Pallet Shrink Gun Kit

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Item Information

  • Suits a range of film types, thicknesses and applications
  • Lightweight (1.2kg), ergonomic design with integral stainless steel “stay cool” shield
  • Wide area coverage for a quick and easy shrink process that minimises hot spots
  • Supplied in carry case containing 8m hose, regulator valve, spare igniter, spanners and oil
  • Safety gloves and goggles included
  • 12 months parts warranty


What Is the Purpose of the Pallet Shrink Gun Kit?

For the larger operations and the businesses that regularly ship out pallets of goods, you need a reliable method to shrink wrap the film on your pallets. This pallet shrink gun kit gives you everything you need to get your pallets shrink wrapped and ready to ship out. Shrink wrap is a film that is applied around your pallet. Once a heat sealer is applied, the shrink wrap tightens and shrinks around the pallet, securing the load and protecting the goods inside. With this gun kit, you have a light weight heat gun that comes equipped with a stainless steel shield that stays cooler and protects the user. Of course, safety is paramount so goggles and safety gloves come included in every kit. You’ll be able to heat wide swaths of film at a pass and quickly shrink wrap an entire pallet in a fraction of the time it would take previously. This pallet shrink gun kit really does have it all.

Where Can the Pallet Shrink Gun Kit Be Used?

This gun kit should be kept where you wrap your pallets, or even if you need to need to re-wrap a pallet. That means you’ll find this shrink wrap gun kit in warehouses and loading docks across the country. You’ll also find it in supermarkets that need to re-wrap a pallet, self-storage units and small businesses that have to work with shrink wrapped products daily.

Who Might Use the Pallet Shrink Gun Kit?

With the safety measures in place, such as the safety gloves, goggles and the heat shield, this gun can be used by anybody. Warehouse loading workers, dock workers, ship yard foremen and even big supply chains have a need for this pallet shrink gun kit.

Pallet Shrink Gun Kit Specifications

  • Weighs in at just 1.2 kg.

  • Stainless steel “stay cool” shield over heating element.

  • Able to heat wide portions of shrink wrap to quickly finish an entire pallet.

  • Comes with safety goggles and gloves for protection.

  • 8m hose, bibs and spanners included in the set.

  • All included in a neat carrying case.

  • 1-year warranty with every purchase.


  Warranty: 1 year parts / labour

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Warranty 1 year parts / labour


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