Large Compartment Boxes
Large Compartment Boxes
Large Compartment Boxes
Large Compartment Boxes
Large Compartment Boxes
Large Compartment Boxes

Large Compartment Boxes

  • Compartment boxes with 4 drawer racks
  • Compartment box dimensions: 76mm high, 457mm wide, 305mm deep
  • Rack dimensions: 381mm high, 508mm wide, 400mm deep
  • Steel construction
  • Designed to provide strength whilest the drawers are open
  • Provided with plastic drawer dividers

Minimum order quantity of any 4 boxes 

3-5 working days


3-5 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: D102 Description: 24 compartment box Price: £27.00 £26.46
Code: D107 Description: 32 compartment box Price: £27.00 £26.46
Code: D111 Description: 20 compartment box Price: £27.00 £26.46
Code: D113 Description: 16 compartment box Price: £27.00 £26.46
Code: D119 Description: Adjustable compartment box Price: £27.00 £26.46
Code: D125 Description: 6 compartment box Price: £27.00 £26.46
Code: D303 Description: 4 Drawer empty slide-in rack for large size steel compartment boxes Price: £127.00 £124.46


Code: D312 Description: Locking hinge for large steel box rack Price: £16.00 £15.68
Code: D313 Description: Locking hinge for standard steel box rack Price: £16.00 £15.68
Code: D304 Description: Base stand for large steel compartment box rack Price: £55.00 £53.90
Code: D315 Description: Base stand for small steel compartment box rack Price: £55.00 £53.90

Large Compartment Boxes

What is the purpose of the Large Compartment Boxes?

The large compartment boxes are designed to help someone keep track of their accessories of varying sizes. The compartments vary in depth and size, but the largest one is capable of holding something like a few packs of nails. Even the larger nails that get used in serious woodwork can fit inside the compartments in this box. The trays can also fit inside a drawer system that is capable of holding 4 trays if someone needs to organize a large number of medium to small size objects. This type of compartment box is going to be perfect for someone who works in a shop and needs to be sure they can locate anything they need without wasting any time. The purpose of this compartment box is to prevent someone from wasting too much time looking for smaller objects when they should just be able to grab what they need right away.

Where can this product be used?

This product can be used in many locations, but it will most likely be used in a workshop where an employee needs access to medium sized objects frequently. If someone is putting together chairs or tables, they are going to need nails of varying sizes. They will also need to grab these nails quickly, which is why this compartment box is perfect for a workshop. However, someone could use this organizational box anywhere they want to keep a better track on things. It's even possible that someone would have this at their house instead of having a large and heavy tool drawer that takes up a lot of space. The optional rack that comes with the trays is small and will allow someone to store plenty of objects without taking up too much room.

Who might use this product?

Many people can make use of this product, but it will most likely be used by workshop employees. People who like to work on side projects at home will also want to keep one of these trays handy so they don't lose track of everything they need to finish their projects. If someone is always losing their nails and screws, they may get frustrated and quit working on their project. However, they will feel like everything is going smoothly and easily if they are able to finish the project in a timely manner.

Large Compartment Box specifications

The large compartment boxes come with a 1 year parts and labour warranty. The trays are also made out of steel and the compartment separators are made out of plastic.

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