Convex Traffic Mirror

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Spot the Unseen

  • See Around Corners: The Convex Traffic Mirror offers unparalleled safety by enhancing visibility around tricky corners, perfect for driveways and car parks.
  • Expansive Visibility, Convex Design: Engineered with a convex shape to broaden your sight around corners, ensuring no blind spot goes unnoticed.
  • Designed for All Weathers: This mirror's weatherproof design ensures durability and reliability for permanent outdoor use, in any weather conditions.
  • Built to Last: Constructed from 1.5mm thick, super-tough acrylic, the mirror is shatter-resistant, promising long-term resilience and safety.
  • Size Choices for Your Needs: Available in two diameters, 450mm and 600mm, it caters to different viewing distances and spaces, ensuring versatility.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: The mirror can be easily mounted on walls or posts, with all heavy-duty fixings provided for a secure and stable setup.
  • Clear Vision, No Glare: Equipped with an anti-glare hood, it guarantees clear visibility under various lighting conditions, enhancing safety.
  • Adjust with Precision: Offers maximum adjustment for precise vertical and horizontal positioning, ensuring the perfect viewing angle in every setting.
  • Optimal Dimensions for Safety: Choose between 450mm for a 5m viewing distance or 600mm for 13m, to suit specific location and safety needs.
Convex Traffic Mirror

Enhance Your Safety 

In today's fast-paced world, where every corner can hide potential hazards, the Convex Traffic Mirror stands as a beacon of safety and clarity. This innovative mirror is expertly designed to provide an expanded field of view, illuminating blind spots and tricky corners, especially in areas like driveways and parking lots. Its unique convex shape not only enhances visibility but also serves as a crucial tool for accident prevention and overall safety enhancement.

The Convex Traffic Mirror isn't just about broadening your perspective; it's built to withstand the test of time. Featuring a robust, weatherproof design and constructed from super-tough 1.5mm acrylic, this mirror is shatter-resistant and suitable for year-round outdoor use. Whether it's enduring the harsh winter chill or standing strong under the summer sun, this mirror remains a reliable guardian, ensuring clear visibility and peace of mind in various environments and weather conditions.

See Beyond Limits

Unlock a new level of safety and awareness with the Convex Traffic Mirrors distinctive convex shape. This revolutionary design dramatically expands your field of vision, allowing you to effortlessly monitor blind spots and hidden corners. Ideal for high-risk areas like driveways, parking lots, and busy intersections, this feature is more than a convenience—it's a vital tool for preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles alike.

The magic of the convex shape lies in its ability to offer a wider angle view compared to flat mirrors. This means you get a more comprehensive, panoramic view of your surroundings, significantly reducing the risk of blind spots. It’s an essential asset for any space where visibility is crucial, transforming potentially hazardous areas into zones of heightened awareness and safety. With this mirror, you're not just observing your environment; you're actively enhancing your ability to respond to it.

Convex Traffic Mirror
Convex Traffic Mirror

Brave the Elements

Experience unwavering reliability with the Convex Traffic Mirror's weatherproof design, engineered to stand the test of time. This feature ensures the mirror's performance and integrity are not just seasonal but perennial, making it perfectly suitable for permanent outdoor use. Whether facing torrential rain, scorching heat, or freezing temperatures, this mirror remains an unyielding guardian of safety, providing clear visibility in every weather condition.

The significance of its weather-resistant nature cannot be overstated. It means that this mirror is not just a temporary solution but a long-term investment in safety and functionality. By being impervious to the elements, it avoids common issues like fogging, water damage, and warping. This durability translates into fewer replacements, less maintenance, and consistent performance year-round. 

Convex Traffic Mirror

Overall Dimensions


Strength That Endures

The Convex Traffic Mirror is a paragon of durability, crafted meticulously from super-tough 1.5mm acrylic that promises not just longevity but safety as well. This shatter-resistant construction stands as a testament to the mirror's resilience, able to withstand accidental impacts and environmental challenges without compromising its structural integrity. Ideal for areas with high vehicular or pedestrian activity, it ensures continuous operation and safety, without the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

Beyond its robust build, the acrylic material offers a clear, distortion-free view, essential for accurate visibility in safety-critical situations. This blend of strength and clarity is crucial in areas where precise observation is necessary, such as driveways, parking lots, and near pedestrian crossings. The durable construction of the Convex Traffic Mirror means it remains an ever-reliable safety tool, capable of enduring daily wear and tear while providing an unobstructed and accurate view of your surroundings. 

