Traffic light or Trixi mirrors
Traffic convex mirrors
Circular Traffic Mirrors
Traffic light or Trixi mirrors
Traffic convex mirrors
Circular Traffic Mirrors

Circular Traffic Mirrors

  • 600mm or 800mm diameter options available
  • 3M Red/White hi visibility reflective edge
  • 1.5mm acrylic face
  • Durable GRP moulded weatherproof housing
  • UV treated
  • Heavy duty zinc plated fixings for post mounting
  • Viewing distance - 600dia - 11m
  • Viewing distance - 800dia - 20m
  • Fixings for 50mm diameter post included with CMT60P and fixings for 75mm diameter post included with CM80P
  • Post is not included with product

See our blog article on traffic and convex mirrors

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1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: CMT60P Dimensions (mm): 600 Diameter Viewing distance (m): 11 Weight (kg): 3.2 Price: £135.00 £128.25
Code: CMT80P Dimensions (mm): 800 Diameter Viewing distance (m): 20 Weight (kg): 6 Price: £150.00 £142.50

Circular Traffic Mirrors

What is the purpose of traffic mirrors?

Traffic mirrors are great devices for traffic management as well as security solutions. Traffic mirrors are typically used at the exit point of driveways and at blind corners. It helps increase visibility when there are obstructions blocking the driver’s view around the corner or outside the gate. In most cases, it is used in areas where hills and complex curves block the view of a driver. These traffic mirrors are unbreakable and high-visibility mirrors that are also suitable for areas where vehicles move at high speeds.

Where can a traffic mirror be used?

Our traffic mirrors help in road safety and also help reduce blind spots, hidden entrances, exits and junctions. Our traffic mirrors have been developed for both interior/sheltered as well as outdoor locations. These mirrors are absolutely weather proof and are very useful for parking lots. The size and construct of our mirrors allows users to see around corners and, therefore, can be adapted for various purposes according to their needs. These are also an effective means to improve pedestrian safety. In addition, these are ideal for indoor areas where other types of traffic flow exist: for example, in warehouses, where forklifts and trolleys face the risk of colliding with each other. Despite the fact that these are called traffic mirrors, they are very suitable for public places - for surveillance purposes, where there is a risk of deliberate damage or theft.

Who might use traffic mirrors?

Traffic mirrors must be used by authorities working for road safety. Highway and motorway traffic police can use our traffic mirrors for improved road safety results, as we have the right range of products that fit different needs. Traffic mirrors are extensively used by parking lot supervisors where a large area needs to be monitored by limited number of personnel. The complete elimination of the threat of theft can be unrealistic; however, the traffic mirror definitely helps decrease that threat, as it gives a good view of a large area. Similarly, it can be used at other spaces where surveillance and monitoring is required. In larger warehouses, these mirrors are used to avoid collisions at junctions and blind turns.

Traffic Mirrors product specifications... warranties, materials, legislation

The traffic mirror offers superior optical qualities. It has a 1.5mm acrylic face, durable GRP-moulded housing and comes with red/white 3M reflective edges. The outer rim of these traffic mirrors adds the extra advantage of being extremely visible in low-light situations. It has a UV-treated polymer casing. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one-year warranty on all parts and labour. Our traffic mirrors fully comply with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

Interesting facts about Traffic Mirrors

Useful as they are, convex traffic mirrors distort the human eye’s ability to perceive depth accurately. This is why the wing mirrors on cars and other vehicles always carry the warning: “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” However, this problem is overwhelmingly outweighed by the ability of a convex mirror to offer a very wide range of vision – something that contributed tremendously to the safety factor.

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