Blue Attached Lid Container
Blue Attached Lid Container
Blue Attached Lid Container
Blue Attached Lid Container
Blue Attached Lid Container
Blue Attached Lid Container

Blue Attached Lid Container

  • Secure distribution solution
  • Strong and impact resistant 
  • Integral lid protects contents
  • Smooth internal surfaces
  • Wide, comfortable hand-holds
  • Drop-in card label holders
  • Containers typically stacked up to 7 high, carrying a unit load of upto 35kg
  • Nesting upto 75% - saves valuable space on return transport
  • Security seals available
1-2 working days


1-2 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: AT432204 Capacity (litres): 18 External (mm): 400(H) x 300(L) x 222(W) Internal (mm): 338(H) x 254(L) x 197(W) Weight (kg): 1.8 Price: £20.00 £19.60
Code: AT432604 Capacity (litres): 22 External (mm): 400(H) x 300(L) x 222(W) Internal (mm): 334(H) x 254(L) x 239(W) Weight (kg): 1.9 Price: £20.00 £19.60
Code: AT433104 Capacity (litres): 25 External (mm): 400(H) x 300(L) x 306(W) Internal (mm): 329(H) x 250(L) x 282(W) Weight (kg): 2.1 Price: £21.00 £20.58
Code: AT642604 Capacity (litres): 48 External (mm): 600(H) x 400(L) x 264(W) Internal (mm): 530(H) x 353(L) x 240(W) Weight (kg): 3.0 Price: £25.00 £24.50
Code: AT643104 Capacity (litres): 54 External (mm): 600(H) x 400(L) x 306(W) Internal (mm): 514(H) x 350(L) x 281(W) Weight (kg): 3.2 Price: £26.00 £25.48
Code: AT643604 Capacity (litres): 65 External (mm): 600(H) x 400(L) x 365(W) Internal (mm): 508(H) x 346(L) x 340(W) Weight (kg): 3.5 Price: £27.00 £26.46
Code: AT644004 Capacity (litres): 70 External (mm): 600(H) x 400(L) x 400(W) Internal (mm): 521(H) x 343(L) x 375(W) Weight (kg): 3.7 Price: £28.00 £27.44

Blue Attached Lid Container

Every industrial site that has ever shipped or received materials knows that it’s important to make sure all products arrive in a secure and convenient manner. Important items can sometimes be damaged or even lost during transport, so it’s no surprise that storage containers are common. However, it’s important to utilize containers designed to be as secure and convenient as possible. The Workplace Depot is excited to provide a unit which is great for shipping and storing contents reliably. The blue attached lid container is a high-quality, secure, and simple solution which can be used to keep items protected during transport.  In addition, these containers are easy to label and move by hand making them ideal for stockrooms.

What Is the Purpose of the Blue Attached Lid Container?

The blue attached lid container is designed to be a simple but modified version of the traditional storage container. With high-quality construction and a secure lid, commercial companies can ship products with confidence. The smooth internal surfaces and wide, comfortable hand-holds make it easy to move the containers and unpack them. Drop-in name card/label holders also make these containers much easier to identify than alternatives. Security seals are also available to provide even more protection.

Where Can This Product Be Used?

This product can prove very useful at locations where shipments are sent and/or received on a regular basis. The containers can be easily stacked while not in use, making them a very good choice in businesses that must manage their space carefully. In addition to this, they can be great at large locations due to their ability to be conveniently labelled. Even at automotive, engineering, or construction establishments, these units can be used to hold important parts and components securely during transport.

Who Might Use This Product?

This product can be used by anyone who loads or unloads shipments from trucks at a commercial establishment. Given their solid construction, attached lid, and ability to be labelled, these storage containers can make any worker’s job much easier.

Blue Attached Lid Container Specifications

These containers can be stacked up to seven high and can carry up to 35 kg each. Multiple sizes are available with the capacity ranging from 18 to 70 litres. The containers can be delivered in two to three working days and come with a one-year warranty.

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