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Heavy Duty Metal Containers
Heavy Duty Metal Boxes
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Heavy Duty Aluminium Containers

Ideal for transportation and storage of valuable or delicate items, especially where weight is an issue.

  • Tremendous strength, but light in weight
  • Totally rust free - aluminium body with stainless steel hinges
  • Cast aluminium stacking locators in each corner
  • Tough plastic protected grip handles
  • Over- centre  clasps accept seals or padlock (3mm max shackle dia)
  • Each handle can lift 35kg
  • Recessed based prevents ingress of moisture when stored on damp floor
  • Retaining strap on lid prevents hinge damage
  • Rubber seal on body-lid point gives shower proof container
5-7 working days


5-7 working days


5 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: 02501001 External Size (mm): 250(H) x 585(W) x 385(D) Internal Size (mm): 220(H) x 550(W) x 350(D) Weight (KG): 4.5 Price: £137.00 £134.26
Code: 02501002 External Size (mm): 410(H) x 585(W) x 385(D) Internal Size (mm): 380(H) x 550(W) x 350(D) Weight (KG): 5.3 Price: £163.00 £159.74
Code: 02501003 External Size (mm): 340(H) x 785(W) x 385(D) Internal Size (mm): 310(H) x 750(W) x 350(D) Weight (KG): 6.1 Price: £180.00 £176.40
Code: 02501004 External Size (mm): 410(H) x 785(W) x 585(D) Internal Size (mm): 380(H) x 750(W) x 550(D) Weight (KG): 8.1 Price: £240.00 £235.20
Code: 02501005 External Size (mm): 610(H) x 785(W) x 585(D) Internal Size (mm): 580(H) x 750(W) x 550(D) Weight (KG): 9.6 Price: £263.00 £257.74
Code: 02501006 External Size (mm): 380(H) x 885(W) x 485(D) Internal Size (mm): 350(H) x 850(W) x 450(D) Weight (KG): 7.7 Price: £227.00 £222.46
Code: 02501007 External Size (mm): 510(H) x 1185(W) x 785(D) Internal Size (mm): 480(H) x 1150(W) x 750(D) Weight (KG): 15.4 Price: £469.00 £459.62

Heavy Duty Aluminium Containers

What is the purpose of the Heavy Duty Aluminum Containers?

The heavy duty aluminium containers are storage containers that are made for long term use. They are durable and will not easily bend, and they also have stacking locators in each corner so multiple containers can be stacked on top of each other. They come in a variety of sizes, so they can hold a wide number of items. They can safely hold anything, but power tools would be most likely stored inside these. The container can be full of items and placed in the back of a truck where it will not bend if it slams into the sides of the truck when riding around. They can also be used in a workshop to safely store items and stacked to preserve space. The front and back of these containers have convenient handles so they can be lifted with ease, even if they are full of heavy items.

Where can this product be used?

Because this product is designed to last for a long time, it can be used in many places. A workshop is one of the most likely locations as the containers can stack, are water resistant, and can be securely shut. They are also perfect for being transported regularly, so they may be used by construction workers to keep their tools safe. The lightweight aluminium the containers make it easy to lift and transport anywhere. The handles on the sides of the container are also covered with a grip plastic so there is little risk of dropping them when moving them around. The aluminium containers are also rust resistant, so they can be stored in the back of a truck without worry of the rain damaging them.

Who might use this product?

People who work with tools that they need to preserve and use over and over will likely use these containers. This can be anyone who works in several locations and travels to other places, or someone who works in one shop and wants to keep their items organized and stored without taking up too much room. The rubber seal and aluminium body ensures that these containers are not going to be affected by water and that anything inside them will be kept safe if they happen to get wet.

Heavy Duty Aluminium Container specifications

The aluminium containers come in 6 different sizes and a 1 year parts and labour warranty is also included.

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