ESD High Lift Chair
Adjustable Backrest
Fully Upholstered
ESD High Lift Chair
Adjustable Backrest
Fully Upholstered

ESD High Lift Chair

  • Fully padded ESD fabric upholstered operator chair
  • 5-star base with castors
  • Gas lift height adjustment
  • Variable seat height 550-800mm
  • Height adjustable backrest
  • Fully UK/EU regulations compliant
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5-7 working days


5-7 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: AS-3/B Colour: Blue Description: Glide Base Seat Height (mm): 550-800 Price: £135.00 £132.30
Code: AS-3/CH Colour: Charcoal Description: Glide Base Seat Height (mm): 550-800 Price: £135.00 £132.30
Code: AS-3C/CH Colour: Charcoal Description: Castor Base Seat Height (mm): 550-800 Price: £165.00 £161.70

ESD High Lift Chair

What is the purpose of the ESD high lift chair ?

The ESD High Lift Chair is designed for use in industries such as electronics, where electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a potential issue. ESD occurs when two electrically charged objects come in contact with one another. Static electricity can build up on clothes or chairs, creating a risk of ESD for those who work with electronics. Unexpected discharge can cause electronics and computer hardware to malfunction, which is dangerous and expensive to repair.

The chair allows its operator to drain excess static electricity before discharge occurs, effectively preventing damage or failure of equipment. Ordinarily, ESD-sensitive jobs require professionals to stand while working, but the ESD chair allows workers to safely sit while working on electronics. It also provides extra height for the operator.

Where can this product be used?

The ESD High Lift Chair can be used in any industrial setting where electrostatic discharge is a concern, including the electronics industry, the computer industry, and others. This chair is ideal for use where computers and electronics are manufactured and repaired, as it helps prevent damage and failure of equipment. Workshops, factories, and computer repair shops are all locations where workers could use an ESD High Lift Chair. This is a versatile chair, suitable for both large factory settings and small repair shops and everywhere in between.

Who might use this product?

Those working with electronics, computers, and other industries in ESD-sensitive environments would benefit from using this chair. Employees who require a comfortable yet safe seat for work can use the ESD High Lift Chair, which not only safely drains static electricity, but also gives the operator extra height. The extra height makes this chair perfect for working at a tall table or work station. Furthermore, this product is useful for electronics industry workers who cannot stand for long periods due to disability.

ESD High Lift Chair Specifications

Fully upholstered (blue or charcoal fabric)

5-star glide base or caster base for added mobility

Includes gas lift height adjustment (550-800 mm)

Adjustable backrest height

Fully complies with UK and EU regulations

Includes standard 1-year warranty for parts and labor

A member of SEMA trade association

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