Convex Traffic Mirror
Convex Traffic Mirror

Custom Fit for Every Space

The Convex Traffic Mirror elevates versatility to new heights with its two size options, catering to diverse needs and spaces. Available in diameters of 450mm and 600mm, these options ensure that whether you need a mirror for a compact driveway or a sprawling parking lot, there's a size that fits perfectly. This flexibility allows for tailored safety solutions, ensuring that every blind spot is covered, and every corner is visible, regardless of the area's size.

The choice between the 450mm and 600mm diameter mirrors isn't just about fitting into different spaces; it's about optimising visibility and safety for each unique setting. The smaller size is ideal for shorter viewing distances, perfect for home driveways or small businesses. In contrast, the larger size offers an extended view, suitable for larger commercial areas or high-traffic zones.

Effortless Setup, Enduring Safety

Embrace simplicity without compromising on security with the Convex Traffic Mirror's easy installation process. Designed for convenience, it can be effortlessly wall-mounted or post-mounted, fitting seamlessly into any location. This flexibility in installation not only makes it accessible for a variety of settings – from private driveways to commercial parking lots – but also ensures that safety is an easy addition to any environment. 

The significance of this feature lies in its user-friendly approach, making safety accessible to all. You don't need to be a professional to secure your property; the Convex Traffic Mirror is designed for easy self-installation. This ease of installation means that enhancing your visibility and safety can be achieved quickly and without additional installation costs. It's a straightforward yet crucial aspect, ensuring that the path to enhanced safety and peace of mind is as clear and unobstructed as the view provided by the mirror itself.

Convex Traffic Mirror
Convex Traffic Mirror

Clear Vision, Any Light

Step into a world where bright sunlight or harsh artificial light no longer hinders your visibility. The Convex Traffic Mirror's innovative anti-glare hood plays a pivotal role in ensuring clear, uninterrupted views in various lighting conditions. This essential feature makes the mirror an ideal choice for locations exposed to direct sunlight or bright lighting, such as outdoor car parks, driveways, and busy street corners. 

The significance of this anti-glare feature extends beyond mere convenience; it is a crucial element in maintaining consistent safety standards. Glare can be a significant hazard, especially in critical moments of navigation or when monitoring fast-moving traffic. The anti-glare hood not only improves comfort but also significantly reduces the risk of accidents caused by impaired vision due to glare. 

Precision in Every Angle

Discover unparalleled flexibility with the Convex Traffic Mirror's feature of maximum adjustment, a crucial component for achieving the perfect viewing angle. This capability allows for precise vertical and horizontal positioning, ensuring that every corner and blind spot is visible, no matter the installation location. Whether it's mounted high on a wall or atop a post, this feature guarantees that you can tailor the mirror to suit your specific viewing needs, enhancing safety and visibility in any setting.

The importance of this adjustability cannot be understated, especially in environments where every angle matters. From busy parking lots to winding driveways, the ability to fine-tune the mirror's position means that drivers and pedestrians alike benefit from a customised view that accommodates their unique line of sight. This adaptability not only enhances the functionality of the mirror but also elevates the safety it provides.

Convex Traffic Mirror

Item Information

  • Convex shape for extended visibility around corners and blind spots.
  • Weatherproof design, ideal for permanent outdoor installation and use.
  • Made of 1.5mm thick, super-tough acrylic, shatter-resistant for safety.
  • Available in two sizes: 450mm diameter for 5m view, 600mm for 13m.
  • Easy to install: wall-mountable or post-mountable, heavy-duty fixings included.
  • Features anti-glare hood for clear visibility in varied lighting conditions.
  • Allows precise vertical and horizontal adjustment for optimal viewing angles.
  • Robust construction ensures long-lasting durability.
  • Suitable for both domestic and commercial use: driveways, parking lots.
  • Shatter-resistant material enhances safety in high-activity areas.
  • Two size options cater to different viewing distances and space requirements.
  • Weather-resistant features ensure consistent performance throughout the year.
Convex Traffic Mirror

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Convex Traffic Mirror

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Convex Traffic Mirror
Convex Traffic Mirror

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