Steel Strapping
Steal Strapping Seals
Steel Strapping
Steal Strapping Seals

Steel Strapping

  • Tough strapping, suitable for the most demanding industrial jobs
  • Choice from 13, 16, or 19mm wide strapping according to the breaking strain necessary
  • 13mm - 341m reel, 521kg breaking strength
  • 16mm - 337m reel, 651kg breaking strength
  • 19mm - 335m reel, 781kg breaking strength
  • Dispenser tolley available reference RWM/30
2-3 working days


2-3 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: RIB/13/W Description: 13mm, 521kg b/s, 341 metre reel Price: £38.00 £37.24
Code: RIB/16/W Description: 16mm, 651kg b/s, 334 metre reel Price: £45.00 £44.10
Code: RIB/19/W Description: 19mm, 781kg b/s, 335 metre reel Price: £50.00 £49.00

Steel Strapping

What is the purpose of steel strapping?

Steel strapping is used in many different industries as part of the packaging, bundling, shipping and hauling process. Steel strapping is often used for products and cargo shipments that are considered to be heavy-duty. The strapping is wrapped securely around the product or shipment to ensure that it will remain intact and stay in place during shipment. To finish the strapping process, a seal must be put into place. This can be done using seals that snap on or by using a tool or machine that allows the steel strapping to be sealed onto itself. By properly securing the strapping, it not only protects the product but it also protects those who are working with the steel strapping. Because of its extreme strength and the limited amount of flexibility provides, steel strapping is often the strapping of choice for many industries.

Where can this product be used?

Generally speaking, this product can be used in many different industries. It is more common for it to be used in atmospheres where difficult or heavy duty products need to be secured, however. This may be especially useful in industries such as the military, trucking or even construction.

Who might use this product?

Steel strapping may be used by people who are employed in various industries where shipping or hauling is a frequent occurrence. It is a standard material used by professional truckers as well as those who work in shipping and receiving departments that specialise in heavy-duty items.

Steel Strapping Specifications

  • Available in 3 sizes:

13mm x 341m reel

16mm x 337m reel

19mm x 335m reel

  • Each reel size has a different breaking strength which is suitable for different needs:

13 mm reel has a breaking strength of 521kg

16mm reel has a breaking strength of 651kg

19mm reel has a breaking strength of 781kg

  • Metal seals sold separately in packs of 1000

  • Steel strapping dispenser trolley also sold separately (Product code: RWM/30)

  • Warranty: Standard One Year Warranty

  • Free Delivery

  • Returns Accepted

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