely great!  You can record what is being said in meetings whilst having the notes you write converted into a digital format.

Digital Smartpen Image Credited - Zdnet










Win/Fail Stamps

When you’re in those meetings where brilliant ideas or really stupid ideas are given – This product will work perfectly!

Fail / Win Stamps Image Credited - Designyourway









Melting Clock

A bit of a novelty idea, but when you are sat at your desk on a Friday afternoon this clock will look exactly how you feel!

Melting Clock Image Credited - Zdnet










Floppy Disk Sticky Notes

Probably the only use floppy disks have nowadays, which is a real shame.  Again a novelty item, but a nice bit of fun.

floppy-disk-sticky-notes Image Credited - Zdnet










Wireless Key-finder

This could be an essential in most people’s lives.  Losing their keys become an everyday occurrence, this might be the best gadget to save them from having to try and find them.

Wireless Key Finder Image Credited - Zdnet









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