Handy Stretch Wrap Kit
Handheld Stretch Wrap Kit
Hand Held Stretch Wrap Kit
Handy Stretch Wrap Kit
Handheld Stretch Wrap Kit
Hand Held Stretch Wrap Kit

Handy Stretch Wrap Kit

HP/125 - 5 Bundles with Disposable Handle

  • Disposable 125mm stretch bundlers with squeeze action handle
  • 200m long heavy duty film reel
  • Pack of 5 (picture 1)

HSP/100/12 - Stretch Wrap Kit

  • 100mm stretch packer kit
  • Reusable hand tool with black scissor-action handle
  • 12x 150m long reels of stretch film (picture 3)

1015/36 - Pack of 36 

  • 100mm Stretch Film; 36x 150m reels 
2-3 working days


2-3 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: HP/125 Description: Disposable handle stretch wrap kit Pack Quantity: 5 Dimensions (mm): 295(H) x 185(W) x 190(D) Price: £20.00 £19.60
Code: HSP/100/12 Description: Reusable handle stretch wrap kit Pack Quantity: 12 rolls, 1x handle Dimensions (mm): 215(H) x 280(W) x 145(D) Price: £26.00 £25.48


Code: 1015/36 Description: Stretch film 100mm Pack Quantity: 36 x 150m reels Price: £46.00 £45.08

Handy Stretch Wrap Kit

What Is the Purpose of the Handy Stretch Wrap Kit?

If all you require is a handheld package to ship, you have no need for the larger operation’s solutions of having a shrink gun kit or a cylinder trolley. You simply need a handheld solution that can be easy to use and work with the rolls of shrink wrap you have on hand. This is the handy stretch wrap kit, a purpose built tool for those small wrapping jobs that still require a touch of professionalism. The handy pack comes in two different models for you to choose from. The first is a set of reusable handles that have a scissor action grip. They slide into the small wrap rolls and give you a firm and confident grip on wrapping those smaller packages. This comes with a set of 12 x 150m length rolls of stretch wrap.

The other option is the disposable 125mm stretch bundlers that work with the longer 200m rolls of heavy duty film. This set comes with a pack of 5 rolls and squeeze action handle again for a strong grip on the stretch wrap during use.

Where Can the Handy Stretch Wrap Kit Be Used?

The reason it’s called the handy stretch wrap kit, is because it’s well, handy. It can go anywhere you need, including in your delivery lorry. If you need to secure a small package, this works on the spot for you. If you need to wrap a product at the till of your store, simply use this handy stretch wrap tool. It works in the front of store and in the back end. It handles any small job you have and it works with the rolls you own. No bulky machinery or complicated moving parts.

Who Might Use the Handy Stretch Wrap Kit?

Anybody from the cashier to the delivery driver will use this kit. Simply bring the handles with you and it slips into any small stretch wrap roll.

Handy Stretch Wrap Kit Specifications

  • Option 1: 100mm stretch packer kit, a squeeze action tool that is a handle to apply the wrap. 150m rolls included.

  • Option 2. 125mm disposable bundlers, works with 200m rolls and also works with a squeeze action handle grip for easy applications.

  • 1-year warranty included.

  • Additional 100mm wrap rolls available.

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