Plastic Parts Bins

Plastic Parts Bins
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Clutter-free, Hassle-free

  • Streamline Your Space: Plastic Parts Bins offer a versatile solution for organising small parts and components in various settings, enhancing productivity.
  • Versatile Storage Solution: Ideal for small parts and components, these bins offer unmatched organisation, enhancing productivity and workspace neatness effectively.
  • Maximise Efficiency: With a stackable design, these bins save valuable space while allowing for efficient storage and easy access to contents.
  • Built to Last: Constructed from sturdy polypropylene plastic, our bins promise durability and long-lasting use in any environment.
  • Access Made Easy: The open front design ensures items are easily retrievable, even when bins are stacked, streamlining workflow and saving time.
  • Tough and Tidy: Enhanced with strengthened sides and rims, these bins are designed to resist impacts and rough handling, keeping your workspace organised and efficient.
  • Resist and Protect: Impervious to moisture and resistant to oils and most chemicals, these bins safeguard your components in any setting.
  • Cleanliness is Key: Featuring rounded edges for easy cleaning, these bins are ideal for maintaining hygiene in sensitive environments.
  • Overall Dimensions: 140(H) x 290(W) x 235(D) mm - compact yet spacious, designed to fit efficiently in any workspace.
Plastic Parts Bins

Unveiling Efficiency

Discover the ultimate solution in workplace organisation with our Plastic Parts Bins, designed to enhance efficiency and streamline your storage needs. Whether you're managing an office, warehouse, or workshop, these bins offer unparalleled advantages, combining versatility, durability, and a compact design to address all your storage challenges.

Embrace the simplicity of clutter-free spaces and the benefits of an optimised workflow. Our bins are not just storage solutions; they're a commitment to improving productivity and reducing downtime. With these bins, you're investing in a more organised, efficient, and safer workplace, where every item has its place, and accessibility is never compromised.

Flexible Storage Solutions

Our Plastic Parts Bins redefine organisation with their ability to adeptly store a wide range of small parts and components. Ideal for various industries, these containers effortlessly adapt to your unique storage needs, ensuring a tidy and efficient workspace. Their utility extends beyond the conventional, facilitating not only storage but also categorisation, which is crucial in fast-paced environments.

By integrating these bins into your storage strategy, you're not just organising; you're enhancing operational efficiency and productivity. Their design caters to quick identification and retrieval of components, which is essential in maintaining a smooth workflow and minimising downtime in critical operations.

Plastic Parts Bins
Plastic Parts Bins

Space-Saving Efficiency

The innovative stackable design of our Plastic Parts Bins is a game-changer for workplaces limited by space. These bins allow you to utilise vertical storage effectively, transforming how you organise and access your materials. This compact, space-saving solution means that you can free up valuable floor and shelf space, making your environment more productive and less cluttered.

Stacking these bins doesn't compromise accessibility or stability. Designed for secure stacking, they ensure that contents remain easily accessible, enhancing storage efficiency without sacrificing convenience. This thoughtful design is a testament to our commitment to providing practical, space-efficient storage solutions that meet the dynamic needs of modern workplaces.

Plastic Parts Bins

Overall Dimensions


Reliability Redefined

Crafted from high-quality polypropylene plastic, the construction of our Plastic Parts Bins promises durability and resilience against the rigours of daily use. This material selection not only ensures a long lifespan but also offers resistance to moisture, oil, and most chemicals, making these bins suitable for a variety of environments and applications.

Their robustness is matched by a lightweight design, making them easy to handle and reposition as needed, further enhancing workplace efficiency. This combination of durability and practicality ensures that our bins can withstand the demands of heavy use while maintaining their structural integrity and appearance, offering reliable storage solutions that you can count on.

Plastic Parts Bins
Plastic Parts Bins

Open Front Convenience

The design of our Plastic Parts Bins, featuring an open front, revolutionises how you retrieve items, ensuring that essentials are always within reach, even when containers are stacked. This smart design element allows for quick and easy access to the contents, significantly reducing the time spent searching for items and increasing efficiency in your daily operations. It's the perfect solution for maintaining a smooth workflow, especially in fast-paced environments where time is of the essence.

Moreover, this accessibility feature is complemented by the bins' stackable nature, which conserves valuable workspace without sacrificing convenience. By enabling easy access to items at all levels, these Plastic Containers encourage an organised and efficient storage system, making them an indispensable tool in any setting where quick retrieval and space optimisation are key priorities.

Robust and Reliable

Our Plastic Containers are engineered with strengthened sides and rims, offering unparalleled resistance to impacts and rough handling. This resilience ensures that the bins can withstand the daily wear and tear of industrial environments, protecting your items from damage and maintaining their integrity over time. The robust design not only extends the lifespan of the bins but also provides peace of mind, knowing your storage solutions are built to last.

The impact resistance of these Plastic Parts Bins is a testament to their quality and durability, designed to endure the challenges of any workplace. Whether they’re being moved, stacked, or subjected to the rigours of heavy use, these containers maintain their shape and functionality, ensuring your storage system remains reliable and effective, no matter the circumstances.

Plastic Parts Bins
Plastic Parts Bins

Moisture and Chemical Resistant

Crafted to be impervious to moisture and resistant to oil and most chemicals, our Plastic Parts Bins excel in environments where such exposures are common. This feature ensures the safe storage of sensitive components, protecting them from corrosion, contamination, and other damage. It’s an ideal characteristic for industries that require strict standards of cleanliness and safety, offering a reliable solution to keep materials in pristine condition.

Additionally, the chemical and moisture resistance of these bins enhances their versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of applications and settings. From laboratories to workshops, these Plastic Containers ensure your items are protected against environmental factors that could compromise their quality. This resilience not only preserves the contents but also extends the life of the bins themselves, representing a wise investment in your storage infrastructure.

Hygienic Design

Featuring rounded edges, the hygienic design of our Plastic Parts Bins simplifies cleaning and maintenance, making them ideal for hygiene-sensitive environments. This thoughtful design minimises the accumulation of dirt and debris, ensuring a clean and sanitary storage solution that meets the highest standards of cleanliness. Easy to wipe down and disinfect, these bins help maintain a healthy workspace, contributing to the overall well-being of your team.

The emphasis on hygiene extends beyond the surface, with the bins crafted from materials that are easy to keep clean and resistant to staining. This makes them not only suitable for industrial and commercial settings but also ideal for areas where cleanliness is paramount, such as food processing facilities and healthcare environments. By choosing our Plastic Containers, you’re opting for a storage solution that prioritises cleanliness and safety, ensuring a healthier, more productive workplace.

Plastic Parts Bins

Item Information

  • Open-front design for easy item retrieval, even when stacked.
  • Made from durable polypropylene plastic, ensuring longevity.
  • Impact-resistant with strengthened sides and rims for durability.
  • Moisture and chemical-resistant, suitable for various environments.
  • Rounded edges for easy, hygienic cleaning and maintenance.
  • Dimensions: 140(H) x 290(W) x 235(D) mm for compact storage.
  • Lightweight at only 0.10 kg, facilitating easy handling.
  • Blue colour for a professional look in any setting.
  • Sold in convenient packs of 10 bins.
  • Stackable design maximises storage efficiency and space utilisation.
  • Suitable for office, warehouse, and workshop storage needs.
  • Versatile use for organising small parts and components.
Plastic Parts Bins

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Plastic Parts Bins

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Plastic Parts Bins
Plastic Parts Bins

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