High Security Cart

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Item Information

  • Housekeeping Cart (Unassembled) - lightweight with an ergonomic design
  • Locking security hood and cabinet doors - access from both sides
  • High capacity-to-footprint ratio
  • 2 heavy-duty zipped Compact Fabric Bags with waterproof PVC lining
  • 1 x canvas linen bag
  • 1 x pocket fabric organiser
  • 1 x fabric mesh linen bag


What is the Purpose of a High Security Cart?

When hospitality establishments such as hotels, inns and motels need a safe way to store their housekeeping and other materials, a secure cart is often the only way to achieve this purpose. This product is ideal for such usage, as it can be locked from above as well as from the sides, ensuring that your linen, cleaning equipment and other items are not subject to pilferage by guests who have sub-optimal principles of integrity and honesty! Save hundreds of dollars, pounds or euros with this unique and innovative product that keeps your housekeeping accessories right where they should be until they need to be used.

Where Can a High Security Cart Be Used?

This product is ideal for use in hotels and other hospitality establishments that cater to a large number of guests, some of whom may be tempted to ‘pick things’ off the housekeeping cart as souvenirs. They can be used anywhere there is cause for concern in terms of the security of housekeeping items such as soaps, towels, shampoos, cleaning fluid and the like. Pilferage is one of the banes of any hotel, and anything that can be done to prevent habitual ‘shrinkage’ of housekeeping inventory will be worth its weight in gold – as is this particular product that offers locking mechanisms for total security. That is, unless someone manages to get away with the cart itself!

Who Might Use this Product?

Housekeeping managers and janitorial supervisors are known to have their tongues hanging out when they see this product on display or on a website. This is a truly irresistible – and often indispensible – product for those who need to keep their inventory from ‘shrinking’ due to pilferage. After all, hotel guests – even wealthy ones – love to collect ‘souvenirs’ of their trip without the management’s permission or knowledge. This will help hotel and inn owners nip their losses in the bud and allow them restful nights of deep slumber knowing that their goods are well-protected by one of the best products in the market.

Product Specifications

The cart measures 1359(H) X 559(W) X 1314(D)mm, and comes standard with a canvas linen bag, a fabric mesh linen bag, a pocket fabric organiser and two zipped compact fabric bags. Locking can be applied from either side, and a lockable security hood is also provided with the cart. This lightweight cart comes unassembled but can be put together in a jiffy by practically anyone. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one-year warranty on all parts and labour. Our high-security carts fully comply with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

Interesting Facts About Hotel Pilferage

Hotel guests are infamous for taking things from their room that they shouldn’t. However, it has become such a global trend that hotels no longer bother trying to stop their guests from helping themselves to soaps, shampoos, razors, toothbrushes and the like. One study shows that a whopping 35% of guests regularly ‘covet’ hotel amenities!


  Warranty: 1 year parts / labour

Made in USAMade in: USA

Height (mm) 1359
Length (mm) 1314
Width (mm) 559
Delivery Time 2-3 working days
Warranty 1 year parts / labour


1 year parts / labour

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