Ripack Pallet Shrink System

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£1,420.21 Inc. VAT £1,183.51 Ex. VAT


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Item Information

    High output pallet shrink gun, 8m hose with swivel connection, regulator, all in carry case
  • Safe, secure and easy to handle
  • Built-in spare igniter and allen key for immediate maintenance, soft-feel handle and suspension bracket
  • Carry case can be used as a step-up of 27cm for operator
  • Hand tool weight 2.70kgs
  • Total weight gun, accessories and case 5.50kgs
  • Robust carry case serves as a stable footboard granting extra elevation of 27cm for an operator up to 120kg


What Is the Purpose of the Ripack Pallet Shrink System?

Getting serious about your pallet production requires you to find ways to shrink your time. What better way than to get the ripack pallet shrink system as a time-saving method of quickly applying heat sealing air to an entire pallet of shrink wrap. The light-weight and extremely comfortable gun make this unit easy to handle. The handle itself is a soft-feel grip that makes using this pallet shrink gun less strenuous. All included in the carrying case is the high output shrink gun, the 8m swivelling hose and adaptors, and the built-in ignitor and Allan key for maintenance. The best part of this kit is that it’s designed to hold your weight. You can actually use the kit self as an extra boost of height of 27cm. The kit itself is durable and constructed to hold up to 120kg for the operator.

Where Can the Ripack Pallet Shrink System Be Used?

As a lightweight alternative, this shrink system is perfect for any size operation. The gun is designed to be used for longer durations of time, so you can always rely on getting through that next pallet. Use it in the shipping end of your business, the loading docks of your delivery centre or the dockyards for international shipments. The shrink wrap gun will ensure all the load is protected and sealed with an efficient shrink wrap system.

Who Might Use the Ripack Pallet Shrink System?

You’ll find dockworkers, forklift drivers, truck loaders, shelf stockers and small business owners getting their pallets shrink wrapped with ease. The kit allows anybody to pick it up and safety apply a heat source to properly shrink wrap an entire pallet. The ripack pallet shrink system can handle every thickness and film density.

Ripack Pallet Shrink System Specifications

  • 2.3kg gun. 5.5kg total weight for all accessories and the kit.

  • Sturdy plastic kit can be used as 270mm boost to stand on, holding up to 120kg of weight.

  • Swivel 8m hose with bibs included.

  • Allen wrench and built-in ignitor also included.

  • 1-year warranty on parts and labour for normal usage.


  Warranty: 1 year parts / labour

Colour Orange
Powered Gas
Weight (kg) 8
Delivery Time 2-3 working days
Warranty 1 year parts / labour


1 year parts / labour

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