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Utility Container

Brute Utility container - Rubbermaid

Brute Utility container - Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid's - Brute Utility container


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Item Information

  • The BRUTE® Utility Container has unique venting channels make the liner change fast and safe
  • Liner change up to 50% quicker compared to traditional containers
  • Easy bag insertion and elimates knot tying
  • Deep moulded base grips on the bottom of the container are ribbed for better control during emptying
  • Optional lid - this is self draining to prevent water pooling when kept outside
  • Optional dolly - this turns the bin into a mobile bin

The BRUTE® with Venting Channels is the most important innovation in refuse collection in decades!


The Brute Utility Container has smarter ergonomics and superior durability. It has patented venting channels and is easier to handle than other similar sized containers. The durability and strength of the product is demonstrated in some of the videos on YouTube of people trying to destroy their bins. Here's an example of a Rubbermaid Brute bin being run over and flattened by a heavy truck and then restored to its former glory - view video

What is the purpose of a utility container?

Construction sites and other similar locations typically generate a large amount of refuse each day. This waste usually needs to be collected from several points where it is generated, and then transported to a single removal point. The best way to do this is to use portable utility containers that can hold the refuse as it is generated. This saves time collecting waste, and facilitates easily porting to the point of waste removal. This product is ideal for such purposes, and its innovative design will help save even more time for those who are keen on maximizing productivity.

Where can a utility container be used?

For best results, this product should be placed wherever there is waste continually being generated. Construction sites are usually full of waste that is generated every day, and quickly removing this waste on a regular basis will help avoid tripping hazards and other dangers. This product can be placed at convenient locations around the facility to ensure that garbage and other waste is collected as it is generated. The container can then be rolled out to the waste removal point and the liners removed and replaced swiftly and easily. Because of the unique venting channels, this product enables liners to be removed and changed 50% quicker than with other similar products.

Who might use this product?

The BRUTE, as this product is called, is designed with venting channels that prevent vacuum from forming between the liner and the container. Anyone who regularly takes out the trash knows that this can be a serious problem – the vacuum often ripping the liner bags open and spilling the contents all over the floor. Trash removal personnel will see the most benefit in this innovative product. Facility managers and site supervisors will also find this product to be a valuable addition to their clean-up arsenal, as it can dramatically increase productivity and save valuable time when several liner bag changes are required in a single day.

Utility Container specifications

The BRUTE utility container is made from polyethylene and measures 800mm (H) X 600mm (Diameter). The unique venting channels on the inside surface prevent vacuum formation with the liner bags and therefore the bags are less susceptible to ripping open when being removed. The moulded base grips at the bottom are ribbed for easier handling when the container is being emptied. A self-draining lid can also be purchased separately for outdoor use. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one-year warranty on all parts and labour. Our BRUTE utility containers fully comply with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

Interesting facts about waste management

The largest collection of garbage and human waste found to date from Ancient Rome dates around 79 AD – nearly 2,000 years ago – and was found in an underground cesspit near what is now the city of Naples, Italy. In the same year, the city – the ancient name of which is Herculaneum – was buried by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius; the same eruption also annihilated the city of Pompeii, Herculaneum’s neighbour, in what is one of the most famous (or infamous) catastrophes in recent history.

Brute Dolly (accessory)

What is the purpose of a Brute dolly?

Brute utility containers are some of the top products in the waste management segment, but when you need to move these versatile containers about, you need wheels! This Brute dolly is the perfect accessory that will allow mobility and maintain the superior stability of the standalone (literally!) product. It is ideal as a convenience because, with this dolly, there’s no need to lift heavy loads – just push it to where you want to get it and the job’s done.

Where can a Brute dolly be used?

This nifty little accessory is typically used where the main waste container needs to be frequently shifted and, therefore, mobile. The product enables the main unit to be easily wheeled to where it needs to go, saving effort in lifting and replacing the container in another location. Ideally, it is suited to any location that requires a mobile waste receptacle.

Who might use this product?

Just about anyone who collects waste on-site in a business, entertainment establishment, office, factory, warehouse, etc. will find this to be very useful. The accessory makes moving the container convenient and stress-free, and provides the same stability as without the dolly. Those who handle waste at such facilities will feel the benefits the very first time they try it out – it makes for lighter work for waste management personnel.

Brute Dolly: product specifications- warranties, materials, legislation

The Brute dolly is designed for use with our Brute utility containers, and carries the required specifications for such use. Dimensions are 168(H) X 464(Dia) mm. 4 swivel castors make this product extremely manoeuvrable, as it can simply be rolled into and out of its place. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one-year warranty on all parts and labour. Our Brute dollies fully comply with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

Interesting facts about dollies

Although wheeled platforms are used for a multitude of applications, the most famous one is in the movies. In this context, a dolly is a wheeled platform that runs on rails (or off it, as per the need) and enables smooth moving shots. Such dollies often have steering mechanisms to make them more manoeuvrable on the set. More elaborate ones may have hydraulic platforms that can be raised and lowered to give a range of possible elevations and angles. These are typically found in studios because they are large and often impractical for outdoor shots.

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