Heavy Duty Chair Carrier
Variable Lifting Arm Height
Moving Stacked Chairs
Heavy Duty Chair Carrier
Variable Lifting Arm Height
Moving Stacked Chairs

Heavy Duty Chair Carrier

  • 300kg capacity
  • Manufactured from tubular steel
  • Adjustable lifting arm height
  • 500L x 250Wmm Arms with 70kgs capacity
  • 260 x 85mm pneumatic tyred all terrain wheels with roller bearings
  • Suitable for the majority of stacking chairs
  • Blue powder coated finish as standard
  • Any colour now available - details

COLOURS: If you need a bespoke RAL colour you have to state this in the comments field when ordering & we will contact you for details. There will be a 10% supplementary charge and delivery times might vary.

10-15 days


10-15 days


10 year parts / labour

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Code: B1335L Dimensions (mm): 1300(H) x 580(W) Weight (KG): 17 Price: £269.00 £255.55

Heavy Duty Chair Carrier

I wish I had one of these when I did my stint as a Banquet waiter for a company that saved money on personnel by having the waiters break the banquet hall down at the end of the night. The ballroom floor would have been a lot less scratched also.

This product would have gotten me to the pub a lot faster which would have meant I would have possibly met the girl of my dreams a lot sooner and for that reason I say with firm conviction that this product will be fantastic for your employee’s morale. Happy employees with love in their lives smile more, are generally more pleasant smelling, and increase your profits immensely, unless their new love is a scam artist who is only using love as a pre-text to get inside your company for nefarious, illicit, fraudulent goings on.

The variable arm height is the key to this unit’s versatility, easily accommodating most stackable chairs in a jiffy. Others are fond of the “all-terrain” pneumatic tyred wheels which mean that even when the garden party gets rained out and a little muddy, you will still be able to retrieve you bosses chairs from the torrential downpour.


300kg capacity, tubular steel frame variable lifting arm height arms 500L x 250Wmm with 70kgs capacity

260 x 85 all terrain pneumatic tyred wheels

WPD product description disclaimer

What is the purpose of a Heavy Duty Chair Carrier?

The Heavy Duty Chair Carrier is a versatile transport apparatus capable of carting a pile of stacking chairs or other kinds of loads from one place to another. Several chairs may be loaded one on top of the other over the lifting arm. The height of the lifting arm can be adjusted to suit the number of chairs for transport by a simple loosening or tightening of the strap. Likewise, the lifting arm can be repositioned to allow loading of boxes, sacks or other heavy weight packages. It is a heavy duty piece of equipment that is easy to roll with its pneumatic tyres.

Where can a Heavy Duty Chair Carrier be used?

The Heavy Duty Chair Carrier can be used in various areas where a huge number of people gather for conferences, parties and sports activities. These places can beparks, restaurants, coffee shops, conference halls, community centers, sports arena, schools and other multi-purpose venues. Churches and other places of worship can benefit from the product as well. Groceries, malls and other commercial areas can use the Heavy Duty Chair Carrier in a number ways, other than just a tool to carry chairs but also as a means to transport various kinds of loads.

Who might use this product?

Banquet, conference and other event organizers can use the product when outfitting venues with chairs and other paraphernalia. Restaurant owners as well as coffee shop operators can utilize the chair carrier during maintenance operations. Cleaning services personnel, grocery workers and mall retainers can take advantage of the product’s versatile loading capabilities as well. The Heavy Duty Chair Carrier is essential equipment for moving companies.The carrier is beneficial to sports and concert coordinators. The product is likewise useful to school organizations engaged in various activities.

Heavy Duty Chair Carrier product specifications- warranties, materials, legislation, etc.

The Heavy Duty Chair Carrier is robustly made from tubular steel and has a total capacity of 300kg. The dimensions are 1300mm (H) x 580mm (W). It is equipped with a lifting arm that is 500L x 250Wmm with a 70kg capacity. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one year warranty on all parts and labor. Our chair carrier fully complies with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff. The lifting arm is variable to suit the chair load with a simple adjustment of the holder strap. The lifting arm can also be folded down to allow use for other purposes. The carrier is easy to control as it is fitted with 260 x 85mm all terrain pneumatic tyred wheels with roller bearings.

Interesting facts about Heavy Duty Chair Carrier

These pneumatic tires maximize the carrier’s load capacity, absorb shock and are more resistant to wear and tear than solid rubber tires. The tubular steel is powder coated giving the surface a tough and even finishing. The Heavy Duty Chair Carrier is the transporting product of choice for many commercial operations. It is a worthy investment as it reduces man-hours and operating costs. It is dependable equipment that was built with durable materials under approved safety standards.

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