Eyewash First Aid Kit

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Item Information

  • The eyewash first aid kit complies, and includes recommended HSE items
  • Any eye injuries that occur within the workplace, require quick action to be taken

The eyewash first aid kit contains:

  • Eyepads x 1
  • Eyewash Minipods 5ml x 4
  • Eyewash Pods 20ml x 2
  • Mirror x 1
  • Sterile Eye Wash 500ml x 2
  • Pack of Tissues x 1


At any major commercial site, safety is vital to success. Keeping employees protected from workplace hazards is the best way to ensure the building of a successful, productive, and professional crew. While even the most secure worksite can still experience accidents, having the right response makes all the difference. This is especially true when time as a factor, such as with eye injuries. Measures to protect the eyes of workers are common in almost every industrial business. The Workplace Depot is excited to offer the Eyewash Station with Mirror. This easy-to-use unit gives any worksite the capability to implement a quick, helpful response during any accident.

What is The Purpose of The Eyewash Station with Mirror?

The Eyewash Station with Mirror provides worksites with a safety tool that is designed to provide treatment when an accident occurs. Even with a number of protective devices and full compliance to safety guidelines, sometimes a busy worksite can still result in eye injuries. When a technician’s eye is affected by debris or fluids, this station allows them to quickly address the issue before seeking professional medical attention.

Where Can This Product be Used?

Whether it is a welding shop where debris and sparks pose a constant threat or a laboratory that utilizes numerous chemicals, every location can benefit from having this tool on hand. Quick responses can help to reduce the severity of injuries in order to make any site a better place to work.

Who Might Use This Product?

This product can be used by any technician whose eye has been irritated or hurt on the worksite. Numerous hazards exist in each specific trade, but this handy unit can be easily used by anyone to provide immediate relief and protection to the affected area.

Additional Product Information and Specifications

The kit contains Eyewash, tissues, a mirror, and more. Have the resources on hand to make working at your location a safe experience. Equip your workplace with the Eyewash Station with Mirror today!


  Warranty: 1 year parts / labour

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Colour Green
Features Eye First Aid
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Warranty 1 year parts / labour


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